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Kotori no Su

In 1959, two students arrive at Gabrial, which is a boarding school in West Germany, from England. The new students are said to be cousins. They have romantic appearances. Kilian Brunswick introduces himself to them. Allan talks to Edgar in English. Kilian asks Edgar if Allan can't speak German. Edgar says he can. Kilian tells Allan to speak in German in Germany. Allan says "I expect a beautiful season to come." in German.
When Edgar is trying to wake up Allan the next morning, Kilian wakes him up. They have to go to the chapel. Allan has difficulty in tying the shoelace. Edgar ties Allan's shoelaces. Edgar and Allan are late for the Mass and Edgar needs to say to a schoolmaster Allan was not able to tie the shoelace. Some students say to Allan, "Hi, Allan, who wasn't able to tie the shoelace!". Edgar tell them to stop saying that. One of them say "Who tied the shoelace for Allan?" Edgar talks back to him "Germans are simple, slow, stupid and stubborn."
In a dining room, Edgar and Allan talk in English. Kilian says "Stop speaking in English, or you can't make a friend." Allan keeps on speaking in English, but Edgar tells him to stop and makes an apology to Kilian. Edgar tells Kilian he hasn't done yet what he came there for. Even though Allan gets upset that Edgar scolds him, he gets happy to talk about Britain with many students. Edgar tells Allan to be careful about Kilian because he is curious about them.

Mr. Groph finds a note circulating in the class while his lesson. That reads, "Philippe Groph, History teacher, age 50, single". He corrects he is 48. He makes it a rule that he finishes the lesson 5 minutes earlier than schedule. When he opens his watch, Allan can see a picture of a girl inside the lid. Students say the girl is his daughter, who died years ago.
Edgar grabs an arm of a junior student and apologizes for mistaking him for someone else.
The school is going to have a festival in mid May. When students talk about the festival, Matias gets aware of rose essence Edgar put in tea. Kilian has a try. Matias asks if British people drink tea with rose essence. Edgar answers it's a habit of his family and there's a legend that there's a village where people raise roses. Kilian asks if Edgar's family are noblemen. Allan is sure Edgar is thinking about Marybell.

Allan wants to get Mr. Groph's watch. He steals it before the dance lesson for the festival. The teacher and students are impressed with graceful dancing of Edgar and Allan.
Mr. Groph asks if anyone knows where his watch is. Some students say they want dance with Edgar. Teo says he searches students for Mr. Groph's watch. He says Mr. Groph doesn't tell him to do so and the search is voluntary. Kilian disagrees with him. He says nobody would steal it because everyone has known it's very important for Mr. Groph. "Edgar and Allan are new students" says Teo. "Then search here." says Edgar opening his locker. Kilian gets angry and says Edgar needn't to do so. Teo says he will search Kilian's shelf first of all. Kilian hits Teo. Teo falls down and Edgar's bottle of rose essence gets broken. Kilian tells Edgar he shouldn't care about the bottle but should get angry about being suspected.
In history class, Allan informs Mr. Groph that Teo has a mark on his face because Kilian hit him. Mr. Groph tells them to come to his room later.
Edgar asks Kilian if he was scolded by Mr. Groph. He asks if Kilian believes nobody stole the watch. Kilian says he doesn't like anyone to leave school. Edgar says the culprit deserves it. Kilian hopes Mr. Groph has left the watch somewhere. Edgar asks why he is concerned about others. "Because of this hair. Don't you want to keep friends with everyone, do you?" says Kilian.

The school was originally a castle built on an island in the river. The north part of the island is dangerous to walk. When Allan is walking and looking at the girl inside the watch in the north part of the island, he hears Matias yell, "Get out of here". He notices there's a greenhouse for the first time. Matias has gotten rid of the senior students who was smoking in the greenhouse. Matias shows Allan the roses of Crimson Glory, which he takes a great care of.
Matias stumbles trying to water flowers. His left foot has a problem. When Allan helps him stand up, Allan drops the watch. Allan runs away from the greenhouse. He thinks the watch is his. Matias tries to stop Allan to get into dangerous area.

Matias: Come back. A student has died here.
Allan: Who died?
Matias: Allan, please come back.
Allan: Promise you don't tell anyone about the watch.

Allan: I wanted it bad.
Matias: You should give it back to Mr. Groph.
Allan: I would make it my treasure forever.
Matias: It's Mr. Groph's. You must give it back.
Allan: I will give it back if your roses come out.

