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Onshitsu (Green House)

Jose is a student of a boarding school. His father gets remarried and Lange becomes his stepbrother. Lange is a pretty blond boy who is three years younger than Jose. Jose's classmates are jealous of Jose.
Jose and Lange stay in a second house in the countryside in summer while their parents' honeymoon trip. Lange sees a green house when he and Jose are in the river. Jose says there must have been a house but only the green house has been there for years. They get into the green house, where there are withered rose plants. A rose cane touches Lange. "It tried to twine around my arm!" shouts Lange. The cane comes down to him from the ceiling. "There's someone." says Lange. Saying "who's there?", Jose kisses Lange.
They get out of the green house. Jose says "The green house seems to collapse some day." on the boat. Lange keeps looking at the green house from the boat.

Lange: Can you see it, Jose?
Jose: See what?
Lange: Can't you see?
Jose: What do you mean?

Paula, the housekeeper says the green house was owned by a wealthy family years ago and then it was full of flowers all year round.
A short novel that Jose wrote appears in a magazine. When Jose goes downtown alone to buy the magazine, Lange goes to the green house and gets into it. He is puzzled because there seems to be nobody even though someone in it had always been looking at him. When he is to get out, rose canes try to catch him.
Jose gives a call to Paula and says he won't come back home until the next day, when the magazine will come out. Even though Lange asks Jose to come back soon because he is sick, Jose doesn't change his mind. In the night, Lange hears the green house calling him and goes to the green house.
The next morning, Jose comes back with the magazine. He reads his novel aloud for Lange, but he notices Lange doesn't hear him. Jose sees Lange going out very early every morning. Jose asks Lange where he goes. Lange says he doesn't go anywhere. One night, Jose sees Lange running out of the house and chases him. Lange runs toward the green house happily. Jose looks into the green house and sees Lange and a spirit of the rose plant making love.
Jose thinks Lange should leave there before he is caught by the spirit. Jose's classmates visit him. Jose is happy to hear a storm is coming soon. He hopes the green house will collapse. When they are playing cards, Jose invites Lange to leave there for Cote d'Azure the next day. Lange says he wants to stay there. "We will leave tomorrow!" says Jose. Saying "It's time to go to bed", Lange tries to go out of the room. "I won't let you go out of the room tonight." says Jose. He tells his classmate that they can do anything to Lange as long as they don't let him go out of the room.
Jose hears the green house calling Lange. Jose also wants to call Lange, who wouldn't look at Jose any more.
The classmates go to bed the next morning. Lange is crying in the bed. He seems to hate Jose. Jose thinks that's better for Lange than being caught by the spirit. Jose comes outside the house. "Come here, Lange!" says Jose. Lange wouldn't come to Jose. He starts running. Catching Lange, Jose says "Lange, look at me!" Lange shoves Jose and runs toward the green house. Jose chases him and gets into the green house. He only finds Lange's sweater left there. Lange is gone and has been found nowhere since then.
Jose comes back to the countryside for the first time since Lange was gone because Paula gave him a letter. The letter said red roses were miraculously blooming in the green house. Jose calls Lange in the green house, which is full of roses.

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