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Tsuki to Sandal

A high-school boy Kobayashi is in love with Mr. Ida, a history teacher. When Kobayashi calls on Ida's place, Kobayashi sees Ida and a man kissing at the entrance. The man is Hashizume, who has been Ida's boyfriend since they were in high-school. Ida tells Kobayashi that Hashizume is a cook for Japanese dish and a restaurant in Kyoto has invited him to join. Ida refuses to go with him because he is employed by the Tokyo local government as a teacher and he doesn't want to quit the job. After the first visit, Kobayashi often calls on Ida to prepare for dinner. Kobayashi is a good cook. He asks Ida to leave Hashizume to become Kobayashi's boyfriend. When Kobayashi and Ida are in Ida's place, Hashizume comes and says he won't go to Kyoto. Ida looks very happy to hear that. Kobayashi gives him up. Kobayashi and Narumi Rikuko, Naru-chan, love cooking. They show each other their lunch every lunch break. Rikuko helps Kobayashi learn English because Kobayashi is poor at English. One day, she has a traffic accident. When Kobayashi meets her at the hospital, she tells Kobayashi that her elder brother Touyou will teach English to Kobayashi, and Kobayashi should make lunch for him. Touyou is a top student of their high-school and also good-looking. At a lunch break, Touyou comes into Kobayashi's homeroom and says "This lunch tastes terrible." He hands Kobayashi a homework to do and a note on which Touyou's likes and dislikes are written. The next day, Touyou scolds Kobayashi because Kobayashi has wrongly translated an English sentence. Touyou says "In addition, today's lunch tasted terrible, too". Kobayashi shows the note and talks back to him. The note reads "I like meat. I hate vegetables and fish." Kobayashi hates picky eaters. Touyou teaches English to Kobayashi every lunch break. Kobayashi ends up understanding English sentense structures. Touyou ends up being able to eat vegetables due to Kobayashi's excellent cooking ability. One day, Touyou asks Kobayashi to go to the hospital to see Rikuko. At the hospital, Rikuko says she is in love with Kobayashi. Kobayashi says to her that he can't accept her love. Touyou hears their conversation outside the door. Touyou wouldn't criticize Kobayashi. When Kobayashi sees Touyou smile, Kobayashi falls in love with him. Touyou loves mountain climbing. Touyou goes to Kobayashi's house to watch videos of mpuntains. It takes some days to watch all the videos. One day, Rikuko warns him to take care not to be raped by Kobayashi. Touyou has never known Kobayashi is gay until then. When he takes a glance at Kobayashi when watching a video, he notices that Kobayashi isn't watching video but watching Touyou's face. When he comes home, he accuses Rikuko of not telling in advance Kobayashi is gay. Rikuko asks if Touyou has been raped by Kobayashi. Touyou says no. Rikuko says it never happens, because Touyou isn't Kobayashi's type. Kobayashi prefers sweeter guys like Mr. Ida. Rikuko also says Ida is the one who Kobayashi is in love with. Touyou says to Kobayashi he won't go to Kobayashi's house again because he is sure Kobayashi loves him. Kobayashi ends up admitting it, and he asks Touyou if he loves Kobayashi or not. Kobayashi immediately answers no, but Kobayashi says he will wait for the final answer until the last day of their school exam.During the exam days, Kobayashi studies in the library with Touyou and keeps saying he loves Touyou. On the last day, a typhoon comes. Touyou has to blow off Kobayashi. Even though he eats lunch with a teacher in order not to see Kobayashi, Kobayashi has been waiting for him outside the school being hit by typhoon rain. Kobayashi asks Touyou for the answer and says he loves Touyou. Touyou says he hates the sentence "I love you." Kobayashi asks "What do you mean?" A bulletin board flys up by the typhoon wind and hits Kobayashi. Touyou passes out to see Kobayashi's blood. Touyou regains consciousness at Kobayashi's house. Light gets off because of the typhoon. Touyou begins to tell in the dark his uncomfortable memory. When he was in junior high, he had a friend who loved mountain climbing. Before graduating from junior high, the friend held Touyou's hand and said he loved Touyou. Touyou didn't know what to do at that moment. He let go of the hand and told him to stop saying that because their class mates saw them and gave them nasty words. That was the last time that Touyou saw the friend. Light turns on. Kobayashi says Touyou must have been thinking of apologizing him. He also says Touyou loves mountain climbing because of that. Kobayashi says "I love you." and kisses Toyo. Toyo often visits Kobayashi's place after that. Toyo and Kobayashi kiss in Kobayashi's room, even though Touyou wouldn't say he loves Kobayashi. Kobayashi asks Ida to give instructions how to make love with another man. I da refuses it because it's too private. Actually, Ida doesn't know how to do that because he and Hashizume haven't done yet. Kobayashi asks a girl in his class if yaoi doujinshi is helpful to get how to make love really. She doubts that. He picked up a book in Shinjuku Nichoume. After he's finished reading it, he gives it to Ida. One evening, Kobayashi invites Touyou to make love. Touyou hesitates to do that. He worries that Rikuko will realize their relationship. Touyou doesn't want to hurt his sister. Kobayashi says he can't give up even though Rikuko might be injured. Touyou renders. Even though Kobayashi and Touyou keep secret, Rikuko has realized their relationship. Rikuko is sorry that Kobayashi wouldn't tell her the truth. Kobayashi makes an apology to her about that and asks her to stay his friend.

