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Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten

Vol 1
Fourteen years ago, Ono Yuusuke said to Tachibana he was in love with him. Tachibana rejected him.

Tachibana is a son of a wealthy family. He used to be a sales representative, but he quit the company and starts a confectionery named "Antique" expecting most customers to be women. His father has found an excellent pastry chef for him. He is Ono Yuusuke. Ono went to Paris to chase a man and ended up becoming a chef. Even though Tachibana recognizes him when he meets him again, Ono doesn't realize Tachibana is the one who rejected him. He is called "magical gay" because every man finds him irresistible. Even though he is a legendary pastry chef, he has been fired many times because he caused many troubles due to his attraction. Tachibana wouldn't believe it. Ono takes him to a bar in Shinjuku Ni-chome, which is a famous gay cruising quarter. After he was rejected 14 years ago, he went into the bar and fell in love with a handsome guy. Then his legend began.
Ono tells Tachibana that even though he thought he wouldn't have a trouble because he was the only worker at the confectionery, it's impossible because Ono likes Tachibana very much. He suggests Tachibana they make love right away because he's sure Tachibana will fall in love with him sooner or later.
He says no man can resist his attraction except the one who rejected him at high school. Tachibana says he is the one who rejected him. Ono says he's happy he won't be unemployed and he wants to make the confectionery a good shop. They shake hands. Ono wonders why Tachibana doesn't fall in love with him.
It was Tachibana's dream to employ a cute girl as a shop assistant. He prepares a cute uniform. However, Ono is too scared of women to work with in a small shop. Because Ono is a legendary pastry chef, Tachibana has no other choice than giving up his dream.

Kanda Eiji realizes his boxing career is over when he is injured in the eye. He loves sweets and he is thinking of working at a confectionery. At a job interview of Antique, Tachibana shows him to Ono and asks if he is Ono's favorite type. "No", says Ono. Ono prefers handsome boys to cute boys like Eiji. Tachibana decides to employ him as a shop assistant. Hearing many boys were fired before him because they had a love trouble with Ono, Eiji decides not to work at the shop. Ono asks him to try some cakes before he leaves. Eiji is impressed with the taste of cakes that Ono made and asks him to employ him as his apprentice. Tachibana disagrees because he doesn't need an apprentice but needs a shop assistant. However, Ono, a legendary pastry chef, says he wants to have Eiji as his apprentice, and Tachibana has to agree.

A middle aged man who frequently comes to Antique used to be a police officer. He was an elite police officer more than 20 years ago. However, there was a kidnap and he wasn't able to find the kidnapper even though Keiichirou, who was kidnapped, returned safely. He'd had difficult time in the police since then, and changed the job some years ago. He's had enough time to enjoy eating cakes in various confectioneries for years.

Vol 2
Eiji smells like sweets. Boxers on a diet feel like eating him. Eiji leaves the boxing gym dormitory. He is living with his ex-girlfriend temporarily. The ex-girlfriend takes her friends to Antique. They say "It's something like a school reunion. All of us slept with Eiji." Tachibana doesn't like the fact that such pretty girls slept with Eiji. Tachibana is surprised to hear them talk about explicit things. One of them tells Tachibana that Eiji was a member of a motorbike gang. When she was being hit by another member, who was her boyfriend, Eiji beat him to rescue her. "You look pretty. Be my girl." said Eiji after that. The other two were also rescued by Eiji when they were being raped by a lot of gang members.
After the girls left, the boxing gym owner comes to eat cakes that Eiji has made. The owner is very happy to see Eiji work diligently. He says Eiji was impossible when he was 15. Eiji loved drinking, gambling and was always chasing girls and stealing money from the owner. The owner could have killed him if he hadn't been a gifted boxer.
Tachibana tells Eiji to live in a room upstairs, where Tachibana sometimes stays over night. Ono asks if Eiji prefers living with his ex-girlfriend. Eiji says she's just a friend now. He says he first had sex at the age of 11 and he's had so much experience that he doesn't want to have sex any more. Tachibana and Ono tell him he shouldn't think so. Ono says having no sex means losing more than half of happiness of his life.
Eiji's ex-girlfriend asks Eiji why he didn't make love with her the previous night. She asks if he isn't interested in her any more, because she is an exhausted nurse. Eiji says he loves her more than before.

