"Barbara Ikai" 6

Flowers 2003 May

Watarai tells Kiriya he's going to Tokyo to attend Dr. Mejiro's funeral and that he will get in touch with him after that. Kiriya goes to Akihabara with Raika to buy a doll type robot. They go to a shop where Fujin, Raika's cousin, works. Kiriya asks a shop assistant if he can special order a robot. Kiriya says he's looking for a robot that turns into jelly and melts away when he drops it. The shop assistant answers it could be a medical robot.

Watarai meets Momota, who's rented a formal suit for Watarai. Watarai asks him if Aoba has created a wind at the research center. Momota says she has. Watarai asks him if he remembers that Dr. Mejiro told Watarai to get into Aoba's dream and destroy the Utopia if he wanted to wake Aoba up. Watarai isn't sure if Aoba created the tornado that killed Mejiro. Momota suggests they need further investigation about this incident. "Many things began to link to one another after you came back from Aoba's dream with the name "Barbara". " says Momota, "We didn't know Ezra's Barbara project even though we'd interviewed Nanami and Mejiro many times." Watarai thinks of Kiriya's Barbara, which Kiriya created. He wonders why his son is involved in this splatter despite the fact that he grew up in Ise without knowing Ezra.

Satsuki, Nanami's niece, visits Nanami with her daughter to send Nanami to a beauty aesthetic garden in Shinjuku, where Nanami has an allergy test for the Jujo pharmaceutical company once a year. The manager in the garden introduces her to Carla Silsberg, who's taking care of her this time. She works for a venture company in Switzerland whose head office is located in St. Moritz. She's developed a body suits for Nanami after she studied Nanami's data many years. When Nanami wears the suit, various medicines contained in it will work at different times during 12 hours. Nanami asks if there's a hotel on the top of the mountain in St. Moritz. Carla says the hotel has become the research center belonged to her company. "I love St. Moritz, Ms. Silsberg." says Nanami. "Please call me Carla, Nanami-san" says Carla, "You're a lucky woman."
Nanami thinks the Jujo pharmaceutical company is lucky to have Nanami for allergy tests.

Nanami recalls St. Morits, where she visited with Ezra in their honeymoon. There was a hotel like a castle on the hill. They went there in a carriage and had tea. She brought up Chana by herself after Ezra was gone. She thinks the twenty years was the most precious time for her. She went to the Rhine, the Themes, the Nile, the Mississippi and the Amozon with Chana. She had a daughter like a jewel even though Ezra was gone. Chana got married to Shouichi, and Aoba was born. Nanami wonders why she's lost everything.

Kiriya tells Raika he's going to Roppongi, where Dr. Mejiro's funeral will be held. Raika is surprized to hear he died. She says Dr. Mejiro was a famous psychiatrist that wrote a lot of books. She checks e-mail news and tells Kiriya Mr. Mejiro was blown off by a tornado last night. They go to the Mejiro clinic in Roppongi together. Mr. Daikoku finds Kiriya at the entrance of the clinic. He tells Kiriya and Raika to carry flowers inside. Kiriya sees Aoba and a goat on the display in a room. Aoba's face reminds him of the dolls that he saw last night. Being astonished to see Tokio on the display, he yells "Tokio!". The display turns off and a boy appears behind the sofa and says "Who are you?" "What's that movie?" asks Kiriya. The boy answers, "My father was watching it last night before he fell off the balcony". He's Mejiro Mashiro. "It's a private movie. Actually I may not watch it." says Mashiro. "But I saw some familiar faces in it." says Kiriya. Mashiro asks, "Do you know Aoba?" Kiriya can't tell if he knows Aoba or not.

Nanami wakes up in the bed and notices her hand skin is smoothe. She touches her cheeks and wonders what has happened to her. She looks as though she's a young woman.

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