Ichigenme wa Yaruki no Minpou

Tamiya has joined a seminar in the law department of his university. At the first get together, one of the seminar members, Toudou, goes naked. Senior students tell Tamiya to go naked, too. Toudou tells them not to bull his dear Tamiya and kisses Tamiya. Ms. Terada says all the seminar members except Tamiya have wealthy parents and they don't study at all. Toudou's father is a well-known politician with power and money. One day Toudou invites seminar members to go to Hokkaidou for skiing. He says he will pay all the expenditure for Tamiya. Tamiya refuses that. Some days later, Toudou invites Tamiya to drink together at a cheap tavern. Toudou says he wants to get closer to Tamiya and tries to hold Tamiya's hand. Toudou says he was sure Tamiya is also gay when he kissed him at the get together. Tamiya wouldn't admit that he is gay. Toudou's father is arrested because of a political scandal. Seminar members get unfriendly to him. Tamiya is upset about that. Toudou says he is used to that kind of thing because whenever his father involved in a political scandal, the same thing happened. The professor in charge of their seminar doesn't care if the members study or not. During his absence, a substitute professor comes to teach. He forces the members to study. Tamiya likes him. Tamiya sometimes enjoy discussing judicial issues with the professor. One evening Tamiya sends the professor to his place after they drink together. He kisses Tamiya's lips and says goodnight. Tamiya gets excited. When he is masturbating in his room, he hears Toudou saying he shouldn't be very close to the professor in the answer machine. At the professor's farewell party, Tamiya gets to know one of the seminar members is the professor's lover. Tamiya gets sick and Toudou takes him back home. Tamiya tells Toudou to do anything he wants to. Tamiya says he has never loved women and bursts into tears. Toudou soothes and caresses Tamiya Tamiya and Terada take the bar exam. After the exam, Terada says her mark might not be very good. A seminar member shows a photo in a magazine. Terada is in nude in the photo. The comment of the one who took the photo reads "My girl friend is a good student in class. She is crazy about sex with me." Seminar members say Toudou is the one who took the photo. Tamiya wouldn't believe that. A professor interviews Terada. Terada insists that the photo is not real and that someone must have made it to trap her. She cries and says she's never done such a thing. The professor doesn't blame her. Terada tells Tamiya the naked woman in the photo is her. She used to be a lover of a professor of commercial law. The professor took the photo and sent it to the publisher without her permission. She thinks she shouldn't have lied to the professor who interviewed her and should have fought against her parents and the professors. She's decided to become a lawyer. She's very surprised to hear there's a rumour that Toudou took the photo. Tamiya and Terada pass the bar exam. Terada encourages Toudou to invite Tamiya to travel with him before leaving university. Ms. Fuwa asks Tamiya to become her boyfriend. Tamiya refuses and says he doesn't want to sleep with any women. Fuwa tells everybody Tamiya is gay. Seminar members ask Tamiya to write their graduation thesis. They offer 200,000 yen for each. Tamiya refuses that. Tamiya and Toudou drink together at the tavern where they first went together. Tamiya says he's going home the next day and won't come back until the graduation ceremony. When Toudou is leaving after kissing Tamiya in Tamiya's room, Tamiya grabs Toudou's arm and wouldn't let him go. They make love for the first time. On the graduation day, Tamiya comes back and hears the seminar members who Tamiya refused to write theses for failed to graduate. Toudou doesn't come to the university on that day as Tamiya has expected . In spring, Tamiya and Toudou meet at the campus again to their astonishment. Tamiya has become a graduate student. Toudou has reentered the department of engineering. Toudou wanted to become an engineer even though his father forced him to enter the law department.


