"Barbara Ikai" 2

Flowers 2002 October

Mr. Watarai dreams he's just given birth to his son, Kiriya, on the plane to Tokyo. After he got divorced three years ago, he worked abroad. He's just returned from Hong Kong. He sees Kiriya for the first time in three years at the airport. Mr. Daikoku hands an envelope with information about a new job to Watarai. When Kiriya holds the envelope, his heart skips a beat. In the envelope is a photo of a girl. Daikoku asks Watarai to go to Hokkaido for the job. Kiriya suggests that he shouldn't accept the job without telling why. Watarai goes to a human science research center in Hokkaido. The para-psychology division researches super natural phenomena. The researchers take Watarai to a room where the girl in the photo is sleeping. The air smells like lavender there. She's been sleeping since an incident happened seven years ago. Watarai is a professional dream pilot, who can enter someone else's dream. He entered a dream of a serial killer in Germany and found an evidence of the crime. The researchers want Watarai to enter the girl's dream because her dream has too much noise for the newest image-in-brain scanner to access. Sitting in the chair near the girl, Watarai asks Momota, one of the researchers, what her name is. "She's Aoba!" shouts Momota. Watarai gets into her dream at the spur of the moment. The display of the scanner shows an island.

Aoba says to Ma-chan, " There's a monster." Ma-chan says "There's no monster in Barbara." When Aoba's monitor and Watarai's monitor synchronize, Aoba says to Watarai " Here are lots of figs!" The researchers tell Watarai to pick up a fig.

Watarai wakes up. He was in the dream for 72 minutes. "A great success!" says Momota. The other researcher tells him to bring anything he likes from the dream next time. Watarai says the island was named Barbara and that Aoba looked 6, 7 years of age and happily lived with her mother, a goat and her friends.

After taking a bath, Watarai takes a look at articles regarding the incident that happened when Aoba was 9 years of age. On the morning of December 30, 2045, Jujo Shouichi and his wife Chana were found dead by a housekeeper. Shouichi's heart had been cut out. Their only daughter Aoba was found unconscious in the underground piano room. Chana was said to be neurotic or drug-addict. A piece of Shouichi's heart was found in the garbage disposal.

Watarai tells Momota he is going back to Tokyo. He doesn't think the research center has any financial problem even if Aoba is in the center for the rest of her life because her family owns a pharmaceutical company. Momota shows him a photo where rose petals are falling onto Aoba. "This is a poltergeist phenomenon." says Momota. "Didn't the air smell like lavender here yesterday? It sometimes smells like flowers or woods. One day, red water kept on falling all day long and blood began to fall in the night." He shows two images on the display to Watarai. Both of the images look like the image of Barbara. One of them is Barbara, which Watarai saw in the dream yesterday, but the other image is a photo that was taken from above the ocean. "Then Barbara is a real island." says Watarai. Momota says, "No, there's only water at the place. This is a phantom island that super natural phenomenon researchers have been interested in for two years. It sometimes appeared from January, 2050. I wonder if the island is also a poltergeist phenomenon." Watarai asks him if Aoba ate Mr. Jujo's heart. He answers affirmatively.

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