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Poe no Ichizoku


On the street in London, a girl mistakes Edgar for her friend. Allan, waiting for Edgar in a cafe, mistakes Edith for Edgar. Edgar gets into the cafe just after her. Edith thinks he looks a bit similar to her. In the metro, Allan sees her again. Hearing she is Edith Evans, he asks if she had an elder sister called Charlotte. "She died when I was four." says Edith.
Edith lives with her elder brothers, Henry and Roger. Henry and Roger are antique dealers. Edith asks if their family name has something dishonorable. Henry says Evans is a decent name and Evans was the family of Earl years ago. Roger says Edith would have been a princess if she had been born years ago. "Where's our castle?" asks Edith. "We're in our castle here." says Roger.
Allan tells Edgar that Edith is Charlotte's younger sister. Seeing Edgar not feel very sorry for Charlotte, Allan says, "You set the fire." Edgar says, "All the attendees could have been killed. I don't kill them because I know they can do nothing."
Allan goes out to Strasford to see Arthur Quenton. He asks Arthur to give the portrait which he saved from the fire and Arthur has promised to give to Allan. Allan goes to see Edith and waits for her near the school and her place. Edith comes home and sees Orbin there. He is a good customer for them, but Roger hates his coming frequently. Edith finds Allan standing in front of their house and tells him to go in. Allan gives her the portrait saying Charlotte loved it. The portrait is titled "Rampton in flowers" painted by Arthur Quenton on April 15, 1889. Roger looks at the picture in Edith's room and thinks Orbin has given it to Edith. Roger gets furious and says he will give it back to Orbin. Edith says she was given it by her friend. Henry tells Roger not to take Edith's picture. He soothes Edith. Henry tells Roger not to forget they swore they wouldn't make Edith unhappy when their parents died. Henry tells Roger not to hate Orbin since Charlotte died in an accident.
Allan is waiting for Edith on her way home.

Edith: Did you live near our house?
Allan: Well, yes. I didn't know you.
Edith: How's your friend with blue eyes?
Allan: Edgar? Don't care about him. Are you happy now?
Edith: Why, of course. I don't have parents, but Henry and Roger seem to be my fathers.
Roger is a very good cook.
Allan: Are you a good cook, too?
Edith: Well, I'm very good at baking cookies.

Edith tries to bake cookies by herself, but she ends up asking Roger for help.
She dates with Allan with the cookies. Allan says they taste good. Edith says she actually baked them for the first time and Roger gave her a special lesson. Edgar sees them.

Edgar: We'll leave London shortly.
Allan: Let's stay here a bit more. Arthur says he's going to visit us soon, soc
Edgar: Where did you go to Strasford?
Allan: c. I want to stay here.
Edgar: For Edith?
Allan: Have you known that?
Edgar: Yes.
Allan: You're jealous of us.
Edgar: Are you saying you're in love with her?
Allan: Yes. I'm very happy being with her.
Edgar: You're wrong. You feel guilty about not having rescued Charlotte.
Allan: You're nasty.
Edgar: Let's go to Sussex.
Allan: I want to stay close to Edith. I don't want to go to Sussex.

Allan: What are you going to do with her?
Edgar: Nothing.
Allan: Don't harm her, Edgar!

John Orbin was born in 1900. He is 76 years old this year. He has a lot of records regarding Edgar and Allan. He's been chasing them since the mysterious night in 1934.

Orbin: Are you Edgar? You must have forgotten me.
Edgar: I remember you, Wizard. I have to go.
Orbin: Um.

Orbin wakes up from the dream.

Allan asks Edith if she met Edgar recently and tells her to keep away from him. Edith tells him to keep away from other girls.
Orbin sees Edith on his way to the antique shop. Edith says she also loves antiques and that she has "Rampton in flowers". She shows the portrait to Orbin. Orbin asks her to sell it to him. Edith says she can't sell it because her boyfriend Allan gave it to her. "Edgar? He is Allan's friend with blue eyes." says Edith.
Orbin is happy that Edgar finally has appeared. He is sure he will be able to see him if he keeps an eye on Edith.

Edgar steals into the Evans' house. Edith is looking for her hat. Henry and Roger are going out for business. Edgar hides himself in the car trunk to follow Henry and Roger. The car stops near the sea and Henry and Roger get into a small house. Edgar watch them from the ceiling. They are dealing stolen goods. Hearing some people talk outside, Edgar goes outside. Two guys outside see Edgar and shoot him. Edgar escapes. Henry and Roger stop the negotiation and go home with a French dealer. Henry asks the French dealer if it's her first time to deal the stolen goods. She says, "Yes, I need money."
The next morning, they hear the radio say two men were found dead in a small house on the seashore and the police are investigating. Henry and Roger go out with the French dealer. They promise Edith they'll give her a new clothe. Edith goes to the garage to read old fashion magazines. Edgar Appears from the trunk and asks if Edith is alone there. Even though she tries to call a doctor, Edgar tells her not to let anybody know. Edith gives him a treatment and goes out to buy more medicines and bandages. Edgar is sure she's a nice girl. Edith sees Orbin on her way home. She says "I'm sorry I'm in a hurry. Edgarc." Orbin chases her. When Edith arrives home and opens the door, Orbin gets into the house following Edith. He asks if anyone injured is in. "No." says Edith. Orbin says, "Then what did you buy them for? Who is in?" Edgar appears and tries to shoot Orbin saying "Get out!". "It's my very goal!" says Orbin. Edith tells Edgar not to shoot. Orbin tells her to keep away from him. She tells Orbin to get out. When Orbin says "Edith, hec", Edgar shoots the arrow and a picture drops onto Orbin. Edgar leaves the house.

