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Poe no Ichizoku

Poe no Ichizoku

Edgar, Marybell, Baron Portsnell and Shiela are leaving the village of Poe. They promise the villagers they will come back some day. The villagers tell them to be careful about the town and the residents.
Edgar, Marybell, Baron Portsnell and Shiela go to a restaurant in a hotel. People around them are impressed with their elegance and beauty. Dr. Caster says the family looks as though it is a perfect painting. Clifford, a doctor, agrees with him and watches Shiela. Edgar tells Baron a young man is watching Shiela. Baron tells him to eat food without talking.
Marybell passes out. Clifford takes her back to their room and takes care of her. Edgar doesn't like Clifford's attitude to Shiela. Shiela says he is handsome. Edgar says she should attack him and suck his blood if she likes him. Baron says they don't attack but choose people to take into their family. Edgar says Baron should say they are Vampanellas, which are monsters that can't live without blood. They left their home village to get a new blood, a new sacrifice.
Edgar gets into Marybell's bedroom. She's awake and asks if he made a quarrel with their father. He tells her to let him know whenever she needs his blood before she passes out.

A boy falls off the horse being surprised to see Edgar. Edgar licks and bandages his wound. The boy says he is Allan Twilight.

Edgar: I'm Edgar.
Allan: I don't know you. You aren't a student of our school.
Edgar: Which school?
Allan: St. Windsor, you know.
Edgar: Our family has just moved to the house on the cape. .
Allan: The red house? When?
Edgar: Yes, the red house with ivy. Yesterday.
Allan: A stranger.
Edgar: Can you tell me the direction of the cape? I seem to be lost.
Allan: To the right!
Edgar: Thanks, Allan Twilight.

Edgar thinks Allan could be acceptable as a new member if they need a new blood for Marybell.

Edgar tells Baron that he wants to go to school. He says Baron and Shiela might be able to do their job more easily if Edgar is an ordinary student. Baron warns Edgar he isn't reflected in the window pane. Edgar makes himself be reflected in the window pane. Baron tells him to always pretend being human.
Marybell says she'll get bored when Edgar is at school and she is home alone. Edgar says he will bring a friend home.

Allan doesn't say anything to Edgar when they meet at school. When Edgar talks to Allan, Allan tells Edgar not to bother him. Allan says the rules in the school are made by him. Students should obey his orders. Edgar says it's ridiculous. Allan says he is the heir to the family that rules the city and he can order anything. Edgar says Allan can't do anything by himself and that he had thought he is a better person.
Edgar fights with other students and gets injured by breaking glass. When he is walking home alone, Allan catches him and takes him to Dr. Clifford's. Dr. Clifford is kissing with a client when they arrive. Edgar says the doctor is nice to his client. Dr. Clifford says Edgar is too young to say such a thing. Baron Portsnel slaps Edgar at Dr. Clifford's.
At their place, Baron tells Edgar to keep the injury uncured for a week even though it actually will be cured in a day because it takes a week for a human to cure it. Marybell tells him she's disappointed that Edgar didn't bring a friend. Baron hears it and tells Edgar not to do anything inappropriate. "I know. Our new member should be older than 20. You can't stay in the same town more than two years because you are with us. " yells Edgar. Baron says, "I can hear you even if you don't yell out." Edgar is sure Baron or Shiela can't understand how isolated he feels. He wants to take Allan into the family by all means.

Dr. Clifford visits Allan' house to examine his mother. Allan asks him if Edgar gets better. Clifford suggests Allan visit Edgar. Allan's cousin Margot says, "Your mother looks happy when Dr. Clifford comes." Margot is in love with Dr. Clifford. Margot's mother tells her not to chase Dr. Clifford because Margot is supposed to marry Allan in the future. "That kid!" says Margot. Allan overhears their conversation.
Edgar has been absent from school more than ten days after he got injured. Allan is worrying about him.

Marybell: Don't you go to school, Edgar?
Edgar: I've been waiting for someone.
Marybell: Who?
Edgar: Allan Twilight.
Marybell: Are you sure he will come?
Edgar: I'm pretty sure.

