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Mizuno Hideko books in print (all in bunko edition)

"Gin no Hanabira" was serialized in Shoujo Club magazine from Dec. 1957 to Dec. 1959.
Peter and Lily live happily with their father in a small town. One day, Red Lion sends them a blackmail that tells them to give gold coins. Peter and Lily take gold coins to the place where Red Lion specified. Red Lion's henchman looks at four moles on Lily's arm and gets aware she's Red Lion's daughter. One day, an old woman hands a note to Lily. The note says Lily's mother is alive. The woman used to be Lily's nurse, and she takes Lily away to Red Lion's castle, where Lily meets her mother. Her mother calls her "Mammy". Peter is very concerned about Lily. Peter's father tells him Lily was an abandoned child and she's not Peter's real sister. Lily asks a bird to take her ribbon to Peter so he'll know she is alive.
ISBN4-06-360262-1 ISBN4-06-360262-x ISBN4-06-360262-8
published by Kodansha in 2002

"Hoshi no Tategoto" was serialized in Shoujo Club magazine from Jan. 1960 to Sept. 1962.
Linda is a daughter of Count Sharot in the land called Degrus. The land of Zaromon has been seeking a chance to attack Degrus. However, the King of Degrus is always having a party. When Linda is in a party, a group of Zaromons come into the room. A harpist rescues Linda. The harpist says the group just pretended being Zaromons and that they were actually working for Count Zolge, who is a traitor. Linda wonders why she knows the harpist's name is Julius. Julius also knows the name of Linda even though they've never met before.
Count Sharot tells Linda that her mother died in a stormy night after she gave birth to Linda and that he saw two shooting stars in the night. Linda seems to remember she was born with a mission, which she doesn't remember.
Julius and Linda fall in love with each other. One day, Linda gets to know she was one of the daughters of God Preades before she was born. Linda was a goddess who carries the soul of the dead to the land of Death. When she saw Julius dead in the war, she fell in love with him and stole a ring from the land of Death to give him another life. However, a goddess was not allowed to be in love with a man. She was born here to get the ring back from Julius. Julius dies if he loses the ring.
Julius actually is a prince of Zaromon. Even though he wants to marry Linda when he becomes the new king, Linda returns home since she knows she needs to kill him unless she becomes a human. She ends up killing herself because she'd rather die than killing Julius. It turns out that killing herself is the only way for a goddess to become a human. God Preades was moved by her love for Julius and gives him a real life.
ISBN4-06-360249-4 ISBN4-06-360250-8
published by Kodansha in 2002

"Shiroi Toroika" was serialized in Weekly Margaret No.4-No34 in 1965.
In the end of the 18th century, Count Fyodor and his wife, Anna, were shot to death in a rural area in Russia because Count Fyodor protested against the tzar. Anna was a great opera singer. They had left their daughter Rosalinda in a farmer couples' care before they died.
Rosalinda grows up as the couples' daughter. When she is 12 years of age, she meets Rostov, a music teacher, at the landlord's house. He is impressed by her talent of singing. Adrian, a cossack, teaches her how to read. Rosalinda gets to know the letters on the rear of her pendant top read "To Anna, from Lef Fyodor". The landlord is killed in the accident, and the new landlord are very cruel to the tenants. Rosalinda, making her mind that she'll become a singer in Petersburg, escapes from the village. Adrian kills the landlord and also leaves the village.
On her way to Petersburg, Rasalinda meets Count Leo Constantin in a tavern. He gives her money for traveling to Petersburg. She works in a tavern in Petersburg, where she meets Leo again. Leo takes her to his mansion and helps her become an elegant lady. Leo has been engaged with Nataly since he was a child by his parents' decision, but he can't decide to get married to her. When Rosalinda goes to an opera theater with Leo, they meet Nataly. Nataly suggests Rosalinda sing in front of a professor of the Imperial music academy in Nataly's house. Rosalinda sings in front of the professor and she gets accepted by the academy.
She meets Rostov in Petersburg again. Rostov has known that she is Count Fyodor's daughter since he saw the letters on her pendant top. He takes her to her grandmother's house.
The tzar is being threatened by a group whose leader is called "Black Hawk", and he orders Leo to catch Black Hawk. Black Hawk is Adrian. Leo actually disagrees with the tzar's policy and seeks a chance to start a revolution. Leo is in love with Rosalinda, and he cancels the engagement with Nataly, who is still in love with him.
Nataly makes a confession at the church that Leo is a revolutionist. The priest informs it of the tzar, and Leo gets caught. Rosalinda asks the tzar not to execute Leo. The tzar tells her that he won't kill Leo if she catches Black Hawk. Even though she's in love with Leo, she can't betray Adrian. Nataly and Leo are killed by the tzar's soldiers. The tzar, being caught by his abandoned son, poisons himself.
Adrian and Rasalinda return their home village and get married.
ISBN4-06-360232-x ISBN4-06-360233-8
published by Kodansha in 2002

"Broadway no Hoshi" was serialized in Weekly Margaret 1967 No.38 to 1968 No.18.
Sue lives with her mother in New Jersie. Her father left them for New York to find a job ten years ago and never returned. Even though Sue and her mother plan on going to New York to find him when Sue graduates from school, her mother dies from over work. Sue goes to New York alone to become an actress. She fails the first audition, but she meets a famous producer, George Crown. Mr. Crown is an African American and actually is Sue's father.
ISBN4-575-72395-9 ISBN4-575-72396-7
published by Futabasha in 2002

"Honey Honey no Sutekina Bouken" was serialized in Ribon magazine in 1968.
1907, in Vienna, Princess Flora is celebrating her 19th birthday. Many men have come to propose to her. She puts her ring with a jewel called "the smile of Amazon" in a grilled fish on a dish and throws it away through the window, saying "the one who finds the ring should be my groom." Mimmy the cat eats the fish and swallows the ring. Many men chase Mimmy. Honey Honey, who keeps Mimmy, is a waitress in a restaurant. She is surprised to see the men chasing Mimmy. She flees with Mimmy. She hides herself in a basket, which is connected with a big baloon. She flies over the Alps to Venis. Her travel around the world has just begun.
ISBN4-575-72377-0 ISBN4-575-72378-9
published by Futabasha in 2002

"Fire!" was serialized in Weekly Seventeen in 1969-1971.
A 14-year-old boy, Aron, lives with his mother in Ohio. He wants to buy a hat for his mother for Easter. Motorbike gangs whose leader is Fire Wolf rob the hat shop and Aron is mistaken as a member of the group. He is sent to the reformatory. Fire Wolf teaches him how to play the guitar and gives him a guitar. Fire Wolf, being drafted, refuses to go and kills himself.
Aron is freed from the reformatory at the age of 18 and starts working in a factory in a Detroit. He meets John at a small music hall. John and his friends find out that Aron is a gifted rock singer and they make a band.
ISBN: 4-253-17528-7 ISBN4-253-17529-5 ISBN4-253-17530-9
published by Akita shoten in 1999