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Satoh Seiichi is in the first grade of high school. Two senior boys catch him. They tell Seiichi they've kidnapped him. They make a call to Kouichi, who is Seiichi's elder brother, and tell him to come save Seiichi. Kouichi is a leader of students' association in a high school, and they have a complaint about Kouichi's attitude to the school. Kouichi comes to save Seiichi and talks with them.
Some days later, Kouichi takes the ones who kidnapped Seiichi home. They are Minami and Shibata, who have been Kouichi's close friends. Shibata's hair is dyed blonde.

One day Shibata is offended that Kouichi tells him to have his hair cut short. Shibata goes to Seiichi's school with Minami and hits him. Seiichi passes out. Shibata and Minami carry him home. They put all the lights off and wait for Kouichi in the dark. When Kouichi comes home, Seiichi advises him that he should have some weapon to fight against Shibata and Minami. Shibata tries to kiss Seiichi in the bathroom. Seiichi overhears Kouichi tells Shibata not to do Kouichi anything. Kouichi says he is in love with Shibata but he does nothing sexual to him because Shibata doesn't want him to. If Shibata kisses Seiichi, Kouichi can't help feeling jealous of Seiichi. Seiichi is surprised to hear that. Kouichi has always been superior to him and Seiichi had thought Kouichi is perfect.

When Kazumi, who is Kouichi and Seiichi's elder sister comes home, Minami beats her in the dark. She screams. Being surprised, they put the lights on. Kazumi is shocked to see messy rooms in the house. Kouichi, Shibata and Minami make an apology to her.

Kouichi wants to know which university Shibata plans to go to. He asks Minami to ask Shibata about it because Shibata wouldn't let Kouichi know. Shibata wants to know which university Kouichi wants to go to because he doesn't want to go to the same university as Kouichi. Shibata asks Minami about it but Minami tells him to ask Kouichi by himself.
Kouichi's mother asks if he has decided which university he will be going to. He hasn't decided yet. Kouichi asks Seiichi if he meets Shibata. "No way." says Seiichi. Kouichi looks skeptical. He looks as if someone who Seiichi doesn't know.
Minami makes a call to the Satohs to talk with Kouichi. Seiichi tells him Kouichi is out. Minami tells Seiichi to tell Kouichi to come to a certain place. Seiichi leaves a memo on Kouich's desk and goes to the place because Kouichi doesn't come back in time. He meets Shibata there. Shibata says he is waiting for Minami. Seiichi suspects Minami wants to have Shibata and Kouichi meet there to talk. Shibata is surprised to see Kouichi, who arrives later. Shibata runs away with Seiichi. Seiichi tells Shibata he thinks Shibata actually loves Kouichi. Shibata says Kouichi is his goal and that he wants him to always run before him. Shibata walks back alone to the place where Kouichi is sitting.
Shibata: Why are you in love with me? Do you like my blonde hair? Do I look like a girl because of the long hair? Do you find me unusual because I'm totally different from you?
Kouichi: I've forgotten why I fell in love. I love your way of speaking, your face, your voice, your personality, and so on.
Shibata: Did you know I was jealous of you because you were able to do anything and you had everything? When you said I was the one who you were in love with, I felt too happy to fall asleep. I've always respected you. So I can't imagine I have a sexual relationship with you. It's impossible.
Kouichi: How cruel. You made me happy at first and in the endccc
Shibata: Our friendship is over, isn't it? I hate your being taller than me.

After kissing Kouichi, Shibata lets Kouichi know the name of the university that he will be going to.

A year and a half later, Kouichi takes Shibata home. Seeing Seiichi, who has become taller than Shibata, Shibata gives him a kick.

Kouichi, Shibata and Minami go to the same university. Shibata's hair isn't dyed. Kouichi is in the law department and Shibata and Minami are in the medical college. Kouichi has a dream that if Shibata makes a serious mistake after he becomes a doctor, he will protect him as his lawyer. Shibata's dream is to kill Kouichi by his first mistake. Seiichi thinks he might stab Kouichi to death before that. They drink together at Kouichi's place and Shibata sleeps in Seiichi's bed with Seiichi. Kouichi gets so upset that he dyes Shibata's hair red while he is sleeping.

Shibata has chased Nomura Sayuri since they were in high school. Sayuri ends up becoming Shibata's girlfriend. One day Kouichi makes a call and tells Shibata that he has kidnapped Sayuri. When Shibata arrives at Kouichi's place, Seiichi hands him an envelope. Sayuri's photos and a note are enclosed. They find a man in the closet of Kouichi's room He is tied up, blindfolded and his mouth is taped. On his chest, there are letters that read I AM GAY. Minami notices he is Prof. Hirotsu. Kouichi gives Shibata a call again. He tells him to read the note in the envelope and make the man specified in the note pay 500,000 yen and pass the 500,000 yen to Kouichi. Minami makes a call to Professor Yamada, who the note names, and tells him to pay 500,000 yen to a redhead man. When Seiichi, Shibata and Minami arrives at Prof. Yamada's room, they find him tied up. Prof. Yamada says he has paid the money to a redhead man. They are puzzled.
It was some senior students that planned the game. In the law department, there has been a conflict between two groups and students are annoyed. The leaders of the two groups are Prof. Yamada and Prof. Hayashi. Prof. Hirotsu belongs to Prof. Hayashi's group. Prof. Yamada paid a ransom for him because he wants to catch a weak point of his opponent. A student wearing a red hair wig went to Prof. Yamada's room before Shibata arrived. Kouichi helped them because he was offended that Shibata was in love with Sayuri.