Kugayama is a music teacher of a primary school. He is a good trainer of the chorus group at school. Tanaka Azuma is a 15-year-old graduate of the primary school. He is going to take the entrance exam of a music school to become an opera singer. Kugayama gives him solfege lessons free of charge and pays for vocal training lesson. The vocal trainer is Gotou, who is Kugayama's friend. Azuma's mother owns a bar in Ginza. She is a mistress of a politician. She wears expensive clothes but has no money for lessons for her son. One day Azuma's mother gets sick and Azuma lives in Kugayama's place while she is in hospital. Kugayama is gay and has slept with many men. After Azuma goes back home, Kugayama has a new boyfriend for a while. One night the boyfriend looks at Azuma's toothbrush in Kugayama's place and misunderstands Kugayama has another man to sleep with. He hits Kugayama and they break up. Kugayama gets upset and drinks a lot. When he is thinking he would make love with anyone who comes to his place, Azuma comes and begs him to let him live with Kugayama because his mother has begun to live with a new boyfriend. Azuma says he would do anything for Kugayama. Kugayama grins and makes love with him. He regrets that next morning. Kugayama and Azuma's life go very well until Gotou gets to know their relationship. Kugayama tells Azuma to go to Italy to study. Years later, Kugayama meets a college student Jun, who looks similar to Azuma, and sleeps with him. Azuma has made a debut as an opera singer in Italy and is becoming popular. A year after Kugayama and Jun first meet, Jun says he wants to live with Kugayama . Kugayama refuses that. Jun reads a magazine article about Azuma. He sees the photo in the article and realizes Kugayama sleeps with him because Azuma and Jun look similar. Jun stabs Kugayama in the yard of the primary school. Azuma comes back to Japan for the first time in ten years and plays Figaro. A woman asks him to train the chorus group of a primary school where she works as a music teacher. She played the piano at the chorus club when Kugayama was a music teacher. Azuma trains the chorus group. Azuma finds the whereabouts of Kugayama and asks him to become the trainer of the chorus group. Azuma decides to stay in Japan.

Hontouni Yasashii

Satoru makes a fight with his boyfriend because he comes into Satoru's bed after he sleeps with a woman. Satoru strangles him and leaves the room. Satoru meets a young man in a park. He gives biscuits to Satoru and invites him to go to his place. His name is Yuu. He lives in a big house alone. When Yuu is getting undressed to take a bath Satoru goes into the bathroom. Yuu smells of perfume and Satoru thinks he's just made love with a woman. Satoru makes love with him. The next morning Satoru makes a complaint that the breakfast the maid prepared for him is too little. Yuu offers his deal to Satoru. Satoru makes sunny-side-up by himself. Yuu claps hands to see that. Satoru checks the news programs of TV every day, but there's no news that his boyfriend was found dead in his room. Satoru tells Yuu that Satoru's mother was very young and pretty and that she is the only woman that he made love with. Yuu says he is jealous of Satoru because Satoru's mother hugged him. Yuu says Yuu's mother has never hugged him. Yuu also says he is very happy Satoru is with him and he thinks Satoru is very nice. Satoru makes love with him and tells him not to sleep with anyone but him. Next morning Yuu isn't in his bed. Satoru realizes Yuu has just come back from outside. He asks him where he was. Yuu smells of perfume. Satoru accuses him of sleeping with a woman. Yuu makes an apology and promises it won't happen again. Satoru says his mother did the same thing and leaves the house. When Satoru goes back to his room, he finds out his boyfriend is alive. A news program tells a suspect of a consecutive murder has been arrested. A policeman questioned a young man who came close to a 33-year-old woman to give biscuits. The man confessed he killed a woman five days ago. It seems that he has killed another two women. The news says his mother is an internationally famous violinist and rarely returns home. A psychologist gives his comments that the suspect isn't really sweet to others even if he looks sweet. Satoru thinks Yuu is really sweet.