Teo has decided to play a drama of "As you like it" at the school festival. When students are discussing how to play the drama, Matias comes into the room and asks who killed his roses. Edgar realizes Allan has done it and asks him why. He knows Allan has been hungry after the bottle of rose essence were broken, but killing the roses is inappropriate. "Nobody will get I've done it." says Allan.
Students go to the greenhouse. On their way back to school, it starts raining and all of them go back to the greenhouse. They are concerned that the greenhouse will collapse under the heavy rain. "If we die here, Black May will repeat!" says someone. Edgar wonders what "Black May" means. Teo says "The ghost of Robin Carr might have killed the roses. Someone will die again." "Robin Carr? What is it?" says Edgar.
Students tell Edgar that Robin Carr, who was a student from England, fell down to the river from the window and dies two years ago and that his body has not been found yet. Last yeat, a senior student drowned on the same day that Robin Carr had died.
Kilian talks about a horrible story that he experienced when he was living in East Germany. One night, he heard a loud noise like a thunder and he thought it must have been a UFO. Running to the window and he saw a lot of tanks.
Kilian criticizes other students are superstitious. Teo says he loves ware wolves and vampires and whatever.
Edgar begins to sing "Who killed the cock robin?"
Kilian is sure it's a human who killed the roses.
Seeing a lot of pricks on Allan's hand, Kilian gets sure he is the culprit. He grabs his hand. Edgar tells Kilian to let go of Allan. Edgar says "Everyone was in the greenhouse. No wonder everyone has some pricks." He also says "Aren't you the one who stole Mr. Groph's watch?"
When Kilian tries to hit Edgar, Edgar grabs his wrist. Kilian passes out.
Matias apologizes Kilian at the infirmary for causing a trouble for roses.
Allan asks Edgar how Kilian tasted. "Very Good." says Edgar. When they try to share the taste, a senior student call them from above. He is one of the students who smoked in the greenhouse and he recognizes Allan. Edgar and Allan goes up into the senior students' room. The senior students show them a photo of Robin Carr. Edgar says "If you kiss under a ear, the ghost of Robin Carr will appear. Try." Edgar kisses one of the senior students and makes him pass out.
Edgar and Allan almost collide with Kilian, who is going back to his room. Even though Edgar says he will be with him to his room Kilian refused. "He seems to be angry at me." says Edgar.

Students decide Edgar will play the role of Rosalie, and Kilian Orlando. Allan is going to play Elliana.
Allan wants to go back to England. Edgar says they should stay until the festival finishes and he wants to know more about Robin Carr. Allan complains Edgar still cares about the dead child. Allan would rather kill some people and leave the school.
Kilian informs Edgar that the rehearsal will begin shortly. Edgar tells him he will go with Allan. Edgar looks as though he is an angel or a devil.

Allan enters the greenhouse, where Matias is taking care of flowers. Matias hands some edible root to Allan. Matias says he had thought Allan would never come to the greenhouse again.

Allan: Why?
Matias: There was something offensive.
Allan: I am the one who killed the roses.
Matias: Why have you done it? You couldn't have done. You're always with Ed.
Allan: I came here alone in midnight.
Matias: It took me three years to make the roses bloom!
Allan: I needed to return the watch if they bloomed.
Matias: Oh….
Allan: I keep the watch carefully.
Matias: You're confusing.
Allan: No, I'm not. I just love you.
Allan: Which do you like better, roses or me?

Allan kisses Matias. Matias shoves him and runs out of the greenhouse.
Edgar watches them outside. "Beautiful" says Edgar. He takes the watch from Allan's pocket. Edgar tells Allan to give it back to Mr. Groph. Allan shows Edgar the girl's picture inside the lid for an instant and throws it away into the water. Allan says "I know you're always thinking about Marybell. I didn't want to come here. Stop thinking about Marybell and Robin Carr. I prefer you only to think about me." Edgar can't stop thinking about Marybell. Edgar and Marybell have melted into one in his mind. They both love Allan.

Allan tells classmates that he won't play in the drama. Classmates get upset about him. When Allan slams the door, Kilian gets injured in his fingertip. Allan passes out to see his blood and is carried to the infirmary. Kilian asks Edgar if they made a quarrel. Edgar answers they made a quarrel about Robin Carr. Kilian tells classmates to wake up Allan because he has to do a chore. Edgar says he would do a chore instead of Allan. Classmates say they are jealous of Allan because Edgar ties the shoelace for him. "Eat silently!" cries Matias.