Customers are few on a rainy day. A Mercedes stops in front of the shop. The driver is Kobayakawa Chikage, who works for Tachibana's family. Tachibana's maternal grandfather owns a bank and a trading company. Chikage's late mother worked for the family as a housekeeper. After she died, Chikage was supported by the family until he graduated from college. The family was thinking of letting him work as a secretary or something in their company. However, he turned out to be able to do no job and ended up living with the family as a servant. However, Chikage isn't able to do housework either. Ono asks Tachibana if Tachibana rejected him because he loved Chikage. Tachibana tells Ono not to think everyone is gay. He says Chikage is just a childhood friend. Tachibana helped Chikage do his homework even though Chikage is two years his senior. Tachibana has to live with Chikage in his flat. Tachibana hopes Chikage won't make the rooms too messy. Ono is surprised to know Tachibana can live with someone else. He is a bit jealous of Chikage because Chikage knows Tachibana's private life, his pajamas, his underwear and whatever else.
Chikage stays in the Mercedes while Antique is open. At lunchtime, he parks the car at no parking area to go to a restaurant. After Eiji goes out for buying lunch without umbrella, it starts to rain. After Tachibana goes out to see Eiji with umbrellas, Chikage gets into the shop and says the car is gone. Chikage is shocked to know the police must have moved the car. When Chikage takes off his sunglasses, Ono realizes he is just his type. He thinks he might lose control if Chikage talks to him. Chikage asks Ono if he is ok and touches his shoulder. Ono goes out of the shop and invites Chikage to turn around with him again and again under the heavy rain. After Ono regains control, he deeply regrets he's seduced a guy again. Ono's lover thinks Ono has been cold to him recently. Even though Ono hopes Chikage won't fall in love with him, Chikage gives a bouquet to him the next day. Chikage asks Ono to drink tea in a cafe. Chikage's request sounds very new to Ono, who always goes to bed with a guy just after he falls in love with Ono. Ono doubts he will be satisfied only with drinking tea with Chikage. He expects Tachibana to fire him if he sleeps with Chikage. " I don't think you can drink tea with me." says Chikage. Ono loses control again. He says "What're you talking about? Let's drink alcohol somewhere. Please keep it secret to Tachibana, though."