Marybell finds some students in the garden. Edgar asks them what they want. They say they have come because Allan is worrying about Edgar. "How much did he pay?" asks Edgar. "Six pence." answers one of them. Edgar tells them to get out.
Edgar goes out to see Allan. Marybell follows him. Edgar tells her to wait for him under a tree. On his way to Allan's house, he meets Allan, who has just made a quarrel with his aunt and is crying. Edgar hands him a handkerchief. When he goes back with Allan to the place where Marybell is waiting for him, Marybell passes out. Edgar tells Allan to bring a glass of water. Edgar shares his blood with her. Marybell appreciates it. Edgar says he is deserved to be hated and shot by her because he is the one who fell her into the current situation. Marybell says Edgar has been the only person who is always thinking about her and that she knows why they left the village of Poe and what a friend means. Allan brings a glass of water for Marybell. Marybell reminds him of Rosetti. Edgar introduces Allan to Marybell.
When Edgar goes to school the next day, Allan shows him a porcelain with a girl's portrait on it. The girl looks like a young Marybell. Edgar asks Allan where he got it. "She's Rosetti, who was my fiancee." says Allan. There was an accident six years ago and Rosetti and Allan's father died in the accident. Rosetti was seven years old. Saying "You were engaged when you were very young. Did you love her?" Edgar drops the porcelain on the ground intentionally. Allan gets furious. "It's the punishment for your surprising me." says Edgar. They start a fight.
Dr. Clifford gives Edgar and Allan a medical treatment. Clifford tells his friend Bike that Edgar's mother is very pretty.

Bike: Are you in love with her?
Clifford: Marriage is one thing, and love is another.
Bike: Clifford!
Clifford: Don't worry. I'll be marrying Dr. Caster's daughter.

Allan tells Edgar to make an apology for breaking the porcelain. It was the only picture of Rosetti. Edgar says "Marybell is not Rosetti. Are you thinking of loving Rosetti for the rest of your life? Well, they might have some relations. We might have some ancestors in common."

Baron asks Edgar why he is so close to Allan. Shiela tells him Baron doesn't want him to do anything wrong to Allan. Edgar criticizes Baron and Shiela haven't done anything for Marybell. Baron says "We're your parents. We're also worrying about Marybell." "You're not our parents." says Edgar.
Baron and Shiela go to the party at Dr. Caster's.

Jane prepares for the party for her father. She prefers Clifford to make some comments on her new dress. She is shocked to see Shiela being very pretty. When Clifford gets into Dr. Caster's room, Caster is watching his guests in the secret mirror. Clifford notices Baron and Shiela are not reflected in the mirror. Clifford is so shocked that he can't think about anything else while the dinner.
Bike criticizes Clifford is cold to Jane. Clifford asks Bike what he thinks is if someone is not reflected in the mirror. Bike answered it must be a Vampanella. Clifford thinks it is too ridiculous to keep thinking about. He says Jane is a nice girl and he is sure she'll be a good wife. "However, she's not suitable for my lover. I'll look for a romance myself. Shiela is attractive, isn't she?" says Clifford. Bike gets out of the room furiously.
Shiela tells Baron she likes Jane.
Allan invites Edgar to go to an old fort on Sunday. On Sunday, Allan doesn't attend the Mass. Seeing Baron and Shiela in the church, Clifford thinks how stupid he was in the evening when the party was held.
At the old fort, Allan says he can tell anything to Edgar. Edgar wonders if he is really going to ruin the life of someone who he loves again.

Allan: How's Marybell.
Edgar: She's home.
Allan: You should've brought her with you.
Edgar: Why don't you visit us, my prince? She doesn't go out so often.
Allan: Is she sick?
Edgar: Well, yes.

As soon as Edgar kisses Allan's neck, Allan shoves him. Edgar says "Allan, don't be surprised. It's nothing. Don't run away. I won't harm you."

Allan begins a prayer.

Edgar comes home and tells Baron Allan gets to know their secret. Baron says Edgar should have killed him. He criticized Edgar is scared of words in the Bible. Even though Edgar would rather leave this town, Baron prefers staying there because this town doesn't have old superstitions and people want to think themselves modernized. He tells Edgar not to be scared of the cross or the Bible. Edgar says Allan could be suspicious of him. Baron tells him to kill the suspicion and not to let Allan believe the old legend.
When Edgar meets Allan at school, Allan hands him a cross. "Is this for me? You're not upset about me, then." says Edgar.

Edgar: I had thought you got upset because you shoved me. Thank you for the cross.
Allan: You were weird yesterday.
Edgar: I just tried to kiss you.
Allan: On my neck?
Edgar: You looked down. You were disappointed that I didn't take Marybell with me.
Allan: I wasn't.
Edgar: Marybell said she wanted to go with me. Will you come to my place this evening?

Allan wonders if he saw an illusion. Edgar decides to catch the victim someday for Marybell and for himself.
Allan goes back home in a hurry because his mother seems to be dying. She recovers, but Dr. Clifford tells Allan she might die if she has another heart attack. His uncle suggests he marry Margot while his mother is alive. "I wouldn't marry Margot." says Allan. His aunt asks him if he doesn't want his mother to stop worrying about him. Margot advises he should follow what her father has decided.

Allan: You, too, say something. You're in love with Dr. Clifford, aren't you?
Margot: Kyaaahaha! You stupid! Dr. Clifford has a fiancee. Well, yes, I love him. He's kissed me three times. I'm not at all interested in you. However, I'll be nice to you when you become a miserable wealthy orphan.

