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Poe no Ichizoku

Piccadilly Shichiji

Edgar and Allan arrive in London to meet Lord Polistar. When they are near Piccadilly Circus, the taxi stops because of a traffic jam. People say there was a murder, Cook was killed and Lord Polister is missing.
Lilia, who lives with Lord Polister, found the dead body in the morning.
In Orient Hotel, Lad asks Paul if he has heard of the murder on the Regent St. Paul worries about Lilia. Lilia was supposed to meet him the previous night, but she didn't come to meet him.
A police officer says Cook stole into the house for burglary and was found by Lord Polister and was stabbed by him. It must have been a fair defense since Cook had a big knife, too.
Freda, a maid, says Lord Polister is a scholar and often travels around the country. He was to leave for a travel yesterday, but he postponed the departure because he received a telegram, which reads, "We arrive tomorrow. Portsnel". Lilia doesn't know who Portsnel is. She was going to see her love Paul because she knew Lord Portsnel wasn't home that night, but he postponed the departure and she wasn't able to go out to see Paul. Lilia was an orphan. Lord Portsnel fosters her. He told her not to meet Paul again.
She wishes Paul were with her. Freda encourages her to write a letter so she can deliver it to him.
Edgar and Allan visit the house. Edgar tells Lilia that Lord Polister was proud of Lilia. Lilia says Lord Polister is handsome and very nice. She loves her foster father. Edgar asks her to show them Lord Polister's room. He discovers a map. Area around Rutland is cut out of the map. Edgar says he intended to go to Rutland for Lilia. "For me?" asks Lilia. "Hasn't Lord Polister said anything to you?" says Allan. Edgar stops him. After they leave the house, Lilia is sure they know something that she doesn't know about Lord Polister.
The police officer says Lilia should have called him when Edgar and Allan were in. Edgar visits a lot of pubs in London. Allan says Lord Polister must have left London fo Rutland. Edgar says he's never broken their promise. He's been looking for the village of Poe. He wrote Edgar that he had found the entrance of the village and that he would take them with him if they arrived before his departure. Edgar and Allan delayed because of a traffic problem and Edgar sent him the telegram. Polister waited for them. Edgar hears a master say "Cook died with a lot of debt left" in a pub. Edgar tells the master he will pay the bill for Cook on behalf of someone. The master asks Edgar if Lad is the one who asked him to pay. Lad and Cook were talking in the pub the previous night. "Which Lad?" asks Edgar. "Lad in Orient Hotel" answers the master. Edgar decides to stay at the Orient Hotel.
The master tells Lad two boys paid the bill for Cook. Lad says he doesn't know them. The police officer asks the master if they were boys around 14 years old in decent clothes. He wonders why they paid for Cook. He tells the master to inform him if they appear again.
At Orient Hotel, Edgar and Allan see Freda hand a letter to a bellboy. Edgar steals the letter. In the letter, Lilia makes an apology for breaking the promise with Paul. She wasn't able to go out because Lord Polister stayed in the house that night. The letter says she will wait for him at Piccadilly at seven the next morning.
Edgar gives the letter back to Paul. Edgar says he met Lilia. Paul is worrying about her. He says he loves her. Allan says he doesn't have a chance since Lilia has Lord Polister. Paul says Lord Polister will understand them even though he is a poor bellboy. Edgar asks him why he won't go to see her in the night. Paul says he's going to work overnight instead of Lad, who worked overnight instead of Paul the previous night. Edgar tells Paul he thinks Paul can make Lilia happy.
Edgar goes out with Allan to see Lad at the pub. Edgar speculates Paul asked Lad to work instead of him in order to date with Lilia and that Lad stole into the Lord Polister's house with Cook expecting nobody in the house. However, Lord Polister was in the house. He speculates Lad stole the black trunk that is missing from Lord Polister's room. He needs it because the map could be in it. Allan asks what happened to Lord Polister. "Don't you get it?" says Edgar.
Edgar hands a note that says, "I want to buy the trunk. I will pay 100 pounds for it. Polister" to Lad in the pub. Edgar tells him a tall handsome man asked him to hand it to Lad and he needs a reply. Lads hands a note that says, "Piccadilly at seven in the morning" to Edgar. Edgar drops it intentionally onto the floor in the pub. The master picks it up and calls a police.
Lad stole into the house with Cook, but he realized there was someone in the house and ran away with the trunk.
Edgar speculates Lord Polister was stabbed by Cook and turned into dust. Edgar is sure Lord Polister raised Lilia expecting her to be his bride and waited for the day when she reached the age of 20 and she could be taken into the family.
The police officer takes Lilia and Freda to Piccadilly at seven in the morning expecting Lord Polister to show himself. Paul comes to see Lilia. Then Lad appears with the trunk. Lilia recognizes the trunk and yells. The police officer orders to other policemen to arrest him. Edgar calls Lad from a carriage and gets back the trunk. Lad tries to collect the scattered banknotes, but there are only white papers. There's a note in them, which reads "To my beloved daughter, I pray for the happiness of two of you from a faraway place. Lord Polister." Lad is arrested. Lilia reads the note and wonders why Lord Polister has gone.
Edgar doesn't find the map in the trunk. He speculates the map disappeared at the same time when Lord Polister disintegrated since he was always had anything very important with him. Allan asks, "What are we going to Rutland for?" Edgar answers "I have no particular reason. I want to go where he wanted to go. This trunk is his grave." .

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