Sukoshidake Ijiwaruna Kokuhaku

Gilbert is a lawyer living in Seattle. He and his wife Abbey invite Sean to their wedding anniversary party every year. They have been friends since they were in a law school. Sean is a best-seller writer now and lives in New York. Sean cooks for the party every time. A day after Gilbert passed the bar exam, Sean told him he was going to New York the next day. Gilbert raped him then. Gilbert and Sean go shopping for food. Gilbert asks Sean if Sean won't get married. Sean says "That's none of your business." Gilbert says he and Abbey got divorced four days ago. Sean asks why. Gilbert answers "Because you love me. Not only I love you, but also you love me." Sean says "What are you talking about". Gilbert says "You said you loved me when I raped you." Sean slaps Gilbert. Gilbert didn't understand why Sean went to their party every year without blaming him, but Abbey has got the reason. Gilbert asks Sean to live with him.

Kinou yori Itsumo Chigau Hi

One day, Ooya fails the entrance exam of a college, falls off the steps, loses a purse, has his bicycle stolen and has no umbrella even though it begins to rain. He decides to call on Shinomiya to borrow an umbrella. Shinomiya is his classmate. He sees Shinomiya kissing with a girl outside his house. Ooya is shocked to see that and walks back home without an umbrella. He goes to bed without eating anything. The doorbell rings. Ooya sees Shinomiya standing on the doorway. He asks if Ooya is alone in his house. Shinomiya asks Ooya to sleep with him. Shinomiya says Ooya has no option of yes or no. The next day, Shinomiya makes an apology to Ooya. Shinomiya has failed the same entrance exam as Ooya failed. Shinomiya has loved Ooya and wanted to enter the same college. He says the girl who he was kissing is his sister. Ooya thinks today could be better than yesterday.


The story is set in Edo period. Tatsu is a hair accessory maker. He loves Hazakura Shizuka, who is an unemployed samurai. When Tatsu and Shizuka are in bed together, someone knocks the door. Shizuka opens the door and sees a prisoner. There was a fire in the evening and all prisoners were freed temporarily. They have to go back to the prison by the next morning. The prisoner asks Tatsu to unlock a box. The prisoner knows Tatsu used to be a thief. Tatsu was taught how to unlock by his boss but he has quit the robbery. Tatsu refused to unlock the box. The prisoner talks about his mother. His mother was a prostitute for foreigners in Nagasaki. His father was one of the foreigners. He has been treated badly since he was a child and that made him become a criminal. He loved a woman and got married. His wife is giving birth to his child shortly and he needs money. His mother gave him the box. She said the box was valuable when it opened. Shizuka sympathizes with him and promises him that the box will be unlocked by the next morning. Tatsu fails to unlock. Shizuka asks Tatsu to let him try to unlock. Tatsu doesn't want Shizuka to do that because Shizuka actually is far more talented to unlock than Tatsu and Tatsu is worrying that Shizuka commits a crime again. The next morning, the box is unlocked. It is a music box. Shizuka thinks the prisoner wouldn't sell it because it plays a lullaby, which his mother always sang for him.


The story is set in France, about 30 years before the revolution. Count de Fontange goes into his bedroom, where a marquise is supposed to wait for him. He sees a young man instead of her. The young man is called Servinian and is a servant of the marquise. He says she isn't able to come because her husband has suddenly come home. He hands a letter from her to Count de Fontage. The letter says he can do anything to the young man. Count de Fontage thinks that's a good idea. Even though Servinian says he is not a 15-year-old boy with blond hair and violet eyes, his Asian looks appeals to Count de Fontage. At the next time of the appointment, the marquise doesn't come and Count de Fontage sleeps with Servinian again. He loves Servinian. When the marquise breaks her promise again, he sleeps with Servinian and he tells Servinian he wants to make a promise with him to meet. Servinian says he had no choice when the marquise told him to sleep with Count de Fontage. Count de Fontage can't say anything.