Edgar speculates the watch will get rusted and broken under the water. It makes him recall Marybell. Mr. Groph finds Edgar in the garden and srerves him tea. Edgar says he was in the garden because he recalls his late younger sister. "I had a daughter." says Mr. Groph. His daughter Anna was eight years old twenty years ago, when he and his wife were getting a divorce. The problem was that both of them wanted to live with Anna. One day, his wife went for a drive with Anna and the car fell off the cliff. Mr. Groph thinks he should have given Anna to his wife.

Edgar: I stole the watch.
Mr. Groph: Give it back to me.
Edgar: I got so scared that I tossed away into the marsh.
Mr. Groph: Then I have to punish you.

Mr. Groph holds a cane, but he does nothing and tells Edgar to go back to sleep.

Mr. Groph: I caused my daughter die. Why could I punish you?
Edgar: My sister looked like the girl inside the lid.

Kilian has been waiting for Edgar in the garden.

Kilian: You liar!
Edgar: You've eavesdropped our conversation.
Kilian: I didn't hear it intentionally. The wound kept me awake and I was on the verandah. Why did you lie to him?
Edgar: What do you mean? I've confessed, he didn't punish me. Isn't it the happy school life that you love? Do you have any complaint?
Kilian: It wasn't you that killed the roses. Allan did.
Edgar: You were the one who protected the thief. You even hit Teo. You did that to avoid a trouble. You've always been a coward and a liar. You're always caring about others and making mistakes. Stop trying to be a hero of justice.

In a history class, Mr. Groph says he's found a watch in his room. Kilian wonders what he did after all for the matter. Matias gets sure he loves Allan. Allan is sure Edgar has done something.

Lieth comes to see Kilian with a blouse for the drama. Lieth's younger sister lie to the students that Gabrial is going to be co-educational from the coming semester. She tells Allan Lieth came there to meet her love. Kilian hopes her love is him.
Edgar takes care of Teo's injury. Teo says Lieth is a daughter of the family which Kilian was living with after he came to West Germany from East Germany. His mother was killed whey they tried to cross the border. His father was caught and is now sick in the hospital in East Germany.
Teo says to Edgar "You're a nice person!".
Edgar wonders what Kilian is always thinking about.
Kilian tells Allan to cooperate with others for preparing for the drama. Allan says to him, "There's someone behind you. It must be the ghost of Robin Carr!" Allan chases him and tells him to join a rehearsal. Allan says he prefers them to have a black Mass. Kilian tells his classmates to catch Allan as a sacrifice sheep. They catch Allan and Kilian pretends to try to stab Allan. Edgar gets into the room. Classmates say it's just a game and what Kilian has in his hand is a paper knife. Edgar takes the knife and says "You have a nice paper knife, Kilian." "Stop, Ed." says someone. Kilian gets out of the room and other classmates follow saying "It really was a game, you know."
"You won't cry even if I turn into dust." says Allan. Edgar hits him and says, "Never leave my side."
Kilian goes to the greenhouse and cries beside Matias. He talks a bit about his father and helps Matias water flowers.
Edgar has decided to kill someone.

Allan: Who?
Edgar: Whoever. I will make the best May ever!

The festival, the black day is coming.
The senior student says to Edgar, "Hey, wolf! Come to drink tea again."
Matias asks Edgar if he's said something to Kilian. Edgar says Kilian must regret he tried to kill Allan. Matias is sure Allan knows he is in love with Allan and makes fun of him.
Kilian hasn't come for a rehearsal. Classmates say Edgar should call him since Kilian could think Edgar is still angry about the game. Edgar goes into the library to see Kilian. Kilian has forgotten the start time of the rehearsal and he says he'll go right away. He starts to talk about Robin.
Kilian: I was here. I saw Robin falling down through the window.
Edgar: I saw his photo. A cute boy.
Kilian: He was always crying. I heard he's parted with his mother in England.
Edgar: He was the same as you.
Kilian: I don't cry. Is there an English phrase like "jay here" or "jale gyaa" or "jay kyaa" or something like that?
Edgar: What is that? Why was he at the window? Didn't he have a friend?
Kilian: I hated him. He wasn't patient of anything.
Edgar: Did he kill himself?
Kilian: We chased him. I was the leader of hunters. Fox hunting was a popular game those days. In the previous night, I was caught by him at crying about my father and some other things. He looked sympathized with me. It got on my nerves. Robin didn't make any excuse about his muddy clothes to the teacher. I thought I had underestimated him. In the evening, when I was watching the sky, I saw someone falling outside the window. I wasn't able to get who it was, but I recognized his scream. Nobody but me saw it. But everybody got what happened from the sound of water and my pale face. I prayed and prayed, but he was found nowhere.
Edgar: It was an accident, wasn't it?
Kilian: I made him cry at the window. As you said, I killed the cock Robin.
Edgar: Shut up!
Kilian: Why do you cry?
Edgar: Leave me alone.
Kilian: I actually didn't hate him.

