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Oniisama e...

by Ikeda Riyoko
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After the last class of a cram school, Misonoo Nanako asks Henmi Takehiko to allow her to call him "Oniisama(Brother)" They promise exchanging letters and Takehiko gives her his address. Takehiko is a college student and working for the cram school. Nanako studies there to prepare for the entrance exam to high school. Takehiko hears her name and knows that she is his father's step daughter. He remembers young Nanako.

On the first day of Seiran High school, Nanako meets Asaka Rei, St. Juste, in the bus. Nanako is enchanted by Rei's husky voice. Shinobu Mariko, Nanako's classmate, shows her red polished thumb nails. She says she wants to be Nanako's close friend. Orihara Kaoru has become their classmate. She is a year older, but she was absent from school for months because of illness.

At the entrance ceremony, Ichinomiya Fukiko, Miya-sama, makes a speech. She states she will make an announcement about this year's Sorority member candidates shortly. Ten out of 150 students will be finally chosen as Sorority members.

Mariko is called "Koneko-chan(Pussycat)" by the Sorority sisters. Mariko says she is always biting her lips to redden them.

Rei comes into their classroom with a guitar and sings. She is a sophomore. Kaoru and Rei wave each other when Rei leaves the room. Nanako is disappointed because Rei doesn't recognize her. Rei steps aside for Fukiko at the door.
Fukiko comes into the classroom to announce the Sorority candidates. Mariko is nominated. Kaoru is nominated but she refused to be a candidate. When Kaoru says " I am against the Sorority", Fukiko looks furious. Kaoru finally says she is not healthy enough to be a member.
When Nanako is nominated, Misaki mentions Nanako is disqualified. Mariko asks Misaki if Misaki thinks herself qualified. Misaki shouted at Mariko that Mariko's father writes erotic novels. Mariko gets furious. Misaki continues to insult Mariko. Kaoru stops Misaki. Mariko slaps Misaki. Fukiko mentions they can nominate Misaki if she disagrees with the Sorority's decision but Misaki will never be chosen a member because of Fukiko's veto. Fukiko mentions competition makes people strong. The Sorority is going to interview candidates next Sunday noon. Nanako can't keep the promise with Tomoko that they will bake cookies together.

In English class, Misaki tells the teacher Nanako can't think anything but the Sorority Interview. Many classmates doubt Nanako is qualified.
During a break time, Kaoru finds a note. It says Nanako is Prof. Misonoo's step daughter and her mother made him divorce his ex-wife. Nanako leaves the classroom to see Tomoko. On her way, she collides with Rei. Rei takes some pills. Rei has the scent of a man.

Nanako's mother tells Nanako that Fukiko gave a call and said the interview will start at 3 o'clock.
The next day, when Nanako arrives at school for the interview, Kaoru says the interview was over. Mariko takes Nanako to the Sorority house. Fukiko interviews Nanako. Nanako answers her hobby is baking cookies. Fukiko says she belongs to the flower arrangement club and Nanako says she is going to be a member of the club. Nanako answers her favorite writers are Tachihara Michizo, Lioner Maria Lirke and Marquis de Sad.

Students are surprised because Nanako is chozen a Sorority member. Mariko, who is also chozen, is very happy. Tomoko looks sad.
In English class, when Nanako is reading aloud, Misaki and other classmates say "We can't hear you." Kaoru gets angry at them. In cooking class, Kaoru can't separate the whites from the yokes. Nanako can make cookies very well. Misaki says "No wonder she is a good cook. Her mother's worked in a restaurant. Prof. Misonoo often went there to drink even though he had a wife and a child." Nanako has never heard Father had a child.
Mariko lies to Tomoko that Nanako asked her to tell Tomoko they can't be close friends any more because Nanako's become a Sorority member.

Nanako and Mariko hurry to the Sorority house to attend the initiation ceremony. Rei is taking pills. Kaoru takes pills away from Rei and slaps her. Rei slaps Kaoru back and takes another pills. Fukiko comes close to them and asks Rei if she wants to come to help her. Rei follows Fukiko. Kaoru asks Rei when Rei will take off the bracelet.