Shitsuji no Bunzai

The story is set in France. Antoine is a young aristocrat. Claude, the butler of his family, often encourages him to marry. Antoine doesn't want to marry. Claude says he wouldn't tell Antoine to give up sleeping with boys but he only wants Antoine to get his wife pregnant. "Your only strong points are your beauty and the noble blood line. Unless you have a child, you are less worthy than stray cats in the yard." says Claude. Antoine often sleeps with a boy with black hair. He loves black hair. Antoine is in love with Claude. Claude tells Antoine to meet a woman whom Claude wants Antoine to marry. When Claude helps Antoine get dressed, Antoine tries to kiss Claude. Claude says the family will go bankrupt unless Antoine marries a wealthy woman. Antoine criticized Claude that he is thinking of sacrifice Antoine for the family. Claude says Antoine won't be able to earn his living if his family goes bankrupt. Claude also says he would rather die than see Antoine drink cheap wine. On July 13 evening, Claude tells Antoine the meeting has been cancelled because a riot happened in Paris. Claude tells Antoine to leave Paris for his aunt's house on the Rhine. Claude thinks the riot will turn to be a revolution and Antoine is very likely to be guillotined if he stays in Paris. Claude wanted Antoine to get married a wealthy woman and go abroad without financial anxiety. Claude has decided that he will stay in Paris and sell the house and furniture of Antoine to get money. The amount of money will be as much as Antoine needs for the rest of his life but not sufficient to hire Claude. Claude tells Antoine that he will quit the job and that he's loved Antoine very much. Claude has known that Antoine loves him and now that he isn't employed by Antoine any more, he thinks he can confess he loves Antoine. They make love for the first time. The next morning, leaving for his aunt's house, Antoine asks Claude to visit him and live with him after Claude sells the house and furniture. Claude has no reason to refuse that.

Aru@Kizokutachi no Ichinichi

When Claude was young and Antoine was a baby, Count de Fontage called on Antoine's father. Count de Fontage saw Claude and asked if Claude is mixed with Asian. Claude answered he was a quarter. Count Fantage asked if he had a relative called Servinian. Claude answered one of his maternal uncles, who died ten years before, might have had the name.

Ai towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono

Claude was a rent-boy when he was 13 years of age. One of his customers worked for Antoine's father. He took Claude to the house and recommended the butler that he should employ Claude as a new servant. Claude was illiterate. Antoine's father told him to learn how to read and write. Antoine's mother was a skinny lady. She was pregnant with Antoine. They soon found out that Claude is an excellent servant and has learnt how to read and write very fast. Antoine's father had many lovers. He didn't get along with his wife and he didn't want to see her. His wife hated Antoine because Antoine looked very similar to her husband. Five years passed. Antoine's father had wasted money and the family had a financial difficulty. The butler left the family and Claude became the new butler. Antoine's mother died. Five years later, Antoine's father died. Before he died, he told Claude he had loved Claude as if he was his own son. Claude was in love with him. Two months has passed since Antoine arrived at his aunt's house. One night, Antoine sees Claude in his dream. They make love and Antoine gets extraordinarily excited. Claude arrives the next day. Antoine asks him what he's been doing. Antoine has been very concerned about him. Claude couldn't get sufficient amount of money even though he sold the house and furniture. So he invested the money into a business. The business was selling aphrodisiac drugs to wealthy people. Claude got sufficient amount of money to support Antoine and Claude for the rest of their life. Antoine meets his aunt's granddaughter, who is 14 years of age. He hates her because she is nasty to him. One day Antoine, Claude and the young lady play cards. She seems to like Claude. Antoine gets upset about that. Claude asks him if he really doesn't understand what she is thinking. When Antoine goes to his aunt's place the next day, she says the young lady can't come because her fiance suddenly returned. She's going to marry the next month. His aunt says the young lady said again and again that she was very happy to see Antoine before she gets married. She said "How handsome he is! He looks as if a prince in a fairy tale." Her fiance is going to be 49 of age this year. Antoine is thinking of wearing a silver fox fur coat when going to a party. The coat used to be his father's. Antoine gets upset to hear Claude was in love with his father and treads off the coat badly. When Claude is fixing the coat, it begins to thunder. Claude looks in Antoine's room because he knows Antoine is terrified of thunder. Antoine isn't there. Claude goes out to search for Antoine. Claude finds Antoine under the snow. When Antoine gets awake, Claude hugs him and says Claude would have killed himself if Antoine had died. Antoine is sure that he is the only one that Claude is in love with at the moment even if Claude was in love with his father.

