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Banana Bread no Pudding

A teacher asks a student who's just arrived why she looks so sad as if the end of the world was coming. The student answers, "I feel so scary since today is the day before tomorrow."
The new student introduces herself. Her name is Miura Ira. She's sad because her elder sister is getting married the next day. The teacher encourages her to talk more about her.
Ira says she'd like to eat banana bread pudding. A student asks her what banana bread pudding represents. The student is Ochaya Saeko, who was a good friend of Ira when they were in the first year at elementary school. They plaited grasses in the park. Saeko is surprised to hear Ira sometimes plaits grasses even now. On top of that, Ira says she still believes a goblin eats children if they sit up after ten in the evening. That's the story which Saeko's grandfather told them when they were very young.
Ira says she felt very sad to hear her parents talk. They agreed on that Ira should be examined by a psychiatrist after her elder sister got married. They didn't want to get a bad reputation before their daughter's marriage.
Saeko promises Ira to find a man who can ease her sorrow. Ira says her ideal boyfriend is a gay man who feels guilty about being gay. To find a qualified man, Saeko gets into the room of soccer club and asks each boys if he is gay or not. Saeko's elder brother Touge is the coach of the club. Oukami Daichi, the captain, says he is gay. Saeko is shocked to hear that since she has a crush on him.
Touge comes close to Ira, who is waiting for Saeko outside the club house. Touge wants to invite her to drink tea together. Ira misunderstands he is the one who Saeko has found for her. Saeko decides to take advantage of Ira's misunderstanding since she knows Touge is the last person to hurt Ira even though he has a lot of girls to go on a date with.
Ira remembers playing hopscotch with Touge when they were kids. Touge invites her to play hopschotch again in the park after the soccer training.
Before playing hopscotch, they agree on that the loser will give his/her treasure to the winner. Ira promises she will give a doll to Touge. Touge can't decide what to give to her. Ira suggests Touge marry her if he loses. Touge agrees with her thinking she is kidding.
He doesn't try to win because he prefers Ira to give him a kiss to give him her doll. He loses the game. When he tells Ira to give him a kiss for engagement, Ira says they are going to swear marriage tomorrow. She says she's paying a visit to Touge's apartment tomorrow. They drink tea at a nearby cafe. Ira says she will be able to understand Touge and will be of help to him. She mentions she has understood the feelings of roses in the garden. Some years ago, she heard some sound from the rose bush in the garden in the evening. It sounded like to say something to her. She went close to the bush to hear the sound the next morning and stayed there until evening, when she got roses were saying "We've been lonely." and "Thank you for coming." She went there repeatedly to stay with them and ended up getting pneumonia. Her mother got angry with her, whereas her sister understood her. Ira is confident she can understand anyone or anything.

Ira's mother and sister try to put the wedding dress in the closet before Ira returns home so she won't cry seeing the wedding dress. They forget to put the veil in the closet. Sara, Ira's elder sister, tells Ira not to cry. Ira doesn't cry. She says she'll sew some part of the veil as Ira, Sara and their mother promised they would sew Sara's wedding veil together.

