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Mary Lou

(serialized in Weekly Margaret in 1965)

"Mary Lou" Hakusensha Bunko ISBN: 4-592-88268-7

Mary Lou Brown is a 15-year-old girl. Her elder sister, Laura, is loved by a lot of boys and they make a fuss in Laura's room every day. One day, Mary Lou meets George in front of her house. He's been looking up at Laura's room. He invites Mary Lou to a party at his house. Mary Lou gets excited. Her mother tells Laura to accompany Mary Lou to the party. Mary Lou is worried that George will be attracted to Laura because Laura is very pretty. Even though Mary Lou tries to go to see George alone to show him her new dress, she collides with a painter and the dress is damaged with paint. Laura goes to the party alone. After the party, Geoge sent Laura home. Mary Lou is shocked to see that. However, it seems to her that they've had a row. Her younger brother finds a bouquet of violets at the entrance. Mary Lou thinks George gave her the flowers.
When Mary Lou is walking with George, the painter who damaged her new dress asks George to let him hide behind them. He is Jim Flash. George says many girls are always chasing him because Jim is very intelligent and handsome. Mary Lou sees a pretty redhead in the group who are chasing Jim.
Mary Lou's close friend, Niny, tells her fiance dates with a pretty redhead. One day Mary Lou receives a package containing a dress and a bouquet of violets. It is from Jim. Niny says the redhead dated with her fiance because she wanted to know the name of the dressmaker that Mary Lou had asked to make the party dress.
George visits the Browns and invites Laura to go out with him. Mary Lou is shocked and follows them. Mary Low eavesdrops their conversation and gets to know Laura and George used to love each other. Laura decided not to meet him again because his mother gave her nasty words. They are going to get engaged.
Mary asks Jim to escort her to a party at school.
On the day of the party, Walter comes to escort Mary Lou because Jim is sick. When Mary Lou goes to see Jim before the party, she sees the redhead staying close to Jim. Mary Lou gets upset and shouts at Jim "I'll never meet you again.".
The readhead is Jim's younger sister, Linda. She wonders why Mary Lou gets angry in spite of that she asked Walter to escort Mary Lou. Walter is Linda's boyfriend.
Mary Lou looks very pretty at the party, and Walter asks her to date with him. Jim criticizes him because Walter told him he would never have another girlfriend than Linda. Jim says he loves Mary Lou. Mary Lou makes an apology to Linda and confesses she mistook Linda as one of the girls who chase Jim.