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Poe no Ichizoku

Penny Lane

Edgar is going to Wish with Allan in a coffin. The carriage he is on is robbed by a gang of bandits. The driver is killed. The bandits are surprised to see Allan in the coffin. Edgar kills some of the bandits and drives the carriage to the mansion in Wish. On his way, he meets Doni, who takes care of the mansion.
Edgar carries Allan into the bed in the mansion and waits for his wakeup. He's concerned that Allan might not wake up. He thinks he has sent him enough energy into Allan's body. Edgar's blood must be thick enough since he was given it by King Poe. He remembers Marybell woke up only a day after he sent his energy into her. He regrets he took Marybell into the family despite that he had always wanted to come back to be human.
Edgar wants Allan to wake up as soon as possible. Being alone makes him recall too many things. Edgar wonders if Allan doesn't wake up because of the rain. When Edgar wakes up the next morning, the sky is clear. Edgar runs into Allan's bedroom and doesn't find him in the bed. When Edgar is leaving the mansion to find Allan, Doni comes and advises Edgar shouldn't go out because his daughter was attacked by a bandit. He hands Edgar a rifle and tells him to shoot the bandits if he finds them.
Allan is walking in the forest. Two bandits catch him. One of the bandits is shot by Edgar. Another bandits has seen Edgar. He holds Allan and tells Edgar to raise hands. Edgar tells him the boy he is holding is the dead body in the coffin that he saw. He repeats "Hands up!" Allan touches the bandit's face and sucks energy. The bandit triggers the gun and dies. He is Allan's first victim.
Edgar wants blood to cure Allan's injury. He attacks a carriage. After he kills a man and a woman in the carriage to get energy, he finds a young girl crying. She must be a daughter of the man and the woman. She looks like a doll. Edgar doesn't think she has a lot of blood. She must die if she is left there.

Edgar: What's your name?
A girl: Lidelle.

Allan wakes up again in the bed. He doen't remember clearly when he woke up.

Edgar: You can recognize me, can't you?
Allan: Yes, I can.
Edgar: You know we're going to start a long journey?
Allan: Yes.
Edgar: You know you don't have to recall anything?
Allan: Yes.
Edgar: Then let's leave here when the rain stops.
Allan: What's that doll? Is it a dream, too?
Edgar: She's Lidelle, the doll. She's leaving with us. Let's raise her by ourselves.

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