Matias says Kilian was sick in bed all that summer holiday. When he sees him again after the holiday, his hair got long and his face had freckles and he looked like another one. He often went to the greenhouse after that in order to cry, and he watered flowers. Kilian said Matias he didn't want anyone to cry at the window again.
Edgar goes with Allan to the window where Robin was crying. He is sure Robin yelled, "Angel has come! I'm here!" at his last moment. They can see the bridge from the window. Edgar says "Princesses were waiting for their love watching the bridge from here."

Allan: What was Robin Carr waiting for?
Edgar: An angel.
Allan: No angel has come.
Edgar: Of course, it has. Robin might have seen an illusion, though.

Edgar's Rosalie is perfect. Classmates encourage Orlando to kiss Rosalie. Kilian disagrees. Senior students agree with the idea when Edgar and Allan drink tea in their room.

Edgar and Allan go downtown together. Edgar says Germany wasn't divided when he came before. Edgar plans to go back to England when the festival is over. Allan finds roses of Crimson Glory at a flower shop. They buy the roses and plant them in the greenhouse. Allan cuts one of the rosebuds and gives it to Edgar. He prefers Edgar to eat it and share energy with him afterwards.
Matias goes to the greenhouse to cut amaryllis for his younger sister before going home. At the doorway, he sees Edgar and Allan sharing energy. He senses something very different in the air. Even though Edgar tells him to come in, Matias runs away. Allan stops him and Edgar catches and kills him. Watching with them with binoculars, Teo thinks Matias is playing tag. Other class mates wonder if he went home without his bag.

On the festival day, Kilian is disappointed that Lieth comes with her love. He goes into the cellar to find a feather and finds Matias' dead body. Edgar and Allan also come into the cellar. Edgar says Kilian shouldn't touch him and he will be awake by the evening. Kilian tells them to call someone. Edgar tells him nobody would believe it. Allan suggests they kill Kilian. Edgar disagrees because Kilian will play the role of Orlando and he cried for Robin Carr. Kilian can't believe they killed Matias. Edgar says "I know what Robin Carr was crying for at the window. Probably he had more to cry for than you. We came here from England to find him."
Many roses bloom in summer in Midland. Edgar and Allan visited there every year and saw little Robin.

Robin: Who are you?
Edgar: We are angels.
Robin: Show me your wings.
Edgar: We don't have wings. But we're really angels.
Robin: Take me with you. I'm alone.
Edgar: Next summer.
Robin: Take me with you. I feel alone.
Edgar: Wait until you're grown up.
Robin: Until when I will have to wait?

At the age of seven, his parents got a divorce and he moved to Liverpool with his mother. They visited Liverpool two years ago to see him and heard he moved to Switzerland with his father. His father ended up sending him this school and going to Italy to remarry. Edgar says " We arrived here too late. We didn't have an intention of harming anybody until Matias realized. Let go of Matias. He is going with us. The play will start soon."
Teo asks Kilian if he has stage fright. To his surprise, he can play Orlando. When the play is going on, someone yells out "Robin Carr is found!" The play is discontinued.
Kilian goes to the greenhouse. He calls the name of Matias. He wants to cry. He wonders why his mother needed to be killed, why he needed to part with his father and grow up with another family. He is jealous of Robin Carr because he is free now. Matias is gone. He was always nice to him. He didn't say anything to him but "Killey, will you water the flowers?"
Kilian tells Teo that Matias is dead. He takes him to the cellar and shows Matias' dead body. He tells him to help drive in a stake into Matias. Teo says he doesn't want to be a murderer. Kilian says he will be responsible for everything and Matias has been dead already. When Teo is looking for a branch, Matias wakes up and tries to grab Kilian. Kilian yells out "Teo, Don't let him go!" Teo drives in a branch into Matias. Edgar feels something close to him has disappeared suddenly. He gets Matias has disintegrated.
Kilian tosses away Matias' jacket into a marsh so that people will think he drowned. Classmate says Edgar and Allan are leaving for the US. Allan tells Kilian he has a wound on his neck. Teo is very happy vampires are gone. He doesn't care what will happen in the US. Kilian tells Teo to kill him if he falls into coma. Teo is so lucky that Kilian never falls in coma. Matias' jacket is discovered two days later and his parents come to the school.

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