The next day, Ira's mother notices Ira is not at Sara's wedding ceremony. Returning home to find Ira, she finds a letter from Ira. It says Ira's getting married.
Touge discovers a letter from Saeko in his flat. Reading it, Touge gets to know Ira thinks he is a gay man who feels guilty about being gay and she is serious about getting married to him. Even though Touge doesn't think Ira's parents would agree with their marriage, Saeko tries to persuade them to allow Ira to get married. Saeko asks him in the letter to pretend being gay until Ira gets able to live without anyone's support. She asks him to prevent Ira from falling off the cliff.
Ira's parents decide to allow Ira to do whatever she likes for the time being. Ira got into Father's atelier the night before and watched a painting called "departure", which she used to be terrified to see.
Dressing up, Touge welcomes Ira to his flat. He's disappointed to hear Saeko say Ira's parents have allowed them to get married. Ira and Touge swear marriage before Saeko. Touge swears he will tell his friends Ira is his wife and he will keep being just a friend of Ira in home. Even though Touge tries to kiss Ira at the end of the ceremony, Saeko doesn't allow him to kiss Ira. Ira and Saeko feel very happy to become sisters_in _law.
Ira says they should have invited Touge's boyfriend to the ceremony, which Ira thinks was held for the boyfriend.
Before going out to call Daichi, Saeko tells Touge to pretend being Daichi's lover in front of Ira. Daichi comes to see them even though he was about to go out to see his real lover. Daichi says to Touge that he prefers not to hide their relationship and that he will follow Touge if he needs to get married as a camouflage. Ira says she also prefers Touge not to hide it and that she'll just live with him until he is able to come out. Daichi says he likes her.
Daichi leaves after dinner. He phones to his lover and asks him to come to see him. Noticing Daichi has left his jacket, Touge gets out of the room to see Daichi. Touge tells Daichi he wouldn't let Daichi go home if he didn't take an exam the next day because Ira is watching them. Daichi's real lover is also watching them.
Ira says Touge has made a progress if he behaved as Daichi's lover without knowing Ira was near them. She says Touge won't need her as a camouflage anymore if he can kiss Daichi in the park. Touge says he'll try the next day.
The next morning, Daichi says he was hit by his lover, who misunderstood Daichi had an affair with Touge. Daichi says he can't join the training and returns home to sleep. Professor Niigata, who is Daichi's lover in secret, gives Touge a homework as a revenge. Touge asks Saburou, a judo player, to act as his lover in the park.
Saeko visits Daichi and she finds him sleeping. After she brings some food to his place, she lays beside him. She hears Daichi say "Coach" while sleeping. He sheds tears, too.
Touge and Saburou go to the park, where Ira is waiting to see them kiss. Saburou can't help throwing Touge with a judo technique when Touge tries to kiss him. When Touge lands safely, he meets Professor Niigata. Professor Niigata stumbles over the grass plaited by Ira. Professor is very surprised to hear Ira is Touge's wife. Saburou makes an apology to Touge and suggests they try again. Touge decides not to try again this time. He tells Ira he still needs her as a camouflage and that he loves Saburou and Daichi at the same time. Ira invites Saburou to dinner.
Seeing the grasses that Ira plaited, Touge recalls that Saeko asked him to prevent Ira from falling off the cliff. He regrets he has almost forgotten it is Ira that needs Linus' blanket.
Touge suggests Ira she plait his long hair. Ira would love to do that. Saeko declares she'll have long hair. Touge asks Saeko if she's fallen in love with someone. Saeko says she is in unrequited love with someone.

Saeko gets eager to be prettier. She wants to have more muscle. Ira suggests Saeko put on make-up and shows her a vanity case that Sara gave her. Two of them put on make-up.Touge hears someone scream. Saeko, with a horrible make-up, shows Ira to Touge since Ira looks very pretty with make-up. Ira gets angry at Saeko and bursts into tears. She says make-up is more explicit than nude. Touge doesn't know how to handle a girl like Ira since all his girlfriends have been mature women.
The next day, Ira goes to see soccer club training with food for the members. Daichi falls down onto the ground. He doesn't seem to have slept the night before. Ira has been making efforts not to think Touge is her God since everyone that she thought was her God has left her.
Being in bed, Daichi wonders what Touge is doing. "He might be reading a difficult book. If I knew what book he is reading, I would have read the same book in the same pace and I could have sighed at the same page as he. He might serve tea by himself. He might wonder why I fell down this afternoon. He might think I sit up late for reading manga and he might expect me to fall down again tomorrow. He might get out of the room to scold me. If so, I'll be able to see him." He looks outside the window and he sees Touge running to his apartment.
Touge gets into Daichi's room and tells him to go to bed and turns off the light. Daichi starts crying in the dark. Professor Niigata sees Touge get into Daichi's room and the light turn off. He promises himself to take revenge on Touge in the perfect and the most cruel way. Touge starts singing a lullaby for Daichi to fall asleep.
Touge, Ira and Saeko pay a visit to Daichi since he was absent from school that day. Daichi mentions he was tortured again by his lover. Touge says he has to talk with the lover since Daichi's lover misunderstood because Touge asked Daichi to help Touge pretend being gay. . Daichi spills the beans that Professor Niigata is his lover. He asks them to keep it secret. He says Professor Niigata never gets upset unless Touge and Daichi meet alone. Touge asks if Daichi and Touge met alone the night before. Daichi doesn't answer. When they leave Daichi's room, Saeko says to Daichi, "I'm sorry."
After leaving the room, Ira recalls what Touge said to Daichi. He pretended being gay. Ira gets confused and she returns home to see Sara, who's supposed to have returned from honeymoon. Ira sees her parents reading Sara's letter. The letter says Sara and her husband will return behind the schedule and that a fortune-teller in Paris had told them they were going to have a baby girl. Her mother says she wishes Ira had grown up to be a decent girl like Sara. Ira gets unhappy to hear that. She wishes she were Sara's baby. She wonders what she should do next.

