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Yamagishi Ryouko

Yamagishi Ryouko was born in September 24, 1947 in Hokkaidou. She made her manga debut in Ribon Comic with "Left and Right" in 1969.
Her latest title is "Maihime(Terepsikola)" serialized in Da Vonci.
"Hi Izurutokoro no Tenshi" is one of the most popular manga titles in Japan.
The collections of her titles have been published twice. However, both "Yamagishi Ryouko Zenshuu" published by Kadokawa Shoten and "Yamagishi Ryouko Sakuhinshuu" published by Hakusensha are out of print. Many of her titles written in the seventies are out of print and very hard to find. Her fans hope they will be republished in bunko edition.

List of titles


Arabesque Part2
Guessing Game
Maihime published on July 1st, 2001 by Media factory. ISBN 4-88991-787-X