Orbin tells Edith many things about Vampanellas and shows her Oswald's will in his house. Edith doesn't take his story serious. She just thinks he is a dreamer. When Edith are running to the park to see Allan, a man asks her if a hat is hers. When she is looking at the hat, he tries to capture her. She kicks him and runs to the park. Allan takes her to their place. Edgar says he witnessed the murder on the seashore when he was wearing the hat. Edgar says Edith is in danger since the murderers mistake her for Edgar. He advises she should stay in a school dormitory until she is out of danger. Edgar wears Edith's clothes to catch the murders. Edgar grins when the murderer finds him in the park.

A drunkard says he saw a goblin like creature in red outfit walking on the water and stepping on the sinking car. The French dealer who Henry and Roger met is actually a police office. She sees the dead body in the car and says he was the boss that employed her in France.
Edgar and Allan go to see Edith and say there's nothing dangerous any more . Edith is surprised to see there's no wound in Edgar. "You saw nothing. You know nothing. Nothing has happened. Ok?" says Edgar.
Allan says "Everything is for you. Don't worry about anything." Edith thinks they have some secret and decides to ask Allan about it when Edgar isn't with him.
Edith comes home. Henry shows her a music box with a drummer doll and a clock. Henry says he wouldn't sell it since Edith likes it very much.

Edgar tells Allan he is still against Allan meeting Edith. Allan says, "You've said she's a nice girl, haven't you?" Edgar asks, "When will you tell her you're an ageless monster?"

Edgar: You've forgotten about it, haven't you?
Allan: Yes. I had thought her time stops, too.
Edgar: She's a human. Do you want her time to stop?
Allan: I've never thought about it.
Edgar: I've always been thinking about it.
Allan: But it's ok with me that I stay close to her just for a short period.

Edith wonders about Edgar. She recalls the Vampanells stories that Orbin talked about to her. She thinks the boy in the portrait looks like Edgar as Orbin said. She finds his blue eyes mysterious.

Henry and Roger are arrested on stolen goods dealing and murder charges. Even though the police officer who pretended to be a French dealer encourages Edith to stay with her, Edith goes to the park to see Allan. Edgar says they have an alibi for the murder, whereas they dealt stolen goods. Edith wouldn't believe her brothers deal stolen goods. Edgar says there's a hidden room for storing stealen goods just behind the kitchen. He says Henry and Roger are good brothers who dealt stolen goods and raised Edith. Edith runs away. Allan tries to chase her. Edgar tries to stop him saying "It's time for her to know the truth!" Allan gets upset because Edgar made her sad. Edgar knows it's Allan who finally feels sad. Allan is shocked that Edith won't look back to him even though he calls her again and agaion. He realizes it's funny that a Vampanella is in love with a human. He wants to take her into the family. Edgar has told him Allan's blood is too thin to take into someone to the family. However, he wants to make a try.
Edith finds the hidden room behind the kitchen. She wants Henry and Roger to come back whatever they have done.
Allan tells her to cheer up. Edith says she's going to a bank to borrow money for the bail. She lights a gas cooker to serve tea. She says her family should move to the rural area to start a new life. She says she wants to raise roses. Allan encourages Edith to go with them. He says they can go everywhere and they can live forever. He promises he will love Edith more than Henry and Roger do. Edith tells him to let go of her. Allan makes her pass out. Allan thinks it better to ask Edgar to deal with her and he carries her into a box under the clock.
While Allan is running back, the gas light turns off and gas starts to leak in the room.
Edgar tells Allan that the more he will regret, the more he loves her if he takes her in the family.
At 4 o'clock sharp, the drummer doll beats the drum, when the gas in the room explodes. Edgar and Allan get into the house. When Edgar decides to escape from the roof carrying Edith, Allan falls down onto the fire and disappeared. Edgar decides not to go to tomorrow.

Edith wakes up in bed. She was found safe in the bathroom. Henry says only she was in the house. Edith says she wants to live in the countryside and wants to plant roses in the garden. Henry and Roger agree with her. Edith wonders where Allan has gone and what they were.

Orbin finds "Rampton in flowers" in their house and cries. A man asks him why he is crying. Orbin says "Edgar's dead." The man says "It's absurd. He must be alive somewhere." Orbin realizes the man is Arthur Quenton. He chases him but loses sight of him. He wonders if they are all illusion. But he knows the boy existed for sure. He thinks he can even write about him. He will begin the first page as follows. "Edgar, to you, who are very far away, and to the family of Poe. "

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