Ira visits Professor Niigata. She asks him not to beat Daichi any more. Leaving home to visit Professor Niigata, Touge sees a man who is his replica is running before him. He catches the man and finds out the man is Saeko in disguise. She says she disguised herself as Touge and went to Daichi's room and it caused Professor Niigata's misunderstanding. She is going to see Professor Niigata to tell him the truth. Saeko tells Touge Daichi is in love with him. Touge gets to know Saeko is in love with Daichi. Touge and Saeko visit Professor, and they see Ira there. Ira and Professor Niigata have decided to live together.

Ira's parents visit Professor Niigata to make an apology for Ira's bothering him. Professor Niigata says he's sure Ira will get back on the right track. He talks about a student who's had a unique philosophy of his own after he failed to kill himself. He promises he'll try his best to help Ira recover.
Professor Niigata remembers how shocked Touge looked when Ira said she would live with Professor Niigata. He wants Ira to worship him more and more. Ira thinks she had no choice other than living with Professor Niigata since Touge had lied to her. She decides to bake a banana bread pudding the next day.
Professor Niigata tells Touge to smoke outside to refresh himself since he doesn't listen to his lecture. After the lecture, a female student yells at him because he forgot to go on a date with her. Professor Niigata tells Touge Ira said that Professor Niigata and Ira were a perfect couple. The female student asks Touge who Ira is. Touge says she used to be his wife. She criticizes him of breaking the promise that he won't marry anyone. Touge wouldn't talk about the marriage to her. She says she's going to ask about it to female students in every department.
Many female students watch the soccer club members training. Saeko disguises herself as Touge and waits for Daichi in the garden. She invites him to take a walk. Daichi asks her what Touge thinks about Ira's living with Professor Niigata. She can't tell. Daichi says he doesn't forget Professor Niigata but he loves Touge more and more over time. Daichi's lips look so lovely that Saiko wonders if Touge doesn't want to kiss him. The word "kiss" just escapes her lips. She tells Daichi she's just thought to kiss is similar to eat. Daichi asks if to eat is similar to show love. Saeko says when a leopard attacks a monkey to eat, it looks as if the leopard protected the monkey. Daichi looks impressed to hear her explanation.
Daichi asks, "Which of us will become a leopard?" Saeko is surprised. "You'll be a leopard, won't you?" says Daichi. Even though she prefers to be a monkey, she says she can be either. Daichi says, "Let's start here."
Saeko feels desperate about the fact that she can be neither a leopard nor a monkey in this situation.
Touge returns home after he explained about the marriage to the female student. Saeko says to him, "Only you can be a leopard for Daichi."

After eating banana bread pudding, Ira and Professor Niigata take a walk outside to show that they are a happy couple. Ira is shocked to see Touge taking a walk with a girl. In her dream, she sees a goblin that regularly appears in her dream. Ira tells her to get out. The goblin asks Ira if she believes that hypocrite will come to rescue her again and tells her to call him. "Touge," yells Ira repeatedly. Touge doesn't appear. The goblin says Ira is going to be eaten by her and is going to be the goblin.
When Ira wakes, the housekeeper tells her Saeko has been waiting for her. Saeko asks her if she'll be coming to a soccer match next Saturday. Ira looks very sleepy. She's sure she's going to be a goblin. She gets back into her room even though Saeko wants to talk with her about Daichi and her
Ira cries "I hope Touge will lose the match. I hate him. He looks sweet but he's a liar!" with her face buried in the pillow. She wonders why she's cried that. She doesn't think there's any reason she hates him. She thinks she's become a goblin after being eaten by the goblin in the dream and that she might hate Touge, Sara, her parents and everything in the world without any reason. .

