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Poe no Ichizoku

Marybell to Gin no Bara

One foggy night, when Edgar was at the age of four, he and his baby sister Marybell were abandoned by their nurse in the forest. Edgar and Marybell were kids of Earl Evans and his concubine Maryweather. Even though Lady Evans ordered the nurse to kill Edgar and Marybell, the nurse didn't kill them but just abandoned them expecting them to die from starvation. Old Hannah Poe discovered them in the forest and took them to her place. Her mansion is located near the village of Scotty. Bill, a villager, wondered what Hannah was doing in the forest in the foggy night, when his wife died.
Edgar and Marybell grew up in Hannah's mansion. She sometimes told them a story about a girl with transparent silver hair. "There once lived a girl who had transparent silver hair. Since she was too beautiful, God stopped the time of hers. So she will live in the eternity tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, with her hair blowing in the wind.
"What is Vampanella?" asked Edgar. "It's just an absurd legend in this village." answered Hannah. "How old are you?" asked Edgar. "How old do I look to be?" answered Hannah.
Edgar also asked Hannah why they were abandoned. "I also wonder why you were abandoned. I wonder whose children you are. You were wearing decent clothes. You said your name was Edgar and your sister was Marybell. Well, it's not very important who you are, now that you've grown up here and I adore you." said Hannah.
Marybell asked Edgar if they didn't have their father or mother. Edger said "No, we don't. But I'm with you. Hannah is with you, too. We love you very much, very very much."

Edgar is 11 years old and Marybell is seven years old. Edgar goes to the forest with his friends and Marybell is left behind. "Edgar said he would make a watermill for me!" yells Marybell. Edgar and his friends are caught at seeing some villagers including a priest driving in a stake into a dead body of a young woman. They run away. One of them says the villagers were trying to kill a Vampanella. Hearing what Edgar saw at the forest, Hannah tells him there's no evil spirit.
Edgar makes a windmill for Marybell near the stream, where his friends are fishing. They see Bill walking toward the cemetery. One of them says Bill's wife was killed by a Vampanella. Edgar says to them Hannah has said there's no such thing. When Edgar was fighting with his friends, a young woman comes and cleans his face. She tells him not to fight with others. She is Shiela. She is about to go to Hannah's mansion with Baron Frank Portsnel. Even though he saw Edgar and Marybell five years ago, they don't remember him.
Edgar finds Shila very pretty. He wonders if his mother looked like her. To Edgar's disappointment, Shiela is Baron Portsnel's bride-to-be. She is the age of 20 now. Baron Portsnel has waited five years to marry her. He has loved her since she was 15. She married an Earl for an economic reason when she was 16. Baron Portsnel saw her at her engagement party for the first time and fell in love with her. Even though she married, they loved each other and eloped. He has come here to get Hannah's permission for taking Shiela into the Poes. Edgar asks why he waited for five years. "Because we needed time." answers Baron Portsnel.
Marybell asks Hannah to make Shiela be their mother. Hannah says they can be adopted by Portsnel and leave the village. "You'll miss us." says Edgar. Edgar has a slight memory of a foggy night, a carriage running away, a cradle and white windows. He wonders when he saw them.
Edgar sees a light in a distant room from the bedroom window. The nanny says an engagement ceremony is being held there. Edgar gets out of the room in secret and looks into the room where the ceremony is being held.
There are lots of people in the room. The room is too silent and too dark. Edgar senses there's some weird atmosphere. .Hannah asks Shiela if she loves Baron Portsnel. Shiela answers she loves him. Hannah touches Shiela's chin saying "I'm sending my thick energy into this woman to take her into the Poes." Edgar is so surprised that he touches the window. People in the room get aware someone is outside. Edgar runs away into the forest. They try to catch and kill Edgar. "Wait! He'll be back. Don't kill him." says Hannah. She tells Baron Portsnel to bring Marybell to her. He goes into Marybell's bedroom and invites her to take a walk with him. "Edgar is hiding himself in the forest. Someone who finds him first will be the winner!" says Baron.
Edgar meets his friends in the forest. They are going to the cemetery. Edgar asks them to take him with them anywhere. They say they are going to kill Vampanellas in the cemetery. Edgar asks them how to kill a Vampanella. One of them says "Drive in a stake into the chest, and the Vampanella will turn into dust." They're aware someone is coming close to them and hide themselves in the bush.
"Call Edgar! Louder!" says Baron Portsnel to Marybell. Baron Portsnel yells out, "Edgar, come out, or I will toss up Marybell to the sky!" Edgar comes out of the bush.
Hannah tells Edgar she didn't want to let Edgar know in that way. "You killed the woman sucking her blood" says Edgar. "No, I didn't suck her blood. I sent my Poe energy into her body." says Hannah. Baron Portsnel says "Even though she looks as if she is dead, she'll wake up shortly and live with me eternally. That's how we get a new member. "
Other members tell them to kill Edgar as soon as possible. Hannah mentions she wouldn't kill him but would take him into the family. "He is too young! A new member should be past his puberty stage." says one of them.