When Chikage is eating breakfast and thinking about Ono, Tachibana suggests that Chikage work at Antique. Chikage is very happy to be with Ono in the daytime also. Tachibana asks Ono to be nice to Chikage. After work, Ono takes Chikage to the bar where they drank together the other day. Having a nightmare, Tachibana wakes up. He is surprised to see Chikage sitting in his room. Chikage hands him a cup of cocoa. Tachibana complains he doesn't like drinking hot cocoa in July. The next day, Ono takes Chikage to the bar again. Chikage looks very attractive even though he is just drinking water. Ono daydreams he takes Chikage to a hotel room. Chikage suddenly tells Ono he should come back to stay with Tachibana because Tachibana had a nightmare the previous night. Ono pretends to get drunk and asks Chikage to take him to the nearest hotel. When they are about to kiss on the bed, Chikage stops suddenly and makes an apology to Ono. Ono says "It's ok. I know you love Tachibanacc.." Saying "I must apologize for trying to KISS you! I'm not sure what I will do to you if I stay here. I won't see you again. Good Bye", Chikage gets out of the room. Actually Ono wanted Chikage to do whatever he wanted to.
Even though Chikage said he wouldn't see Ono again, they meet at Antique the next morning. Ono's boyfriend comes into Antique and says, "Yu-chan, you seduced a man at Lolipop and went to a hotel with him! I hear the man was tall and handsome and wearing black suits and sunglasses." Looking at Chikage, Ono's boyfriend says, "He must be the guy! You've had affairs with him!" Ono says, "No kidding! We just drank together. We've done nothing special." "Really?" asks the boyfriend. Ono says to Chikage, "We didn't do anything, did we? Chikage-san?" "Nothing?" says Chikage. "We didn't have sex, we didn't kiss." says Ono. Chikage remembers Ono invited him to turn around under the rain. He also remembers Ono said to him, "Can I call you Chikage?" and "You look cute." He sheds tears and gets out of the shop. Tachibana slaps Ono. He makes an apology to him for rejecting him cruelly when they were at high school. Tachibaba tells Ono to apologize Chikage because Ono hurt Chikage's feelings. Ono goes to Tahcibana's flat to see Chikage. Chikage says, "We had a chat. We turned around in the rain. We've done something, haven't we?" Ono says, "Yes, we have. We almost kissed." Ono says he's sorry that he can't have sex with him because he is too good to Ono, who is inhuman.
Tachibana and Chikage wear a new apron and show themselves to Ono and Eiji. Chikage looks so cool that Ono wants to rape him. Chikage tells Ono he wants to be his good co-worker.
Eiji thinks Antique is no typical confectionery. Customers see Chikage and think "He looks scary, but very cool!" "Why sunglasses? But cool!" Even when Chikage makes a mistake, some customers say, "Never mind. Please take time."

Ono makes sample cakes for Christmas. Eiji and Chikage become extremely happy to taste them. Though Tachibana doesn't like cakes, he is moved to eat French dishes that Ono made only for Christmas. He says, "Ono, you're a genius, you're not just a sex maniac."
Tachibana says he'll be delivering cakes and dishes to the customers at Christmas. Chikage says he can't deal with customers at the shop by himself. Tachibana tells him to practice having four plates at a time. Ono is getting into the kitchen because Chikage looks so cool that Ono might have a nosebleed. Ono teaches Eiji how to make Christmas cakes. Chikage and Eiji need more training before Christmas. Tachibana and Eiji declare they start a special training for Christmas.
A customer with wavy hair orders ‚b‚’‚‚‘‚•‚…‚‚‚‚‚•‚ƒ‚ˆ‚… for Christmas. Tachibana is supposed to decorate it with candy at her place. Tachibana tells Ono to give him special lessons for the candy decoration.
Ono's mother gives him a call. She asks him if he's become gay because she slept with many men such as her husband's co-worker, her college classmate, and Ono's homeroom teacher. Ono answers he'd begun to love men before that. Ono doesn't think his mother's love affairs caused him to become gay, but he thinks they might have made him scared of women.
Ono gives Chikage a special training. He orders him to make two cups of coffee. Chikage serves coffee, but he isn't confident if it's acceptable because coffee is too bitter for him to drink. Tachibana says that the coffee tastes good but it took too long to make it. He orders him to make a cup of coffee, two cups of cafe au lait and a cup of tea at the same time. Ono says the cakes that made Eiji are good enough to sell. Ono gives Chikage a note that lists the cakes sold at Antique and their descriptions. Chikage appreciates it and Ono gets very happy.
On Christmas eve, Ono wears Santa Clause outfit and delivers cakes in his red Ferrari. Most customers don't look happy when they see him. A middle aged man says he is very happy to have a Santo Clause on Christmas eve. He is the husband of the customer with a wavy hair. Tachibana wonders why good-natured men usually have a nasty wife. He can successfully decorate candy on ‚b‚’‚‚‘‚•‚…‚‚‚‚‚•‚ƒ‚ˆ‚….
In Antique, there are lots of customers and Chikage is in a panic. Though Ono tries to help him, a lot of women get into the shop and he gets scared. Chikage tells him to get back to the kitchen.
When the last cakes are finished, a customer asks Ono how old he is. She says he is of the same age as her son even though he died at the age of four. Eiji tries to help Ono, but Ono says he doesn't need help.
Cakes are sold out. Tachibana asks Chikage if he was of some help at the shop. Chikage says he wasn't. Tachibana asks them if they want to have a day off on New Year's day. Eiji says he doesn't because he will have nothing to do. Chikage says he won't have a day off as long as Tachibana works. Ono says he doesn't because he's never gone back to his parents' house since he came out. Tachibana decides Antique will be open on New Year's day. Before they return home, they have a small Christmas party.

