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Poe no Ichizoku

Evans no Isho

One stormy night, Edgar is hurrying to Little Heaven, where he is to meet Baron Portsnel, Shiela and Marybell. The carriage Edgar is in falls off the cliff into the river. Baron Portsnel decides to leave Little Heaven without Edgar. He leaves a message that they are coming back there after a month.
Edgar's body is found and carried to Earl Evans' castle. Earl Henry Evans orders his body should be placed in the cellar. Edgar wakes up in the cellar and walks to Henry's study. Henry is surprised to see the door opened by a boy with blue eyes, which remind him of his late wife Violita. Henry yells out, "Doctor!" Dr. Dodo says Edgar must have been hit in his head and lost consciousness. Edgar is in a coma for more than ten days. A maid called Ellen takes care of Edgar. Henry doesn't want him to die.
Henry's younger brother Roger comes to the castle. Henry expects more guests to come for skating on the nearby lake. Ellen shows him a camellia. "Put it at the bedside of the sleeping beauty. The scent of the flower might wake him up." says Henry. In midnight, Henry hears someone scream. Edgar has regained consciousness. Dr. Dodo asks what his name is. Edgar can only say "Edgar. Where is she?"

Roger : How unlucky you are you've picked up a real idiot.
Henry: He's not an idiot. He might recover. What do you think, Doctor?
Dr. Dodo: I'm not very sure.
Henry: I'm interested in his name, Edgar.

Henry shows them Oswald Evans' will. Oswald is their grandfather. The will says if Edgar and Marybell show themselves in front of Evans descendants, the descendants should give them all the property of the Evans regardless of their class, nationality or age because the Evans owe them as much as they can't compensate .
"Oswald must have been crazy. I'll tear it up!" says Roger. Henry says "This will no longer has an effect. It was written in 1780." Dr. Dodo thinks it's an interesting coincidence that Edgar has appeared. "Edgar is a very common name." says Roger. "Then it'll be perfect if Marybell appears." says Dr. Dodo.
Henry wants to do his very best for Edgar even if he doesn't give him all his property. He looks at Edgar's blue eyes. His wife got sick when she was pregnant and died. If the baby had been born, he or she must have had blue eyes, too.
Roger needs money for running a company. That's why he visits Henry. Henry is happy that Roger visits him in any reason. Henry tells Edgar not to break twigs. Henry shows him many things that might help Edgar recover his memory.
Linda and Earnest arrive at Evans' castle. They are Henry's late wife's nephew and niece. They have brought Marybell with them. Linda says she became their next door neighbour a month ago. Henry comes back with Edgar, who's gotten sick after riding a horse. Marybell begins to cry to see Edgar being sick. Henry talks about Edgar and asks Linda and Earnest to play with him
Linda sees Marybell crying and misunderstands she fell in love with Edgar at first sight. When Marybell went back to Little Heaven with Baron and Shiela, they heard about the accident and that Edgar was staying at the Evans' castle. Marybell planned to make friends with Linda and come here. She's very sad to know Edgar's lost his memory.
Marybell tells Edgar not to break twigs. Dr. Dodo is surprised to see Marybell knows Edgar's habit.
Marybell asks Ellen why she always cut white camellias. Ellen says it is because Earl Evans loves them. Marybell asks if she is in love with Henry. Ellen says she's just a maid and she doesn't have blue eyes, so she can only cut flowers for Henry.

Marybell: Here's something good for you, Ellen.
Ellen: What is it, Lady?
Marybell: Rose essence. Tea with just a drop of it smells lovely. In addition, it has a secret effect. It makes the one who drinks it fall in love.
Ellen: It sounds like a fairy tale.
Marybell: I don't care if it does. I'm in love with Edgar. So, please, Ellen.......

