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Himitsu - The Top Secret

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In 2060, nine teenage boys comit suicide on the day of the imperial wedding in Japan. The nine boys were in a reformatory school in the same period. The police decides to investigate the incident using the MRI scanner. Senior Superintendent Maki, who's the leader of the 9th forensic medicine laboratory gives a comment on the MRI investigation in a TV program. The MRI scanner was used for investigation for the first time when President Reed was killed five years ago. The technology has developed and the implanted chip in the brain is no longer needed to regenerate the image. Also, the scanner is able to regenerate at most 5 years of memory now.

Aoki, who is transferred to the laboratory is surprised to see Maki, who is sleeping on the sofa because Maki looks like a highschool boy even though he must be in his late 20s. Maki is the only person alive who saw Kainuma's brain. Kainuma was a serial killer who killed 28 boys and comitted suiside in a temporary detention house. Five investigators saw his brain. Three of them killed themselves and one of them was shot to death. When Aoki tries to wake up Maki, Maki grabs Aoki's arm and says "I should have caught you three years ago." being half asleep. After Maki gets up, he tells to Aoki he doesn't think the labarotory is a good place for Aoki. He recommends Aoki transfer to another department where he can operate the helicopter and the plane since Aoki has a pilot's license.. Aoki wonders why.

In the brain image of Yamaguchi, one of the nine boys, Aoki sees a boy push him off the top of the building. Aoki yells, "It wasn't a suicide!" "Nobody was found there just after the incident. Didn't you notice something strange?" says Maki, "The boy chasing Yamaguchi was wearing a short sleeve shirt on January 17th. It was snowy that morning. He comitted suiside two years ago because Yamaguchi and some other boys had bullied him. The boy is an illusion that Yamaguchi saw." Maki tells Aoki to write a petition for transfer of department.

Okabe, one of the laboratory staff, says Aoki looks similar to Suzuki. Even though Maki never smiles recently, he was smiling next to Suzuki in a photo taken four years ago. Even though Suzuki was close to Maki, he stole into the laboratory last summer and shot at Maki after he destroyed Kainuma's brain and any other investigation data. Maki shot him to death. Suzuki had been confined at home because he got neurotic during the investigation of the serial murder case.

Aoki screams watching a ghost on the screen image. Senior members say the ghost was not real, it was created in the brain. Okabe says they shouldn't see what they can see, but should see the reality behind the image. He says the labaratory staff can tell the reality from the illusion in the end. He knows there were more members who quit the job than those who stayed. Aoki gets so nervous that he sees an illusion in the toilet and passes out.

Maki says all the boys watched the news program that reported the royal wedding before suicide, and that all of them were in the roformatory school June 13 through June 19 last year. All the staff start checking the brain images of that period. Maki asks Aoki if he's written a petition for transfer of department yet. Aoki says he wouldn't transfer to other department because not only this job but also Maki attract him. Maki remembers Suzuki saying this job was great because the MRI scanner would help them to solve incidents which had been impossible to solve bofore. Maki says he thought Suzuki came back to life when he fiirst saw Aoki. "I always wear a bullet proof vest. If you shoot at me next time, aim at here." says Maki pointing to his forehead.

On the fifth day of the investigation, it is found out that all the boys got together in a recreation room on June 17. A man was there to give them healing treatment. The man used music and aroma. Maki gets sure the man used mesmerism. He starts trembling to see the man's face and passes out. The man was Kainuma.

Aoki calls on Maki in the hospital with a book that Maki is always holding. Maki tells Aoki he had known Kainuma before he was arrested. When Kainuma shoplifted cheap food in a supermarket, Maki didn't catch him and gave the cheap food to him. Kainuma thanked him a lot and said he got a hope to live. He killed the first victim a year after this. Maki says Suzuki might have seen something that drove him to kill Maki when he watched Kainuma's brain image.

When Kainuma visited the reformatory school, the date of the imperial wedding had been fixed. He set the boys to escape from the most scary thing for each of them when they see the image of the imperial wedding. He used a photo taken at the last imperial wedding.

Maki comes back to work and asks if any member knows the whereabouts of the tenth boy in the recreation room. Nobody knows it. Maki says he should be found as soon as possible. He hasn't comitted suicide yet, namely he hasn't seen the image of the imperial wedding. But if he once sees the image, he will comit suicide. The staff finds out the tenth boy, Kitamura, was working in the construction site of an underwater tunnel and he is going back to Tokyo today. Kitamura sees the imperial wedding on TV in the helicopter.

At the heliport, Maki is to fly to rescue Kitamura. He tells Okabe to have a doctor to unhypnotize him. Okabe advises he should wait for the helicopter that Kitamura is on. While the pilot is out for the final permission, Aoki takes the pilot's seat. The helicopter lands off. Make tells Aoki to go back, but Aoki wouldn't follow his order. Aoki says he saw Suzuki's brain because he wanted to know why Suzuki shot at Maki. Through Suzuki's brain, Aoki saw Kainuma's brain. He lets go of the lever and looks behind. He says he feels scary since an upside-down human face covers his front vision. Maki tells him it's an illusion. Aoki sees ghosts appearing one after another in the helicopter. Seeing Kainuma trying to hold Maki, Aoki holds Maki. The helicopter loses balance. Aoki says he would be happy if he dies with Maki since he's looked up to him. Maki hits Aoki's head with a thick book shouting , "Die alone, Stupid!" Maki tries to operate the helicopter. Coming back to himself, Aoki starts operating again.

Even though Kitamura saw the image of the imperial wedding, he didn't see any illusion. It is found out he saw the image only for three minutes, but the mesmerize took effect when he has seen the image for an hour. He is successfully unhypnotized and back to work.

When Maki enters the room to watch Suzuki's brain, Aoki has been waiting for him. Maki remembers Suzuki telling him to shoot his brain so that nobody would be able to see it. He sees the image that Suzuki saw on the day he died. It is Kainuma's brain image at the time of his suicide. Kainuma is in front of the mirror. He knew this image will be seen by Maki. His mouth moved. Maki can recognize he said "Ma Ki Sa N". Kainuma had been always thinking of Maki since Maki overlooked him and gave him cheap food in the supermarket. He's loved and hated him at the same time. The 28 boys were his presents to Maki. He chose the boys who looked similar to Maki. He pulled a thread and took out a small knife through his throat. He cut his throat using the knife.

Suzuki didn't want Maki to see the image. That's why he told Maki to shoot his head. Maki remembers Suzuki looked very happy when he was transferred to the 9th forensic medicine laboratory.

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