At the flower arrangement club, Nanako witnesses Fukiko intentionally drop a kenzan onto Rei's hand. Rei asks Fukiko to give her treatment with Fukiko's own hand. Fukiko wouldn't do so. Nanako gives Rei treatment.
Nanako dreams Fukiko holds a kenzan. She wakes up in midnight and wonders if her father really had a child and her mother had an affair with him.
Nanako's gym clothes are gone. Nanako goes to Tomoko's classroom to borrow them from her. Tomoko mentions she doesn't have such quality gym clothes that she can lend to a Sorority member. A girl asks Nanako to sign a petition to oust Nanako from the Sorority. Nanako leaves the room with tears.
Mariko borrows gym clothes from a sophomore for Nanako. Nanako finds an unlocked locker in the locker room. Kaoru comes back to the locker room and asks Nanako if she saw something in the locker.

Some senior students tell Nanako to quit the Sorority. One of them slaps Nanako, Being depressed, Nanako goes into the Clocktower to cry alone. She sees a graffiti on the wall. It is the first phrase of a poem by Paul Verleine. "Il pleure dans mon coeur Comme il pleut sur la ville." In the room on the highest floor, Nanako sees Rei smoking. Rei throws a knife to the wall. A human shape is drawn on the wall. Nanako is sure it's Fukiko's shape. The part of the heart in the shape has a lot of deep cuts. Rei thanks Nanako for the treatment at the flower arrangement club.

Nanako goes to the library. Kaoru gives her directions to the desired books even though Nanako said nothing. Kaoru states it is often the case for new students to devour books about the French Revolution and St. Juste.

Nanako is the only guest at Mariko's birthday party. Mariko takes Nanako to Mariko's place after the party. She doesn't allow Nanako to go home. The next morning, Nanako tells Mariko not to come close to her.

During the lunch time, Kaoru suddenly gets pale and says Rei has painkillers. Nanako finds Rei singing at a stairwell with many girls around. One of the girls pushes Nanako and she falls off the steps. Nanako asks Rei for a painkiller. Rei has many kinds of pills. Tranquillizers, sleeping pills, pain killers etc. Rei hands Nanako painkillers and calls her "Poupee-chan". On her way back to Kaoru, Nanako meets Fukiko. Fukiko tells Nanako not to be close to Rei any more. She also tells Nanako not to quit the Sorority.

Nanako's mother saw Takehiko's name on an envelope in Nanako's room. She calls on him. Takehiko says he doesn't hate his father and that he adores Nanako. Mother asks him not to tell Nanako he is Prof. Misonoo's son. Takehiko says yes, but he remembers weeping at the hedge of his father's house when he was young.

When Nanako's class is playing volley ball, Mariko receives a ball and passes out. Kaoru takes her to the infirmary. Nanako calls Mariko's mother. She says Mariko's eaten nothing since her birthday. When Mariko wakes up in bed, she mentions she has a lot of friends and begins to cry. Nanako understands Mariko.

Fukiko tells Rei to wait for her at 5 o'clock near the elm tree. Fukiko mentions she will take Rei to Fukiko's place. But Fukiko goes home with Sorority members without Rei. Nanako left something at school and comes back to school in the rain. She sees Rei standing under the elm tree without umbrella. When Nanako approaches to her, she passes out. Nanako sends her home by taxi. Nanako sees lots of mirrors in Rei's room. Nanako learns that Rei lives alone. Rei shows a doll(poupee) to Nanako and mentions it looks like Nanako. Rei becomes unconscious again. When Rei wakes up, Nanako is at her bedside. Nanako wants to cook, but Rei only has frozen food. Kaoru arrives and slaps Rei. Kaoru takes off Rei's bracelet. Nanako can see a scar on Rei's wrist. Kaoru is about to throw the bracelet out of the window when Rei throws a knife at Kaoru. Rei wears the bracelet again. Nanako wonders if Rei has committed suicide and that's why the scar came to be. Nanako worries about her and feels lonely.

Mariko finds out Nanako has a lot of food that she cooked in her basket. Mariko mentions Nanako must love someone. Even though Nanako wants to visit Rei after school, she doesn't dare to. Nanako is thinking of asking Kaoru to visit Rei with the food. When she is looking for Kaoru, she overhears Kaoru and Fukiko talking. Kaoru mentions Rei is Fukiko's sister. Fukiko asks if Rei said that to Kaoru. Kaoru answers Rei said to her what Fukiko doesn't know. Kaoru notices there is someone near them. Nanako runs away but Kaoru finds a cookie on the ground. The next morning, Kaoru says to Nanako that the cookie tasted good. Nanako thinks Kaoru means "Keep secret."
Mariko watches Kaoru running and thinks there is something strange around Kaoru's breast.

When Nanako is talking with Fukiko, Rei appears for the first time since Fukiko lied to her. "How are you?" says Fukiko. Rei's fist trembles. "Fine, thank you." says Rei. She mentions she has taken tranquillizers.

