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Poe no Ichizoku

Glen Smith no Nikki

Who'll be our victim? Not decided yet.

Louis: Ed! I have something to tell you. Your name's Edgar Portsnell, isn't it?
Edgar: Yes.
Louis: If you have a younger sister whose name is Marybell, it'll make the story more interesting. Last week, I read an old diary at my aunt's place.
Edgar: I had a younger sister whose name was Marybell.

In 1899, Glen Smith dies. His youngest daughter Elizabeth finds Glen Smith's diary and has a maid to unlock it. The diary was kept in 1865, when Glen Smith was 20 years of age. It has some love affairs as Elizabeth expected, and among them the diary tells about a village where roses bloom.
On July 4, he went to the castle of Saint Down.
On July 13, he wrote about the village.
On the 7th, he went for deer hunting, and lost sight of his friends in the mist. He shot a girl mistaking her for a deer. He was taken to a village where lot of roses bloomed. There lived a people who lived eternally. They picked up and drank roses. In a stormy night, a boy sucked his blood from his neck.

Elizabeth falls in love with a German musician and moves to Germany to marry him. She takes her father's diary with her. They live a happy life in Berlin with three daughters. In 1914, a war breaks out. People gets poorer and poorer. Elizabeth's husband is mobilized to Kiel. Elizabeth instinctively gets he will not able to come back. Germany ends up losing the war. One day, when she is wondering on the bridge if she should go back to England, her youngest daughter Anna grabs her. Anna misunderstood her mother was committing suicide with diving into the water. Her second daughter Julia does housework during her lunch break. She sometimes reads Glen Smith's diary for Elizabeth. Julia says she thinks the village of roses really existed. She wishes she could live in the village for the rest of her life. She dies at the age of 17.
The eldest daughter gets married and moves to another town. Anna says she'll never leave her mother. Elizabeth says Anna should leave her some day as Elizabeth left England.
Anna marries Pierre Hessen the next year and moves to Bremen with Elizabeth. Pierre is a teacher. Anna has a son and four daughters. When the youngest daughter Margrid was seven, the eldest son went to the war. Margrid discovers Glen Smith's diary. Elizabeth tells her about the village of roses. Margrid asks if Glen Smith was a Vampanella. Elizabeth says Glen Smith wasn't a Vampanella. Elizabeth thinks he must have searched for the village and read his own diary repeatedly because it sometimes very difficult to go on living.
Seventeen years later, Margrid talks about the village to her nephew Louis. Elizabeth and Anna passed away some years ago, and her eldest brother didn't return from the war. She is a writer and living with her father at the moment. She's written an essay about Glen Smith's diary. Reading it, Louis says there is a boy who looks like the boy in Glen Smith's diary in his school, and his name is also Edgar. Anna's father says they must be the same person since Vampanellas are immortal.

Edgar: I had a younger sister whose name was Marybell. She died years ago, though.
Louis: Oh, I'm sorry.
Edgar: What's your story?
Louis: I have an aunt called Margridcc. Well, it's not very interesting. A kind of joke. Sorry for bothering you.

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