"Barbara Ikai" 10

Flowers 2003 November

Watarai goes to Hinako's funeral with Daiya. The doctor takes out Hinako's heart and air bladder of her body. Funeral attendants slice the heart and the air ladder, and they put them on a dish. They encourage Watarai to eat them. Watarai is surprised to know Hinako had an air bladder. Watarai asks why they would eat Hinako's heart and air bladder. The doctor says Barbara people get eternal life by eating heart and air bladder of the dead, and people outside Barbara can survive by taking Barbara people's blood. Watarai takes a slice to eat thinking that he is in Aoba's dream and it's not the reality.

"Mr. Watarai!" yelled Momota, "His heart stopped!" The researchers begin to give Watarai heart massage.

Watarai is walking. He wonders if he's still in Barbara. Taka shows up from the mist and calls to Watarai. He says to him, "Father! You're home!" It starts raining, and Taka takes Watarai home. Watarai asks if Taka lives alone in the house. Taka says it's been a long time since his mother left him. Looking at Watarai, Taka says "I waited for you for a long time. Welcome home, father." Watarai wonders if he left Aoba's dream and got into Taka's dream. When the rain stops, Watarai and Taka go outside. Watarai gives Taka a piggy-back. Taka gets excited. Watarai asks him if he loves piggy-back. "Yes, I love piggy-back!" answers Taka. Soon Taka gets down to the ground and says "I can't go any further." He disappears into the mist saying "I'm sorry, Father."

Watarai wakes up in the bed. Momota and Daikoku are looking at him. He wonders why he can't stop tears from dropping. One of the researchers says his heart stopped 35 minutes after he got into Aoba's dream. He guesses his heart stopped when he was to eat Hinako's heart. Daikoku is here because Momota told him Watarai had had a heart stoppage over the phone. Daikoku called Momota because he was surprised with the vivid image of Aoba's dream that Mrs. Mejiro had shown him.
Watarai tells Daikoku that Aoba's dream appears to have a link with Mars. Saying "because Aoba was always drawing a red star when she was a kid.' Watarai starts thinking that Kiriya occasionally dreams of a red star, that Aoba lives in Barbara, which is created by Kiriya, and that Kiriya is his son, but Kiriya told him not to behave as his father. Tears start dropping on his face again. Momota tells him to stay in bed without doing anything for the day.
Watarai knows he's been moved by Aoba's dream. He overlaps his own problem with the dream that he explores. He adored Taka in the dream. He loved Taka instead of Kiriya in the dream selfishly. He thinks both Kiriya and Taka have thick eye-brows. Then he gets unsure if Kiriya has thick eyebrows. He suspects that he's trying to secretly change Taka's eye-brows for Kiriy's in his memory. He learned the memory is easily deceived and it tries to be logical when he was in people's dreams. He tells himself not to change his memory because it could replace the reality with the dream.

In the dining room, Daikoku tells Momota it's not unusual for dream explorers to have mental confusion. Momota says he freaked out when Watarai had a heart stoppage. He didn't want to tell Kiriya that Watarai had died. Daikoku says Watarai's mother lives in Osaka. Watarai comes into the dining room because he's hungry. His parents live separately. He loves both of them. His father was the one who got aware of Watarai's ability to get into other people's dream. Even though his mother detested this strange ability at first, she ended up encouraging him to study psychology in Frankfurt. When Kiriya was born, each of them insisted that Kiriya had his or her eyes and eye-brows. They were very happy to have their grandson. Even though Kiriya wouldn't get attached to Watarai, he is Watarai's son for sure. Watarai starts shedding tears again. Daikoku and Momota encourage him to go back to bed.

A new student arrives when Kiriya is listening to a lecture about organ transpant. The new student intruduces himself as Paris Green, who comes from New York. Staring at Kiriya, Paris says, "You're here." Kiriya asks him if they've met before. "It's me. Pine. Don't you remember me, Taka?" says Paris.

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