Hannah: Of course, not now. Ten years hence.
Edgar: I won't become such a thing!
One member: I disagree. He can seek help at the church anytime.
Baron Portsnel: If he does, I will toss up Marybell to the sky.
Edgar: It's unfair. Marybell doesn't know anything!
Hannah: You keep our secret.
Edgar: I will.
Hannah: You will join us when you become an adult.
Edgar: You won't harm Marybell.
Hannah: I promise.
Edgar: If you break the promise, I will drive in a stake into all of you!

Saying "Come, Edgar", Hannah takes Edgar to the cellar, where there's a coffin. King Poe is sleeping in the coffin. He is Hannah's partner. He's been sleeping for 300 years. He is the oldest Poe and has the thickest blood.
Hannah : We don't die or age. We need a bif of human blood to live on.

Edgar: You killed Bill's wife?
Hannah: It was a stupid Poe that killed her.
Edgar: Vampanella!
Hannah: Don't call us by that name! We are not the creature that God made, for sure. Every living thing leaves its dead body behind if it dies, whereas we turn into dust. We might have come from another world.
Baron Portsnel: When do you expect King Poe to wake up?
Hannah: I will wake him up 10 years from now for Edgar's ceremony.

Marybell wakes up Edgar the next morning. Edgar looks at himself in the mirror and finds a mark on his neck. When Shiila woke up at the previous night, she sucked a bit of blood of Edgar.
Edgar understands he can't break the promise or escape. He asks Hannah to send Marybell away to a faraway place. Marybell is adopted by Baron Art and leaves the village alone believing that Edgar and Hanna will follow her.
Time passes. Edgar is fourteen years old. Edgar's ceremony day, when the time of Edgar stops, gets closer and closer. Edgar tries to figure out how to avoid being taken into the family. He hopes the villagers will get aware that Vampanellas are living in the mansion before he reaches the age of twenty. Baron Portsnel and Shiela visit the village. Baron Portsnel tells Edgar he looked at Maribell in London. Edgar misses her a lot. "You seem to have kept the promise. Good boy." says Baron Portsnel. Edgar thinks the evil spirit should be sent back into the ground as God wishes.
When Edgar comes back to the mansion, a maid states Hannah has just left the house to look for Edgar worrying that he's been lost in the sudden mist. Edgar wishes Hannah were a human as she used to be. He wonders what she saw while she's lived on human blood so many years.
Hannah and a maid see Bill in the forest. She asks him if he saw Edgar. Bill drives in a stake into Hannah. Hannah turns into dust and disappears in an instant. "She's disappeared! I've taken a revenge for my wife." says Bill. The maid sucks Bill's blood from his neck. Saying "I've known that from the beginning. Oh, I see. You've killed her in this way.", Bill dies. The maid finds Bill's son in the bush. He runs away. Hearing what happened in the forest from Bill's son, villagers decide to go to the mansion with garlic and the cross.
Looking at the fires in the village, the Poes expect themselves to be defeated by villagers the next morning. They discuss the issue of Edgar. Someone says he is s till too young to be taken into the family. King Poe appears and declares he will do what Hannah wished since she was his good partner. He holds Edgar's wrists to send his energy into Edgar.
The Poes think Edgar is lucky to receive King Poe's thick energy, which everyone longs for.
In Edgar's body, his blood, flesh, bones and all the organs change gradually. His blood circulates slowly and his body gets cold. Some strange cells divide at his throat and finger tips and develop in his body. His time is about to stop. Edgar misses the beautiful summer days when he expected the happy days to last forever.

"Are you awake? You've slept for three days. " says Shiela to Edgar. She tells Edgar to suck her blood to get energy. The sun is shining too brightly to Edgar's eyes. He goes downtown. He sees a girl in the garden, where many red roses are blooming. He looks at the girl's neck. He knows how to get energy to live. Baron Portsnel finds him and tells him to take care of himself. Edgar is going to live with Baron Portsnel and Shiela as their son. Shiela tells her husband that Edgar hasn't changed perfectly and that he is still under control of his conscious that he had when he was a human. She suspects he wants to starve to death. Edgar misses the happy days when he waited for his little sister who always followed him. Baron Portsnel says Edgar should learn the taste of blood. He holds Edgar's hand to send his energy into Edgar. "Do you like the taste of blood? You've become a member of our family. " says Shiela. Edgar wishes everyone will turn into a Vampanella. Edgar goes to the garden again and sees the girl bleeding in her hand. In Edgar's dream, the nurse tells him he is going to have a little sister or a little brother and he says he prefers a sister. He wakes up and strongly desires to drink blood.