Tachibana receives a call in the morning. Ono and Eiji are surprised that Tachibana has shaved. Ono says, "Why have you shaved, Tachibana? You look like as though you're a high school boy. I can't decide which to attack first, you or Chikage-san." Chikage wonders how Ono can attack them with his weakness. Eiji asks Tachibana, "Hey, Pops, are you younger than I expected?" Chikage says, "He is two years younger than I." Ono says, "He is as old as I." Eiji says, "Aren't you about 43 years of age?" Ono says to Tachibana, " Both 43-year-old and 32-year-old are pops compared to Eiji." Chikage says, "Young master is a bit similar to senior citizens, for sure."
A customer comes and says she needs assorted cookies for a gift with a price of around 2000 yen. Looking at those who are in the shop, she corrects a price to 5000 yen. She says she wonders if the shop owner has been so handsome. Her husband says Antique looks as though it is a host club.
Chikage says costomers seem to prefer Tachibana to shave every morning. Tachibana says he doesn't do so because he looks too beautiful if he shaves.
Two women comes into Antique and Tachibana calls them Aunt and Grandmother. Tachibana's grandmother greets Ono and Eiji. Ono thinks the two women's faces show they have common genes with Tachibana. Eiji says, "Old woman, how old are you?" "I'm 81." answers the grandmother. Eiji says, "I'm surprised. How beautiful you are! I've never seen a pretty old woman like you. You, too, look pretty. You look like Iwashita Shima(a Japanese actress)." Ono is amazed at him.
Tachibana's grandmother says they come to see him because he didn't visit them even on New Year's day. His aunt says her daughter Mamiko has gotten a divorce even though it's been only nine months since she got married. His aunt says she doesn't like her daughter getting a divorce so easily because people come to get impure if they get a divorce repeatedly. Tachibana says it's better for Mamiko to get a divorce than to live with someone who she hates. His aunt says he always finds something good in any situation. She says she's been jealous of her sister because she has such a sweet son. Ono and Eiji are surprised to hear that. His aunt says he is intelligent, good at playing the piano, sports and card games. Tachibana talks about the cakes that his grandmother and aunt are eating. His grandmother says she is happy to see him work happily. She says she's been concerned about him because he suddenly started the confectionery. "I'm sorry." says Tachibana. "No problem at all. You can do anything you like. I'm happy as long as you're happy." says his grandmother. Ono and Eiji ask Chikage about how Tachibana's relatives think of him. Chikage says he's been an idol in his relatives. He was an only grandchild until Mamiko was born. He was a very adorable child. Ono or Eiji can't believe it.
Tachibana speaks in a polite manner when his grandmother and aunt are in his shop. When they've left, Tachibana says, "I've been exhausted." Ono and Eiji criticize him for pretending to be a nice person before his grandmother and aunt. Tachibana says he doesn't want them to worry about him.
A customer comes. Hearing Chikage only say "It's a new item", Tachibana begins to explain about the new item. Looking at his face, the customer asks him if he is Tachibana Keiichirou. "Yes." says Tachibana. He is the one who was kidnapped 23 years ago. He was safely returned, but he said he didn't remember anything about the kidnapper. Tachibana says he remembers just one thing about the kidnapper. The kidnapper loved cakes and Tachibana ate cakes that the kidnapper bought every day.

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