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Watanabe Masako

Watanabe Masako was born on May 16, 1929 in Tokyo.
When she got married in 1949, her husband was a student. She drew illustrations in books to support him. One day she read Tezuka's manga. She was enchanted by manga and decided to become a mangaka.
After she gave birth to a son in 1952, she visited many publishers to show her works until Wakagi-shobou gave her a job. Wakagi-shobou published tankoubon called "Akahon". "Suama-chan" was the first of her works.
In the sixties, she wrote a lot of mother-and-daughter stories, twin-sisters stories and horrors.
In the late seventies, she started writing ladies' comics. She is writing "Kinpeibai", which is based on a Chinese classic, in Mistery Jour.

"Hakuba no Shoujo" (A girl with a White Horse)
(serilized in Shoujo Book from 1959 September to 1963 August)

Michiru is a daughter of the owner of Akamatsu Hospital. She was kidnapped by a pirate called Runpan when she was a baby. She has grown up as Runpan's daughter, Daisy. When Daisy and her real parents meet ten years later, they don't recognize each other.
One day, Daisy gets sick and needs blood. A doctor says her real mother's blood is the best, but her father's blood could work. Runpan loves her so deeply that he confesses Daisy is actually Mr. and Mrs. Akamatsu's daughter. Even though Daisy gets back to her real parents' place, she is shocked when she is scolded by Mrs. Akamatsu and leaves them for Runpan's place.
She and Runpan go to an island called Babahi, where she was raised by Kurou. Babahi is a volcano island and it explodes. Runpan and Kurou die in the explosion.

"Okaasama" (Mother)
(serilized in Ribon from 1961 to 1962)

Momoyo is a daughter of Yae and Genta. Because of poverty, Yae and Genta decide to give Momoyo to the Sakurakoujis as an adopted child. Eight years later, Genta dies in a storm and Yae moves to Tokyo to become a housekeeper. When she looks after Midori, who has a heart disease, she meets Momoyo. After Midori dies from heart attack, Momoyo takes Yae to the Sakurakoujis. Even though Momoyo is loved by her foster parents and looks very happy, her grandfather wouldn't accept her as his granddaughter. Momoyo meets her cousin, Reiko. Reiko says there's a secret about Momoyo.

"Garasu no Shiro" (Glass Castle)
(serilized in Weekly Margaret from 1969 to 1971)

The story is set in England. Malissa and Isadora are sisters in a poor family. One day, Isadora gets to know Malissa is a daughter of a noble family, who are searching for the missing daughter. Isadora lies she is the missing daughter to get a castle and all the asset of the family instead of Malissa. After getting into the family, Isadora plans to get married to a crown prince in a foreign country.
On the other hand, some people doubt Isadora is the missing daughter. Malissa ends up getting to know she is the real daughter.