Margot kisses Allan abruptly. Allan runs away and visits Edgar. Edgar hasn't come home from school yet. Marybell asks him if there's anything wrong with him. Allan asks her to engage with him Marybells says she can't. He makes an apology and says he's really in love with her. Marybell asks Allan if he will go far away with them beyond time.
Allan has a fever. When he gets awake in bed, Edgar is with him. Allan says he just has a sore throat. Edgar grabs Allan's neck with his hand. Getting into Allan's bedroom, Dr. Clifford senses something chilly. Allan asks if Dr. Clifford believes what legends say, Vampanellas for example. Dr. Clifford answers he's not sure if Vampanellas exist, but he believes in ghosts. He says he often saw a ghost when he was a kid.

Dr. Clifford: You can see a ghost even in the day. I saw a ghost with thin face and long black hair. I got to know later that the ghost was my mother.
Allan: Were you scared?
Dr. Clifford: I was scared even in the daytime because I saw something invisible.

Dr. Clifford asks Allan about how the mark on his neck came to be. Allan answers Edgar pushed his neck softly. Allan asks him again if he thinks Vampanellas exist. Dr. Clifford can't answer. He just laughs a bit.

Shiela meets Jane in front of a hat shop. Shiela suggests she choose a hat for Jane, and Jane choose one for Shiela. She says Jane should wear blue and she must look great on Shiela's blue hat with heather. Marybell gets sick and Jane encourages them to take a rest at her place. Shiela gets back home for the blue hat and Jane takes Marybell to her place.
Shiela meets Dr. Clifford on her way home. It begins to thunder. They seek shelter in a small house on the beach. Shiela is scared of thunder. Dr. Clifford hugs and kisses her. He touches her neck and notices she doesn't have pulse. Her arteries are dead. He gets sure she's not a human. "You're not real. It's my duty to break this illusion!" says Dr. Clifford. He stabs Shiela with a rake

Terribly injured as she is, Shiela arrives home. Baron asks her if Dr. Clifford knows their secret. "Yes." says Shiela. Baron says they should leave the town right away. Edgar says they should kill Dr. Clifford and that they should stay at least a day because they can't move Shiela at the moment. Baron insists on leaving right away. He says he is sure Edgar remembers the time when Hanna was killed. Edgar suddenly recalls Marybell. "Shiela, where's Marybell?"

Dr. Clifford gets into Jane's room when she is with Marybell. He cries, "Jane, get away from her!" "I've killed Shiela." says he. He takes a gun with a silver bullet. Saying "The family living in the house on the cape are evil spirits. I'm not crazy. Pray with this if you want to say I'm wrong", he throws a cross toward Marybell. Even though Jane tells Marybell to pick up the cross, Marybell is too scared of it to pick up. She calls Edgar for help. She is shot and turns into dust.
Jane is so shocked that she passes out at first and she screams and laughs hysterically when she regains consciousness. Dr. Clifford tells people to hunt vampires. Edgar gets into the room through the window.

Edgar: I heard Marybell scream. I wasn't able to get here in time. You shot her with this gun.
Dr. Clifford: Disappear, you evil sprit! You're not real. .
Edgar: We've existed longer than you. Do you want to leave any message?
Dr. Clifford: Disappear! What are you there for? Why do you exist, monster!
Edgar shoots him. He wishes he knew why he was living. He wonders why they've been living so long without creating or producing anything.
The driver is surprised to see Shiela turn into dust when Baron is getting on a carriage with her. Baron hits the driver and whips a horse. The carriage collids with another carriage. Even though someone witnesses a man was hit by a wheel, no one is found under the wheel.
Edgar is seeing the accident under the rain. He wants to laugh.
"Everything is over. I'm completely free! I'm all alone in this wide world. I don't need to live to protect Marybell any more."

Allan looks into his mother's room and sees his mother and his uncle are sitting on the bed. His uncle asks his mother to encourage Allan to marry Margot. "Yes, I will, Darling." says his mother. Allan bangs the door. His uncle chases him. When he begins to talk to him about the marriage, he shoves him shouting "Don't touch me!" His uncle falls off the stairs. "Murderer!" cries Margot. Allan goes back into his room. He cries, "Marybell, help me!"

Edgar: Marybell's gone.
Allan: Where's Marybell?
Edgar: Do you know where we were before we were born?
Allan: I don't know..
Edgar: Me neither. So I have no idea where she's gone.
Allan: Has she gone where she was before she was born?

Edgar: I'm leaving.
Allan: Where are you going?
Edgar: Far away. Would you go with me? Come. Come with me. I hate being alone.

The butler gets into Allan's room and says his uncle is ok. He finds Allan nowhere. He wonders if the wind has taken him somewhere.

In a school in Germany, Mr. Groph has just finished the lesson. A student talks about a new release of Paul Anka record. He finds two boys just outside the gate. Students wonder if they have just arrived and where they are from. . .

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