When Seiichi, Shibata and Minami attack Kouichi and other students, Sayuri has already been freed.
Minami realizes someone let Kouichi know the time and place that the ransom was paid. He asks Seiichi why he helped Kouichi. Seiichi answers he did because he sympathized with Kouichi and it was exciting to take part in such a game.

Sayuri leaves Shibata because Kouichi told her Shibata was his lover. Shibata hits him and declares their friendship is over.

When Shibata and Minami are looking for a summertime job, they are caught by the students that they attacked. They order Shibata and Minami to work at Prof. Hirotsu's house. Shibata goes to work wearing sunglasses because he worries Prof. Hirotsu can recognize him. Prof. Hirotsu remembers his voice. He wonders which gay bar Shibata was working at. He invites Shibata in the library to talk with him. Shibata thinks Prof. Hirotsu has noticed he was the one who he met at Kouichi's room. When Prof. Hirotsu starts to say "You must be surprised. Me, too. It was a secret between you and me.", Shibata knocks him down and runs away.

Shibata starts to work as Seiichi's tutor. Seiichi will be taking the entrance exam of the university which Kouichi, Shibata and Minami go to.
When Seiichi and Shibata walk in the night, Seiichi says "Why don't we kiss?" "Are you frustrated after too much study?" says Shibata. "I'm joking" says Seiichi. Shibata gives him a kiss. Seiichi is sure Shibata is kissing Kouichi, he kisses Seiichi because he can't kiss Kouichi.

Sayuri invites Minami to go somewhere together in summer. They end up becoming lovers.
Shibata visits Prof. Hirotsu's house again to get paid. His wife says she had thought Shibata is one of her husband's male lovers. He meets Kouichi there. Kouichi works for Prof. Hirotsu. Kouichi takes a dog for a walk and Shibata walks with them. Shibata sees Kouichi playing with the dog.
Shibata: I recall you at the time when you were a decent person. I respected you those days.
Kouichi: I'm sorry if you are disappointed, but I was in love with you then. I've loved you probably since I first saw you.
Shibata: You're kind of cool. Will you be satisfied if we sleep once?
Kouichi: What are you talking about? Are you serious?

Seiichi and Shibata talk over the phone after Kouichi comes back home.
Seiichi: Kouichi came home looking like hell.
Shibata: I had no choice. It was my fault to make him expect something. He looked decent then. It's impossible for me to do as he wants to.
Seiichi: Shibata-san, you are in love with my brother, aren't you?
Seiichi waits for Shibata's answer for a while. Shibata says "Yes, I am."
Seiichi feels hatred towards Kouichi.

After having passed the entrance exams of two universities, Seiichi takes the entrance exam of the university that he really wants to go to. Shibata comes see him before the exam starts because he is a monitor of the next room. Seiichi confesses he loves Shibata. "I love you, too." says Shibata. Seiichi is disappointed that Shibata doesn't take his confession serious.
Seiichi fails the exam. Shibata and Minami make him drink a lot and take him to a brothel and leave him there alone.
On his way home, Shibata sees Kouichi coming out of a hotel where lovers go to make love.

Shibata: I'm happy you have someone to sleep with.
Kouchi: It's Hirotsu.
Shibata: Why did you do that?
Kouichi: I need someone.
Shibata slaps Kouichi and says "I'll kill him." Shibata starts to run toward Prof. Hirotsu's house. Kouichi follows him to stop. At the entrance of the house, Kouichi stops Shibata hitting Prof. Hirotsu and knocks down Prof. Hirotsu. Prof. Hirotsu doesn't understand why Kouichi knocks him down.
Kouichi: That's none of your business even if I sleep with anyone. You don't have to get upset.
Shibata: Why did you tell me then?
Kouichi: Because I wanted to attract your attention.
Shibata slaps Kouichi again. Shouting "Why do I have to feel like this for you?", Shibata hugs Kouichi.
"Shibata, I've been certain you'll be mine someday." says Kouichi.
Shibata gives a kick to Kouichi and walks away in anger.

Seiichi wakes up in the brothel and runs away from there. He hits Kouichi at the entrance of their house.
Kouichi tells Minami he had an affair with Mrs. Hirotsu. He didn't lie to Shibata. It was very lucky of him Shibata misunderstood he had slept with Prof. Hirotsu. "He got jealous all of a sudden when he thought I had slept with another man. How effective it was!" says Kouichi.


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