"Barbara Ikai" 7

Flowers 2003 June

Watarai: Assumption One, if the tornado was created by Aoba, who was sleeping,
Momota: She didn't want to wake up from her dream of Barbara.
Watarai: Even if she needed to kill someone for that?
Momota: She obtained the island by eating hearts.
Watarai: I remember. Two people were killed at the beginning. I'm wondering when the phantom island appeared in Setonaikai.
Momota: Mr. Watarai, doesn't this island look like a hand?

Watarai recalls Kiriya said he had created the island by scanning his hand.

Watarai: Assumption Two, if the island really exists in Setonaikai.
Momota: It can't be. It's an illusion.
Watarai: If it will exist in the future, I mean, if the dream is coming true,
Momota: Once the dream's come true, the real world will invade the island.
Watarai: I'm not so sure. If the world of Barbara turns into reality, I would say, our world might stop being real.
Momota: Our world could become someone's dream? Too complicated.
Watarai: We need more information, Momota. I want to get into Aoba's dream again. Assumption Three, if Aoba wakes up,
Momota: She would need rehabilitation and counselling.
Watarai: She would know about her parents' death and about the matter with the hearts. Would you stand it if you were Aoba? Who would protect her? How could Nanami be her protector? Is there anyone who would stand by her side?

It suddenly occurs to Watarai that Kiriya, the creator of the island, could become her protector. He wonders if Aoba and Kiriya are synchronized with each other even though Kiriya's once said Aoba was evil. Watarai has another problem to solve. Where on earth is Ezra?

Kiriya and Raika watch Aoba's dream with Mashiro. Mashiro says he's known Aoba since she was very young. Watarai and Momota arrive at the clinic, and Momota tells Mashiro they shouldn't have watched the movie.

When Kiriya sees Dr. Mejiro's dead body in the coffin, his heart skips a beat and he runs out of the room. On his way to the subway station, he collides with Nanami, in her young appearance. "Mr. Watarai!", Nanami calls out to Watarai, who is chasing Kiriya. Kiriya gets into the subway train. Watarai, Raika and Nanami get on the same train after Kiriya.

Kiriya: Aoba did that! The tornado! Why is she living on my island? Why is she so young? She looked very scary when she came into my dream.
Watarai: Do you often dream of Aoba?
Kiriya: No way, I'm always dreaming of Mars, it makes my room sandy.
Watarai: The two of you are synchronized with each other.
Kiriya: How could we be?
Watarai: Your dreams could connect with each other at the very bottom of your unconscious.
Kiriya: That's not a dream, Tokio!
Watarai: Then what is it? A parallel world?
Kiriya: That's a real world, so she wants to keep the world. She told me she didn't want to be interfered with by you. Listen to me, Tokio. She meant it.
Watarai: Are you worried about me? I'm worried about you.
Kiriya: She wouldn't do any harm to me. The island is mine, you know.

That's why Watarai is worring about him.

Kiriya: Can't you stop working for that, Tokio?
Watarai: It's my job. But, I'll be more careful so you can stop worrying about me. Thank you, Kiriya. I've been thinking of apologizing to you. I was not a good father.
Kiriya: Don't get into the mode of talking that way. I talk with you because Daikoku told me to, and you are a guest. Understand?
Watarai: Oh, OK. You were two years old when we divorced. You were too young to remember me.
Kiriya: Not a bit!
Watarai: You loved being given piggyback rides. You loved jumping off a chair or a desk. I adored you. I should've kept in touch with you. I should've phoned you at least once a year to hear your voice. If I had done so, I could have known you as you were growing up.
Kiriya: From now on, I don't need a father. Don't behave as a father without my permission!"

Kiriya gets off the train with Raika. Watarai recalls Daikoku said Kiriya would end up killing Watarai. Watarai thinks he is the one who drove Kiriya into the labyrinth.

Nanami: Do you know how to get back to Roppongi?
Watarai: Who are you?
Nanami: Can't you recognize me?
Watarai: Have we met?
Nanami: Didn't we meet in Marienbad last year?
Watarai: I've never been to Marienbad.
Nanami: It's a line in a film, Tokio.
Watarai: Who are you?
Nanami: I said, Marienbad! Are you going back to the clinic?
Watarai: I'd like to hear about the disbanded Martians association from Daikoku.
Nanami: Don't go. We need some healing and love. It's no use regretting what you've done. I only want love. I've loved you, Tokio, since we first met.
Watarai: Marienbad? Do I know you?
Nanami: Don't run away from me. I wouldn't eat your heart, so don't worry. I don't have enough time.

A school teacher asks Kiriya if he's chosen the subjects to study. Kiriya got average marks in all subjects, but the teacher advises that Kiriya should have at least one subject which he excels in. On his way home, Kiriya meets Raika and Mashiro. Raika says Mashiro belongs to a cross-dresser group called Feminine club, where they are going. Mashiro says one of the club members is a doll creator and he's seen a doll that looked like Aoba. Raika wants to surpise Kiriya by showing him the doll.

Kiriya comes home and finds a box from his mother. Akemi calls him and asks if the box has arrived. She tells him not to meet Watarai any more since Watarai abandoned them. She says it was her mistake to marry him. "Why did you marry then?" asks Kiriya. "I had no option because I got pregnant with you." says Akemi. "Then you should've killed me! " says Kiriya. Akemi says everyone makes a mistake, so she's forgiven everyone. "I can't do that." says Kiriya.

Kiriya has a terrible headache and he thinks he needs to go to Barbara. Laying in the field of Barbara, Kiriya sees Watarai waving to him. Watarai gives Kiriya, in his baby appearance, a piggyback ride. Watarai walks saying what he said in the subway train. Kiriya gradually grows up on Watarai's shoulders. Kiriya, wearing a kagura mask, slowly gets down onto the ground. "You were not my family," says Kiriya, "so I didn't care about you. But you've become my parent, who I can't forgive. Shit! I will hate you!" Kiriya didn't know anger was so hot.

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