Later, when Fukiko is giving suggestions about learning French, Nanako watches Fukiko's profile and thinks about Rei. Nanako bursts into tears and leaves the room. Nanako feels sad because Rei didn't see her even though Rei had said her doll looked like Nanako. Nanako goes back to the homeroom and sees Kaoru weeping alone. Kaoru mentions she wants to stay alone. Kaoru asks Nanako why people were born. Nanako has never thought of that. Nanako goes into the Clocktower. She is dying to see Rei. When Nanako is going up the stairs, Rei grabs her arm. Rei is in her drug-induced hazes and mistakes Nanako for Fukiko. Rei mentions she's been waiting for her, she's believed Fukiko will come to keep her promise. Nanako shouts she is not Fukiko. Rei continues to say that Fukiko said they should die together. Rei shows the bracelet and says she wears it as Fukiko told her to. Rei also says there's nothing happy even if they stay alive. Rei tries to help Fukiko (actually Nanako) die. Rei fails to stab Fukiko(Nanako) and finally regains her consciousness.

In Rei's place, Nanako asks Rei not to take Speed any more. Rei says she took Speed because she was too sleepy after she took tranquillizers. Rei lights a cigarette and asks Nanako if she wants to smoke it. Nanako wants to smoke the cigarette because Rei's lips touched it. Nanako meets Takehiko's friend outside Rei's room.

Fukiko tells Nakaya, one of the Sorority members, to quit the Sorority voluntarily because Nakaya didn't get a high mark. Nanako defies Fukiko. Fukiko tells Nanako to stop meeting Takehiko. Mariko also tells Nanako never to meet a man. She mentions men are dirty, selfish, unreliable, violent, shameless, and so on.

During a basket ball match, a player collides with Kaoru and Kaoru's breast bleeds. She goes to the infirmary. Nanako watches Rei on the court and thinks she looks energetic when she is playing basketball.
In the infrimary, Rei says she is sorry they lost the game. Mariko worries about Kaoru. Mariko begins to cry when she knows Kaoru is OK.

When Nanako is watching the basketball court and thinking about Rei, Rei comes close to her. Rei misunderstands Nanako misses Kaoru. She sings a comical song for Nanako. Nanako bursts into tears and leaves the gym. She meets Kaoru and asks if she was happy when Mariko began to cry with relief in the infirmary. Kaoru answers yes. Nanako also asks if Rei's mother was a mistress of Fukiko's father and if Rei and Fukiko are half sisters. "Not exactly" says Kaoru.

Nakaya tells Nanako in the bus that she is quitting the Sorority because she is disappointed with the Sorority. She says she didn't like Nanako in the beginning because Nanako became a Sorority member by Fukiko's recommendation.

One day, Rei and Nanako fail to get off the bus. They skip school and go to a park. They meet Takehiko and his friend, who Nanako met outside of Rei's room. Rei seems to know both of them. Takehiko invites Nanako to his college festival. Takehiko's friend tells Rei not to make Nanako hang about with her. "Yes, Brother." says Rei. Rei says he is Ichinomiya Takashi, Fukiko and Rei's brother.
Nanako eats the sandwitches that Rei bought around the park and notices they are sour. Rei has eaten them and she mentions she only has to take some pills not to get sick. Nanako is surprised to learn Rei doesn't care about her own health. Rei puts a cigarette butt into a compact. A girl gave her the compact so that she can smoke the cigarette butt that Rei has smoked. Nanako says she wants to smoke the cigarette butt. Rei tells Nanako to breathe in smoke. Nanako passes out. When she wakes up, Rei tells her not to smoke any more. Nanako confesses she is in love with Rei.

Kaoru asks Rei what Rei did to Nanako. Rei tells Kaoru that Nanako has known Henmi Takehiko. Kaoru mentions she has forgotten him. Rei doubts that.
Nanako goes to Takehiko's college festival with Mariko. They meet Takehiko and Takashi. Mariko has a prejudice against men and she is too careful about men. Takashi likes her.

Fukiko invites Nanako to the Sorority house and says she's loved her since the entrance ceremony and that she wants her to forget Takehiko. Fukiko kisses Nanako's ear. Rei comes into the room and says Fukiko's been trying to make Nanako worship Fukiko because Fukiko loves Takehiko. Nanako leaves the room. Rei follows her and kisses the ear that Fukiko's lips touched. Nanako decides she will quit the Sorority.