Edgar: Don't' you hate being a vampire, Shiela?
Shiela: Why?
Edgar: Why?
Shiela: Why?

He ends up sucking the blood of the girl.
Baron Portsnel slaps Edgar because they need to move somewhere again now that Edgar's killing the girl has fallen them into danger. Edgar asks Baron Portsnel if there's anything wrong with his taking a meal. Edgar sees the girl's funeral on his way to another town and hears the girl was living with her mother. Edgar wonders if the mother is sad her daughter was killed. Edgar wonders why he doesn't regret despite that he killed someone.

Edgar: You are upset not because I have killed the girl but because we have to move. Where's your compassion?
Baron Portsnel: If the humans' staple is wheat, ours is humans. But our staple has a brain. We might be killed if we get careless.
Edgar sees wheat fields and misses Marybell. Edgar finds it very strange that he is alive even though he's become a Vampanella..

. Madonna is reading a book aloud for Oswald and two other men. Marybell suddenly appears in front of them from the bush. Apologizing for bothering them, she runs away. Oswald runs after her thinking her face is familiar. Marybell slips in the stream and Oswald supports her. Marybell looks at Oswald and grabs him crying "Edgar!" "Young lady, I like being hugged by you, but please call me Oswald." says Oswald.
Oswald invites her to take a walk together. She tells him that she parted from Edgar seven years ago and she'll be able to recognize him if she sees him again. She says Edgar is 17 years old and asks Oswald about his age. Oswald says he is 22 years old. She says he has Edgar's eyes. She tells Oswald that she grew up in the village of Scotty, where there was a forest, streams, garlic flowers and a legend of Vampanella. Marybell clearly remembers that she always followed Edgar and Edgar often made a windmill for her. She doesn't know why they parted. She wishes Edgar will come to see her.
Even though Oswald fails to make a windmill for Marybell, Marybell finds a windmill in the stream and misunderstands he made it for her.
Oswald's friends tell Madonna they saw Oswald playing with Marybell near the stream.
Madonna pretends not to care about it.
When Marybell is playing with Oswald, she sees a boy among daphne trees. "I saw a prince." says Marybell to Oswald. Marybell sees the prince again in a ball. He is Yousiss, who is Lady Evans' beloved son. He asks his mother for a permission for dancing with Marybell. Lady Evans is surprised to see Marybell.
Marybell falls in love with Yousiss. "You've never talked on Edgar recently." says Oswald. Getting to know Marybell is in love with Yousiss, he takes her to Earl Evans' castle. He gets into Lady Evans' saloon and introduces Marybell as his love to the people in the room. Yousiss gets shocked to hear that. Lady Evans gets sure she is Maryweather's daughter, who is supposed to be dead.
Marybell gets angry about Oswald's taking her abruptly to the saloon without telling her Yousiss is his younger brother. Oswald tells her to calm down and says he thinks Yousiss also has got a thing to her. Nurse Irley sees Marybell and drops tea sets. She recalls Edgar's crying "Wait! Don't leave us alone!" Hearing Irley say "Maryweather", Oswald gets Marybell looks like Maryweather, who Earl Evans loved when he was young.

Oswald: Did she have children? Is Marybell her daughter?
Irley: She can't be. Maryweather had children, but they died of epidemic. I took care of Maryweather and her children until they died.
Oswald: Did you kill Maryweather, too?
Irley: What are you talking about, my Lord?
Oswald: It's fine with me whatever you've done. It's you that looked after me when I was a baby. Maryweather is dead, but her children are alive.

