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Poe no Ichizoku


Even though Edgar and Allan are supposed to have a one-week trip, Allan doesn't want to go out because it is raining on Monday. Edgar tells him to stay home alone for a week and leaves for the trip alone. Allan realizes he can do anything during the week.
On Tuesday, Allan meets a girl called Karen near the stream. She says she is staying in a nearby house with her cousin. When Allan kisses her, she slaps him and runs away crying.
On Wednesday, June sees Allan. Allan asks her to give Karen a bouquet of flowers. On Thursday, Karen and June come to see Allan. They decide to go on a picnic on Friday. Karen says it's unfair that June talks with Allan more than Karen. June encourages Karen to try to speak more. Karen says she met Allan earlier than June and Allan kissed her.
On Friday, Karen and June go on a picnic with beautifully dressed. While they are waiting for June with water, Allan says Karen looks pretty. Karen says he can kiss her. June comes back with a chick. Allan climbs a tree to put it back to the nest and June follows. On the tree, June asks Allan if he likes Karen. Allan says June looks nice, too. They kiss each other. Karen and June are very happy until they know Allan kissed both of them.
On Saturday, June and Karen come with June's horse. When Allan is riding the horse, Karen blows the bugle to surprise the horse. It's their revenge. They are surprised to see Allan laying on the ground without moving. They end up getting to know Allan deceived them.

June: Which do you like better?
Allan: I like both of them.
Karen: That's unfair!
June: We're going to church tomorrow. What about you?
Allan: I won't.
June: We won't be able to meet until Monday.
Karen: See you on Monday!
Allan: See you!

On Sunday, Allan waits for Edgar in the house. Edgar doesn't return on Monday. On Monday, Allan worries about Edgar. June and Karen wonders if Allan won't come. June says "He looks like a spirit of the forest. Did he really exist?" "He did!" says Karen. Edgar comes home. He asks Allan if he was lonely. "Yes." says Allan. Edgar says they will leave there for Little Heaven the next day.

Edgar: What have you been doing for a week?
Allan: I did nothing. I got bored.

They leave the house in a carriage the next morning. June and Karen wave to Allan. June says he could be back in the evening.
"Someone is waving." says Edgar. "Really?" says Allan. Even though Allan asks Edgar to drive the carriage, Edgar wouldn't allow him to do so. Allan murmurs, "It might be better to be with girls.". Edgar asks if Allan said something. "Nothing." says Allan.

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