Jerard to Jaque

The story is set in France. Jaque was born as a son of an aristocratic family but his family went bankrupt and he was sold to a brothel. He meets Jerard in a brothel. Jerard is a wealthy writer. He paid the debt for Jaque to free him. Jaque begins to work for Jerard as a servant.

Tsuki to Sandal 2

Kobayashi graduates from the same university as Touyou graduated, and becomes a history teacher of the high-school that he and Touyou attended. Touyou has become a bureaucrat of the Minister of Finance. They are living together in a flat near the Minister of Finance.

Kodomo no Taion

Kouichi is in the first grade of junior high. He tells his father that he might have got a girl called Ms. Mori pregnant. It's the second most shocking incident to his father in his 38 years of life. The most shocking incident was that his wife died. He takes the girl to a clinic. She isn't pregnant. He gives Kouichi a book about sex and avoiding pregnancy and tells him to read and write a report on it. Wadachi is Kouichi's classmate. His mother is a ballet dancer and lives in Germany with her boyfriend. When he last saw her before she left Japan, she tried to hold his hand, but he didn't allow her to do that because he was embarrassed. He wants to become a professional ballet dancer and prepares for a competition. Even though his dance has no technical problems, his teacher isn't satisfied. She says he feels embarrassed when dancing. He recalls he wasn't able to hold his mother's hand. He is called "Prince Ballet" by his classmates. His homeroom teacher worries he could be bullied by classmates because the teacher is sure he would bully him if he were a junior high student. Wadachi sees Kouichi when he is taking a walk. He is surprised to see Kouichi and his father walk hand in hand. Wadachi asks Kouichi why he can hold his father's hand. Kouichi says he is sure Wadachi can hold his mother's hand. Wadachi holds Kouichi's hand imagining that he is holding his mother's hand. Wadachi is sure he can hold her hand without feeling embarrassed. He is successful at the competition. Kouichi is going to graduate from junior high shortly. In the train, his friend Yukihira says he made love with his girlfriend for the first time. Kouichi says he made love with Ms. Mori when he was in the first grade. Kouichi realizes Ms. Mori is in the same carriage and heard their conversation. Kouichi regrets he told to Yukihira. Ms. Mori calls on Kouichi. She says she doesn't want Kouichi to make an apology because she also did the same thing. She has told to her classmates in the evening when they went on a trip. Kouichi and Ms. Mori are going to different high-schools and they say "Good Luck" to each other.

Kare wa Hanazono de Yume wo Miru

Falhut meets Saud in the desert after Falhut's parents died in the war. Ten years after that, they become musicians and visit a Baron in a western country. The baron has a daughter. She likes hearing Saud play the harp. One day, when Saud plays the harp and sings, the daughter begins to cry. She remembers the song. The daughter was picked up by the Baron in an eastern country ten years ago. She says Saud must be her father. Saud says he stubbed his daughter's throat to kill because she couldn't walk any further. She has a scar in her throat. Saud and his daughter leave the house next morning. The Baron's first name is Victor. When he was young, he met a girl named Isabel in the forest. When he heard her family name, he was sure she was the one who he was going to marry. They loved each other. In the morning of their wedding day, she was found dead in the forest. She had been stubbed by someone. A suspect was arrested and executed. Isabel's father asked Victor to marry his eldest daughter, Laurene. Victor decided to marry her. He didn't love Laurene. He decided to join the campaign to the east. Laurene began to sow the seeds of flowers around the castle. When he came back from the campaign, the flowers welcomed him. He ended up loving Laurene. He told her his first fiancee was actually Laurene, but her father changed his mind because Victor met Isabel and loved her. Laurene had known that. She said she was with Isabel in the forest that night. Victor asked her if she killed Isabel. Laurene said Isabel asked her to go to the forest and apologized her. Laurene said to Isabel she hoped Isabel would be happy. She said she left the forest alone after that. Laurene began to cry and went up the tower and jumps from a window.

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Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten

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