Oswald is sure Nurse Irley has done something wrong. Daphne tree's twigs catch Marybell's hair. Yousiss frees her hair. Oswald goes to see his father and looks at a portrait of Maryweather behind the curtains. Earl Evans has told him about his love affair in front of the portrait. Oswald tells his father Maryweather's children are alive. Even though Oswald has never seen Edgar, he is sure Edgar is also alive and he was the one who made the windmill some days ago.
Yousiss asks his mother to meet Marybell. She says she doesn't want to meet her and that she'll be looking for the prettiest girl in London for Yousiss.
Oswald insults Stephen and they decide to have a duel. After his parents get out of the room, Oswald writes to Marybell. Oswald sheds tears and wonders what he is sad for. He ends up thinking he cries for himself since nobody seems to mourn his death. Oswald leaves for the duel in the early morning. Madonna says she's come to see him because she might not see him again. They kiss each other.
On his way to the forest where the duel is to take place, he sees a boy with blue eyes that look just like his. "Edgar!" cries Oswald. He loses sight of Edgar in the snow. Oswald's letter says he wasn't the one who made the windmill and that Edgar might be in a nearby place to them. Yousiss hears maids gossiping both Oswald and Stephen are in love with Marybell. Lady Evans tells him Oswald is having a duel. When Yousiss is leaving the castle, Marybell arrives and says she's received a letter from Oswald.

When Yousiss arrives the forest, Oswald, Stephen and their friends are drinking. The guns of both of them misfired four times each. Oswald asks Yousiss if he comes to see Oswald's dead body. Yousiss slaps him. He says he wouldn't give up Marybell for him. Oswald tells Yousiss that Marybell is Oswald's sister, but not Yousiss' because Yousiss' father was a musician from Netherland. "Mother must disagree with you marry Marybell. Swear you'll love and make Marybell happy whatever happens." says Oswald. "I swear I'll always love her." says Yousiss.
Marybell asks Oswald if he didn't see Edgar. Oswald answers that he did. Oswald wonders why Edgar wouldn't show himself. Lady Evans is worried that Yousiss may be taken away from her by Marybell.
Edgar suggests they leave London. Baron Portsnel agrees with him since they've stayed there for three years. Edgar thinks he no longer needs to stay close to Marybell because Yousiss will protect her for the rest of her life.
Lady Evans says to Irley she mustn't have killed the children. Irley says she did. Yousiss overhears it. Lady Evans tells Yousiss she did everything for Yousiss because she's only loved him. Earl Evans was thinking of living with Maryweather's children after she had died. Lady Evans wasn't able to stand that." It's not your fault, poor mother" says Yousiss.
Edgar senses the smell of blood in the night when they are leaving London. Yousiss stabs himself in his room. Edgar fails to stop him. Yousiss dies saying,"I can't betray Marybell or Mother." Oswald gets into Yousiss' room and misunderstands Edgar killed Yousiss. Seeing Edgar fly away from the room, Oswald thinks he mustn't be Edgar. People gossip Yousiss was killed by an evil spirit.

Oswald: It was Edgar.
Marybell: Edgar mustn't have killed Yousiss.
Oswald: Doesn't he have my eyes? How could I mistake someone else for him? He didn't look to be a 17-year-old boy. I wonder what made him stop developing. Why do you think he wouldn't show himself in front of us?
Marybell: It mustn't have been Edgar!
Oswald: You're right. It mustn't have been Edgar. You've talked about the legend of Vampanella in you home village. He must have died when he was 13 or 14. It was an evil spirit coming from the graveyard.
Marybell: No, Edgar mustn't have killed a man. He was very nice. You don't know him. You've never been given a windmill by him!

Lady Evans asks Baroness Art to allow her to adopt Marybell. Both Lady Evans and Marybell have lost the loved one, so they can understand each other. Marybell happens to see Maryweather's portrait. Immediately after that, she hears Oswald say to Madonna that Marybell is Maryweather's daughter. Finally getting to know who her mother was, Marybell wants to meet Edgar very much. She opens the door and gets into Yousiss' room, which is left unchanged since Yousiss died. Marybell has decided to really become a daughter of the Evans and asks Oswald for a knife to kill Edgar. Oswald gives her a silver knife and tells her to put it under her pillow. Oswald finds out Lady Evans has Yousiss' last statement under her pillow.

Edgar gets into Marybell's bedroom through the window. "Are you awake? I'm here to say good-bye to you. I'm leaving tonight and I'll never see you again." says Edgar. Marybell tries to think it's not Edgar but the evil spirit which killed Yousiss. She holds the silver knife. "Why are you hesitating? Stab me right away."says Edgar. Marybell grabs Edgar and yells "I've been waiting for you for years, Edgar!"
Oswald opens the door and says "Marybell, it killed Yousiss!" He sees Edgar fly away with Marybell. He sees Edgar's blue eyes, which are evil spirit's eyes and also his brother's. "Come back! Where are you going?" cries Oswald.
"They've left me behind" says Oswald. Madonna says to him, "Don't be so childish. This beautiful lady loves you very much. I'll never leave you. We are going to get married, have children and make a happy family. You'll be able to get back everything for sure."

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