In the Sorority house, Fukiko criticizes the flower that Nanako's arranged. All the members criticize her. Nanako goes into the room in the Clocktower again. She is sure Rei has just left the room because there remains the scent of cigarette. She finds Rei outside the tower in the rain. Rei says that Fukiko didn't appear in the room even though she talked to the image on the wall over and over again. Rei wanted to be alone with Fukiko's image. Nanako learns Rei only loves Fukiko. Nanako tries to go away, but Rei stops her and kisses her. When Rei's bracelet touches Nanako's hair, Nanako notices that Rei, a right hander, wears the bracelet on her right arm. Nanako asks Rei who cut the wrist. "Fukiko did" says Rei. Fukiko suggested she and Rei die together so as not to hurt each other. Fukiko promised she would kill herself immediately after Rei died.

Mariko and Kaoru meet Takashi in a bookstore. Takashi asks Kaoru if she would escape from Takehiko.
One evening, Mariko calls on Nanako and stays a night with her. Next morning, Misaki shows Mariko a magazine, Weekly Gossip. The cover says Mariko's father, who lives with his wife and mistress, is getting divorce. Misaki insults Mariko. Mariko hurts Misaki with a knife and runs away from school. She meets Takashi on her way.

The Sorority decides they oust Mariko. Nanako makes an objection and says she will quit the Sorority.
At the students' meeting, Kaoru proposes the abolition of the Sorority. Rei proposes that someone should replace with Fukiko as the chairperson. Fukiko says that not only students but also teachers should discuss the issue of the abolition of the Sorority. Kaoru says she will ask supporters to sign the petition.

During Mariko is suspended from school, she shows Nanako a novel that her father wrote when he was young. It isn't erotic but artistic. Mariko was happy to read it.

Some Sorority members support Kaoru. That hurts Fukiko's pride. Fukiko slaps Rei and shouts at her "You, bastard!" Rei mentions that she's loved Fukiko and Fukiko also loved Rei. Fukiko said she wanted Rei to enter Seiran. Fukiko says she didn't love Rei. She just wanted someone who she can look down upon. Rei takes tranquillizers.

Mariko's found a house for she and her mother to live in. Takashi helped her to look for the house.
Rei calls on Nanako. They go to a park. Rei gives Nanako the doll, which looks like Nanako and Rei always sleeps with. Rei tells Nanako as follows.
Fukiko is not her half sister. Their mother is also the same. Fukiko became a daughter of their father's family immediately after she was born. Rei met her for the first time at the age of ten. Fukiko was weeping in the garden. She told Rei she had just left a party because her seat was in the worst position. Rei didn't want to hurt Fukiko, so she decided not to tell her the truth. When Rei woke up in the hospital after Fukiko cut Rei's wrist, Fukiko was at her bedside. She gave Rei the doll and said she would try to love Rei as her sister and she wanted Rei to move to Seiran. Rei was very happy to hear that.
Rei mentions she can endure the loneliness and frozen food for Fukiko's word. Nanako says Rei is deceiving herself and that's why she needs pills. Rei agrees with Nanako. Rey mentions she's been happy to meet Nanako and she's needed Nanako.

Some days later, Nanako knows Rei has killed herself. Fukiko is shocked. She really loves Rei. Kaoru is too shocked to support Nanako. Fukiko proposes the abolition of the Sorority and the school board approves of it.

Kaoru visits Takehiko. When they are talking, Nanako comes. Kaoru tells Nanako as follows.
Kaoru and Rei were close friends. Takashi sometimes visited Rei. Kaoru met Takehiko in Rei's place. Even though Kaoru and Takehiko loved each other, Kaoru decided to leave him because she got breast cancer. She had an operation. If she won't have cancer again within 5 years, she can survive. Nanako is sure Kaoru needs his love. Kaoru also tells her Takehiko is Prof. Misonoo's son.

Prof. Misonoo tells Nanako as follows.
His ex-wife left him when Takehiko was 10 years of age. After that, he often drank in the restaurant where Nanako's mother was working. He met Nanako and her mother there and remarried Nanako's mother a year later.

Nanako visits Takehiko to say that Kaoru needs his love.
Takehiko visits his father at college for the first time since their parents' divorce and asked him for a recommendation. Takehiko wants to study in Germany. He tells his father he will go with his wife.

Mariko returns to school. Fukiko gets over Rei's suicide.
Takehiko and Kaoru get married and leave for Germany.

Two years later, Nanako receives a letter from Germany, which tells her Kaoru died.

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