. Ira hopes the main dish for dinner to be a globefish. Professor Niigata will die from the poison and she won't have to have a boring conversation after dinner. However, she doesn't want the housekeeper to die from the poison. If both of them die from the poison, she will bury them in the garden and she'll say "They are the storage for the coming food shortage." She thinks herself just a cannibal goblin. She thinks her eyes look so wicked that Professor Niigata will be able to get she's poisoning him. She hides her face with her long hair at dinner. The main dish isn't a globefish.
Professor Niigata suggests they hold a wedding ceremony in spring. Ira agrees.

On Saturday, the soccer club loses the match. Daichi tells Touge that he's quitting the soccer club and the new captain will be chosen immediately. Even though Touge wants to talk with Ira, many female students come over to invite him to get together with them and he can't talk with her. Saburou comes to take him drinking.
Daichi meets Professor Niigata to say goodbye to him. Professor Niigata beats him. Watching it, Saeko decides to stop seeing him in disguise as Touge since she's sure he's still in love with Touge despite that she, in disguise as Touge, escaped from him in the park.
When Saeko is walking along the railroad, a male student asks her if she is thinking about her raison d'etre. He says he was walking along the railroad to kill himself three years ago, but he didn't commit suicide because he met a good adviser. He thinks it's his turn to rescue someone who is walking along the railroad. Saeko tells him about her love. He says it's easy to solve the problem. He says Saeko must have identified with Touge and she should live away from him. Saeko decides to go abroad to study.

When Ira gets into the kitchen, Professor Niigata is drinking alone. He says he wants to be a disembodied spirit. Saying to Ira, "Daichi, I'm here to kill you. It's no use you're in a woman's outfit", Professor Niigata tries to strangle her.
A big noise wakes up the housekeeper. She goes over to the kitchen and finds Ira with a knife in her hand. Ira runs away from the house. Touge's room has no light and he doesn't seem to be there. She wants to stab herself in the isolated forest. Ira's mother calls her. She says the housekeeper said Professor Niigata was ok, he was just drunk. She tells Ira that Ira should return to her parents' room then go to the hospital to be treated. Ira doesn't think her mother can hear Ira scream.
Ira runs toward the empty room of Touge since she knows where the key is. She can go into the room and she finds Touge there. Her parents also get into the room. When Ira tries to jump out of the window, Touge stops her and he gets injured in his cheek with a knife that Ira is holding. Seeing the blood, Ira passes out. Touge carries her to the bed. Ira wishes all that happened were a dream.
The next morning, Ira realizes she really injured Professor Niigata and Touge. Touge hides the injury with his hair. She says she should be hospitalized if she can't die. Touge asks her to live with him since Saeko is going abroad to study and he needs someone with him at table. He says he thinks it is a decent reason. Ira says the reason is decent, but she's going to be a goblin. She says she sometimes gets uncontrollable since she's been eaten by a goblin in her dream. She says she's hated Touge and prayed that his soccer team would lose the game and everyone would be disappointed with him. Touge says people sometimes hate others without any particular reason. Ira says she is special and she might even kill someone.
Touge says he has to be able to avoid her attack as long as he asks her to live with him.
"When you are to attack me," says Touge, " I'll run to the kitchen and boil the milk. Then I'll hand over a cup of milk to you and say "Drink it, it'll ease your mind." Then you'll calm down and say "See you tomorrow." I've loved you very much since you told me about the rose bush." Ira has never dreamed of it. Ira loved the roses very much, but she's never dreamed that the roses would say they love her. She decides to drink milk and say "See you tomorrow." right away. She writes to her parents that she will live with Touge.

The femle students who are Touge's fans have a good time at a get together and one of them suggest they occasionally have a get together. Saeko and the male student talk under the snow.

Sara writes to her mother. In her dream, her unborn baby asked her which sex is easier to live on? She answered neither is easier to live on than the other. The baby said he/she felt so lonely before being born and he/she was terrified of being born. Sara confidently said to the baby "Please be born. Something very wonderful is waiting for you." After waking up, she wonders what something very wonderful is. She wonders why she answered so confidently despite that she's never seen something very wonderful yet.

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