Ellen serves tea with a drop of rose essence. Henry likes the smell.
Marybell watches Edgar hoping he'll recover his memory. Earnest doesn't like Marybell watching Edgar with passionate eyes. Linda tells Earnest he looks crazy with jealousy. Earnest has been in love with Marybell since he met her for the first time. He doesn't want Edgar to be her love. When he sees Edgar in the garden, he senses the similarity to Marybell in his face just for an instant. "Edgar, do you know something? Marybell is in love with you. She's crazy about your blue eyes! Do you understand?" says Earnest. Edgar makes no reaction even when Earnest kisses him. Earnest thinks Edgar is a real idiot.
Henry asks Ellen if it's true Marybell is in love with Edgar. Ellen answers she's not sure. Henry asks Ellen again if it's just a dream he adopts Edgar and Edgar marries Marybell.
Roger doesn't like Oswald's will. Dr. Dodo says Oswald's dream must have predicted Edgar and Maybell would appear.
When Earnest and Marybell are skating, he confesses he is in love with her. Marybell runs away. She only loves Edgar since she can't get older than 13. She sees Edgar on the ice. She says "Edgar, it's me." Dr. Dodo is puzzled to see it.
Edgar remembers Marybell and her words on the ice. It makes him cry. Ellen tells him he should pray to God if he is suffering from something and makes him wear a cross pendant around his neck.
Henry appreciates Ellen's kindness and sympathizes with Edgar. Dr. Dodo thinks Henry can't have an objective view because he is crazy about Edgar. He tells Roger he suspects Edgar and Marybell know each other. Roger says Edgar is aiming at Evans' property. He wishes Edgar will die. Even though Henry usually asks Roger if he has enough money, Henry just talks about Edgar this time. He wishes Henry and Edgar will die together and he will take over Evans' property.
Marybell is scared of Edgar's cross pendant . Earnest shows her crystals of snow. Marybell tells Earnest she wants Edgar's silver cross. Earnest would do anything for her. Earnest tries to take the pendant from Edgar, but Henry hears Edgar scream and scolds Earnest.
Henry wants to adopt Edgar. Dr. Dodo disagrees with it because they don't know who Edgar is. Roger doesn't like Henry dreaming that Edgar will marry Marybell.
At tea time, Roger is wondering if it's a good idea to put poison in tea, Earnest gets down to know Henry wants Edgar to marry Marybell, and Marybell is wondering if Earnest wouldn't take Edgar's cross for her.
They go out for skating in the afternoon. Dr. Dodo tells Henry they have to talk. Henry asks Earnest to take Edgar with him for riding. Earnest was reluctant at first, but he soon gets aware that it's a very good chance for taking the cross away from him. Dr. Dodo says to Henry, " It's your business that you decide to adopt Edgar. However I recommend you make a decision after you know who Edgar is. Even though I am a doctor, I believe in God and think there exist evil spirits. I can't help wondering why Oswald wrote such a will. Marybell knew Edgar's habit from the beginning, and she repeated to him "It's me." I guess they know each other. She might be waiting for Edgar's recovering his memory. They are strangers. I'm sure Marybell planned to come here."
Earnest is impressed with Edgar's riding skill. However he has to take the cross as soon as possible. It looks like rain. Even though Roger invites the girls to go back home, Linda insists on skating a bit more. Daphne tree twigs catch Marybell's hair. She begins to sing "Daphne tree, Daphne treec" Hearing that, Roger begins to sing.

Roger: Quite an old song! I didn't think I remember it. My father often sang the song.
Marybell: Did Oswald?
Roger: My father's Clifford. Oswald is my Grandfather. I've never seen him.
Marybell: Oh. We're in 1820. It's been years since we sang it together. Roger, you look a bit similar to Oswald. He was very nice.

Edgar falls off the horse. Earnest takes advantage of this opportunity to get the cross. He is astonished to see Edgar looking at him from under the water. Edgar stands up and sucks Earnest's blood. Linda screams to see it. Earnest shoves Edgar and rides away with Linda. They get into the living room and state Edgar's not a human. Earnest says Edgar bit him in his neck. Saying "He bit you? Then he must have recovered his memory! I don't need to wait any more. I'm taking him with me." , Marybell leaves them.
Dr. Dodo says both Edgar and Marybell are Vampanellas. He asks Ellen when she started using rose essence. Ellen answers Marybell asked to use it. Henry wouldn't believe they are Vampanellas. Henry goes out to look for Edgar. Roger and Dr. Dodo follow him. Roger thinks it might be a good chance for getting rid of Edgar. Dr. Dodo tells Ellen to lock all the doors. Someone knocks on the door. Ellen opens the door and finds Edgar outside. "Don't let him in!" cries Earnest. Ellen tells Edgar Marybell isn't there. "Where's she?" says Edgar. "She's outside." says Ellen. Edgar closes the door. Henry is concerned about Edgar. Henry and Roger find Edgar.

Henry: Edgar, it's me!
Roger: Henry, I bet it's not a human, it's a monster!
Henry: Don't shoot him. He's Edgar!
Roger: Let me shoot him, or we'll be killed!

Henry makes Roger let go of the gun. A thunderbolt hits the gun immediately after that. Both of them falls down on the ground. Henry's fainted. Edgar comes close to Roger. Roger expects Edgar to kill him. Roger is not able to recall even a single phrase of a hymn. "Where's she?" says Edgar. Edgar hears Marybell call him.
Marybell and Edgar reunite and go away together.
Ellen takes care of Henry when he is sick in bed. Henry decides to propose to her. Roger feels unhappy that he tried to rescue Henry rather than killed him and was hit by a thunderbolt. He recalls Marybell and the song.

Roger and Dr. Dodo visit a library in London. The library building was once owned by Oswald. They want to know about Edgar and Marybell. The researcher only tells them an adopted daughter's name was Marybell and that she died soon after being adopted. Roger asks Dr. Dodo if he really intends to find out the truth about the reason why Oswald wrote the will. Dr. Dodo answers he does because he believes the existence of God and Satan and has a lot of time to kill. Roger says he has a lot of time to kill, too. .

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