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Himitsu - The Top Secret

Episode 1 Episode 2

At President Reed's birthday party, Reed's daughter Deborah introduces him Mathew Harvey, who works for a research center with her. Two months later, Reed is found dead in his second house.

The police asks Kevin Lumis, a lip-reader, for help. The police plans on seeing the memory of the president's brain. People are implanted a chip in their brain to defend the body from viruses now, and it was found out recently that the chip can help regenerating the electric stimulation that the brain received. If the brain is not damaged, MRI scanner can read at most two years of memory and display the image on the screen. You can see the same image that the brain saw. The police wants Kevin to read lips of the people on the screen.

Kevin's mother says President Reed was a flawless man. Kevin starts watching the image that his brain saw. Deborah looks younger in the image than she really is. All the people on the screen look like better people than those who Kevin knows. A man with a mask appears and tells Reed to give him money.. Reed hands him a wallet and tries to take it back. After Reed is stabbed, he takes out something from the wallet and tears it to pieces. This is his last memory.

The police watches the scene repeatedly and finds out Reed torn a photo and the man in the photo is Ross MacOrley, who's the leader of an anti-regime group in Austria. He worked for the research center as Matthew Harvey and gained Deborah's favor. The police and Kevin watch the birthday party. Ross MacOrley is good looking, but Ross in the brain's image looks far more handsome than he really is. The brain kept watching him. Kevin's heart begins to skip a beat. He wonders why he feels so embarassed to watch it despite he's watched every instant of Reed's private life. It is the only scene of the image that shows Reed's emotion. Reed was just watching Ross. Reed fell in love with Ross at the party without knowing what he was. His love is revealed to everyone even though he risked his life to keep the secret.

Ross is gone. Kevin leaves home before his mother gets remarried. He's decided not to see her again so nobody can see her in his memory. He's loved her so much.

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