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Mizuno Hideko

Mizuno Hideko was born on October 29, 1939 in Yamaguchi prefecture.
She made her manga debut in Shoujo Club with "Akakke Pony" in 1956.
She must have been the most popular shoujo mangaka in the sixties. Her artwork was cute, romantic and gorgeous. It was the goal of younger mangaka.

Many of her titles were inspired by Scandinavian mythology and western films. She wrote some titles based on western novels. "Sutekina Cola" was based on the film "Sabrina", and "Cecilia" was based on "Portrait of Jennie".

"Fire!", serialized in Weekly Seventeen from 1969 to 1971, was the first shoujo manga title whose leading character was a boy. Also, the first sex scene of shoujo manga appeared in it.

She became a single mother in 1973 and after that she wrote less than before.

Fortunately, many of her titles have been republished in bunko edition recently. See books in print

other tankoubon

"Aoi Hoshi no Yoru" (Blue Starry Night)
(appeared in Shoujo Club in 1958)

Toshiko is a daughter in a poor family. She is working for a pig farm. Whenever she passes a shop, she always stops to see a pair of red shoes. She wants the shoes.
One day, she sees her brothers teasing a puppy and tells them to stop doing that. Toshiko gets paied at the farm after work. The puppy chases her but she flees because her family can't afford to keep a dog. She buys four eggs and cooks for her brothers. Toshiko finds the puppy in the yard.
It's the star festival tonight. A teacher at school told the students that any wish would come true if they see a shooting star at the festival night. Toshiko doesn't believe her parents will buy the red shoes for her even if she sees a shooting star.
When Toshiko is watching at the shoes and wondering who will buy them, a star dust spirit appears suddenly. The spirit says he has come to make her wish come true. Toshiko thinks she was dreaming. Toshiko runs to the field and prays to a star that nobody will buy the shoes.
A boy is looking for his dog. The puppy that comes after Toshiko is his. He is very happy to find his dog because his younger sister who is sick in bed loves the dog very much. He thanks Toshiko for having saved the dog and gives her the red shoes, which he has just bought for his younger sister. The shoes fit Toshiko pretty well. Toshiko feels as if she was dreaming. When she looks up at the sky, she sees a shooting star.

"Kurosuisen" (Black Narcissus)
(serialized in Weekly Margaret from its first issue to the sixth issue in 1963)